Wednesday, August 31, 2005

In the belly of the beast.......

Day 3 and I can safely say the religion class has a whole lot of PC mindsets to it.

Where my International perspectives class says the western worldview was impossed on the world ( and that is neither a good or a bad thing) the religion class teachers have a very clear political agenda

they say the death of the sacred comes from a secularization of culture, but they say that secularization is good. They idealize primativistic cultures and say how good everything was but they try to bring togther a hippie touchie feel good "well we need to be like them but have modern society to"

I can tell the teacher doesn't like me throwing out advanced level concepts in the class as I am.... I guess I'll figure out if i care

Oh and when I say teacher, I mean the teachers aid. Now while I may find myself in those shoes at some point in my walk down the road of life.... the actual prof of the class isn't doing much of the you know... teaching.

She kind of comes in like a relief pitcher or does a victory lap and thats about it.

So the class i expected to be the most blatantly political -arabic- wasn't. And a class i didn't even think to come up with a pcness on -the religion class- was

tommorrow their will be a post on class 4b.... and then I am done for the first week of school

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A 06 election prediction

May be subject to update

US Senate: Gain of 1, 2 at the most
US House: Push, but a possible +/- 3 may happen.
Governors: +1 gop...

this is my taking the temp right now... and I may change it

More stuff i can't make up in my email box

It is stuff like this which makes me have a hard time poliblogging

Anti-War Group Suspects it May be Victim of 'Infiltrators'
By Marc Morano Senior Staff Writer
August 30, 2005

( - The anti-war group Code Pink, slammed by conservatives and some wounded veterans for co-sponsoring recent protests in front of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., now suggests that the most inflammatory signs held up at the protests might have been the work of "infiltrators whose aim [was] to disrupt the vigil."

Among the most controversial signs held up at the protests was the one reading "Maimed for a Lie." But far from qualifying as an "infiltrator," Kevin McCarron, a spokesman for another anti-war group sponsoring the demonstrations, was photographed on June 17 holding the "Maimed for a Lie" sign himself.

Cybercast News Service obtained the photo from the D.C. chapter of the conservative blogging group Free Republic. When contacted on Monday, McCarron acknowledged that he held the "Maimed for a Lie" sign at the June 17 protest. He also expressed reservations about having the sign appear in front of the Army hospital.

And now for a little something personal

Ok... Blogging is about exposing parts of your soul and the like..... so here goes.

I've been talking to my ex lately. And well the more I talk to her the more i remembered why I was head over heels in love with her.

I know I can't do anything... she has a train wreck of problems to clean up right now. But I feel uneasy that i can't trust my thoughts or my feelings about it right now

The chaos that is first week at the university

Various leeches and parisites are present at the opening of the new school year.

Scientologists offering free "stress tests" and I seriously contemplated was their anyone who i disliked enough to pretend to be so i could send the scientology zombies after them.

two days I've had to deal with mobs of pettition people. they have two iniative petitions.. one of which is to try to cut down on the gerrymandering in florida.

I had no problem with that.

the other was to provide (taxes) a new educational program (*more taxes*) to teach kids the dangers of smoking (* sorry smokers you get to bend over*)

I signed the first but i did not sign the second.

and why you ask? Its simple.... inhaling smoke is bad for you. If you have ever inhaled smoke it sucks a big one.

now i know logic and all that.... if smoking makes you feel bad when you do it for a short period of time, its a pretty good chance it will do so if you take out your timeline.

Its an excuse to put a new tax on the smokers.

and I think that is lame

Martial Law in the big easy

I've just seen the pictures and well..... In a word WOW.

I have a cousin who lives outside the brunt of the destruction and I pray she is ok

Day 2 B

The class on international organizations looks like a great deal of fun so far. The teacher looks like she really enjoys things and so long as I can fumble through a passible essay i am guarenteed 37.5% of my class grade right there... with a little good luck on the actual answering questions part of the quiz i'll be coasting into an A here.

The teacher is a fan of the EU and how it has changed former soviet block countries so I'll have to keep my comments well in bounds there.

