Sunday, January 30, 2005

RTP: Fun Web based Presidential Election Sim.

I've played in RTP I-IV now ( including our ill fated Episode IIIb) and its been a very fun, if not amusing experience.

The Republicans have pushed the Issue of Social Security in the last three RTP presidential election cycles ( we are braver then IRL).

The religious Conservatives have never in the past had a strong canidate, but we've had more of a libertarianish fusion with them.

In the Previous election cycle the Democrat suggested many of the same "laying of hands" that John Edwards credited to John Kerry

Ken Kerns has spent a lot of time honing and revising the game.. Its good fun.

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thankfully the Drudge Report tells those 60 million + of us why we made the right call here and here

Me, I think the fact Iraqi people were willing to risk death to vote for their freedom is a big sign that humanity is ok

also anyone from ABP land who comes over here please check out this game here but we are all full up on canidates