However this class was in the Math/Physics building..... which was a tad on the odd side. their was this huge pipe in the class room and all the pieces of AV equipment in the room were bolted togther.

made me feel like i was in an urban high school scenario of some sort

Some time later.....

I am going to make an omnibous post about Medical Records -at- Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

I am going to have to think real hard how to say this though without violating laws and stuff.

and I am not really in a mood to be a felon.

Other words said to me in a university setting

That I think people really don't have a deuce of what they are talking about


Of, relating to, or being the time following the establishment of independence in a colony: postcolonial economics.

so Post-Colonial really is more limited to places that.... used to be colonies

words need to mean things

The Unpacking is almost done...

I have some stuff in my old duffle bag I have to unpack, and some stuff in a box I have to take care of

but all the rest of the stuff I have 100% ready to go.

Now I am going to have to do a salvage/clean up job of my old room come labor day weekend... but, thats ok to.

I really wanted to go to the labor day morning Master Mason degree at John Darling lodge but unless i head down to sarasota on sunday (sunday sunday) thats not going to happen (happen happen)

The moving sucked, but I expected that.

I almost have enough bookshelf space. ( I'll finalize some of that after I get my book shelve nailed to the one wall).

Between Kevin and I their is now an obscene amount of food... -didn't expect that-

Its weird... My home has always before this point been some one elses; My moms, the time i rented from my friend mark's mother.

but this time... It is mine. I don't own it ( It sucks to rent and help some one else double up their money) but it is now -my- home in a way that the other places never were.

Its some heavy stuff.

Day 2 classes... OF PAIN

INR 4502: International Organizations
INR 1015: World Perspective

two classes for my major


Second class with my advisor... whom I will have to figure out some time to sit down with.

For anyone intrested in Freemasonry

This US News and world report article is very good

This gives you a good general summary of "The History of Freemasonry" in the US.

It comes highly recommended

Day 1 over in the belly of the PC beast....

Day 2 is just begining.

My religion teacher was the one who pitched out "tolerance" and "pluralism" and "post-modern" and other buzz words to train young minds to be politically correct.

worse and In my mind more absurd her T.A said we live in a "Post-Post Modern World."

What the devil does that mean. Ok I always thought that Post modernism is like how we build up some new form of modernity in the future.. but P-P Modernism... thats just silly isn't it. We are by that rational two steps ahead of modern but we are in the present day

modern means this

mod·ern Audio pronunciation of "modern" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (mdrn)

1. Of or relating to recent times or the present: modern history.
2. Characteristic or expressive of recent times or the present; contemporary or up-to-date: a modern lifestyle; a modern way of thinking.
1. Of or relating to a recently developed or advanced style, technique, or technology: modern art; modern medicine.
2. Avant-garde; experimental.

post modern is a really stupid art term meaning this

post·mod·ern Audio pronunciation of "Post-Modern" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (pst-mdrn)

Of or relating to art, architecture, or literature that reacts against earlier modernist principles, as by reintroducing traditional or classical elements of style or by carrying modernist styles or practices to extremes: “It [a roadhouse]is so architecturally interesting... with its postmodern wooden booths and sculptural clock” (Ruth Reichl).

we will also be talking about religous issues in a "post-colonial" world... really neat stuff.

He tried to equate the rise of religous pluralism in europe to an end of religous wars. When I pointed out that even in the big "we are the catholic church days" wars were about money and power more then religion.

He agreed with me then continued with his silly line of thinking.

My Arabic class was awesome. It made me feel tons better as I learned that Classical Arabic is very hard for people speaking modern arabic dialects. Equated by several people int he class who had serious trouble.

This took a whole bunch of my language anxiety down a notch.

We started out with vowels but the way he threw them into regular english words made them a whole lot less intimidating.

he then taught us a few conversational phrases.... which i seemed to do ok with.

another intresting surprise... he was very cool with the 3 or 4 army guys in the class who want to learn arabic for their work in the service.

Day 2 starts in one hour...

It came from the email box ( I can't make this stuff up)

And remember folks... Jane Fonda isn't anti-us


Galloway to go on anti-war tour of US with Jane Fonda

By Andrew Buncombe in Washington

George Galloway, the anti-war MP for Bethnal Green and
Bow who rocked the US Senate earlier this year, is to
be accompanied on a speaking tour of America by the
actress and activist Jane Fonda.

Few things are more likely to antagonise US
conservatives than the combination of Mr Galloway and
Ms Fonda - still hated by the right because of her
outspoken opposition to the war in Vietnam - joining to
condemn the American presence in Iraq. But Mr Galloway
can expect a thunderous reception from those he
impressed with his performance before a Senate
committee last May.

In a statement, Mr Galloway, the Respect MP, said: "I'm
really pleased and excited to be going back to America
to campaign against this illegal war and occupation.
And to have Jane Fonda join me is fantastic. I'll be
able to get that autograph at last."

He added: "I'm sure that when the full implications of
the constitutional settlement lashed-up by the puppet
Iraqi government are understood that opposition will
grow massively."

Mr Galloway, whose speaking tour, Stand Up and Be
Counted, starts in Boston on 13 September and will end
at a rally scheduled for 24 September in Washington,
said he had received more than 20,000 messages from US
residents asking him to return. He will also be
promoting a new book, Mr Galloway Goes To Washington.

A tour organiser, Chris Dols, said: "People want to
hear Jane Fonda and what she has to say about the war.
That's worth hearing, and George Galloway has a lot to
say about it, too."

George Galloway, the anti-war MP for Bethnal Green and
Bow who rocked the US Senate earlier this year, is to
be accompanied on a speaking tour of America by the
actress and activist Jane Fonda.

Few things are more likely to antagonise US
conservatives than the combination of Mr Galloway and
Ms Fonda - still hated by the right because of her
outspoken opposition to the war in Vietnam - joining to
condemn the American presence in Iraq. But Mr Galloway
can expect a thunderous reception from those he
impressed with his performance before a Senate
committee last May.

In a statement, Mr Galloway, the Respect MP, said: "I'm
really pleased and excited to be going back to America
to campaign against this illegal war and occupation.
And to have Jane Fonda join me is fantastic. I'll be
able to get that autograph at last."

He added: "I'm sure that when the full implications of
the constitutional settlement lashed-up by the puppet
Iraqi government are understood that opposition will
grow massively."

Mr Galloway, whose speaking tour, Stand Up and Be
Counted, starts in Boston on 13 September and will end
at a rally scheduled for 24 September in Washington,
said he had received more than 20,000 messages from US
residents asking him to return. He will also be
promoting a new book, Mr Galloway Goes To Washington.

A tour organiser, Chris Dols, said: "People want to
hear Jane Fonda and what she has to say about the war.
That's worth hearing, and George Galloway has a lot to
say about it, too."

Sunday, August 28, 2005

It is offical

Headquarters is now located in beautiful Tampa Florida

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Blogger missing... Presumed dead

Well not really

though God seems to be attempting to thwart my move here

but here is where things are going to be going.

Larry is going to work tommorrow
Larry returns home and packs various and assundry things
Larry Sleeps
Larry removes large objjects which I couldn't fit in my car and packs them into the truck we rented
We drive to tampa
We Unpack
I get my room in a position of some order
I go to my buddy phil's party

some time on saturday i will hace a post moving blog post

then I will start posting next week once a day about what i thought of each of my classes.

then their will be some job related posts ( my looking and what not) and other posts about the adventure of my life

and I will be actually able to poliblog soon.. I am growing numb to the bile i feel

Sunday, August 21, 2005

It came from the email box ( warning not LDS approved)

The Conspiracy Strikes Back
"De-Bapping" to Thin Mormon Ranks in Retaliation for Baptism of Jewish Dead

The Church of Latter-day Saints, a religious sect founded by a man who claimed to learn the word of God by putting his face in a hat, has been baptizing the dead, including up to several hundred thousand Jews. The International Jewish Conspiracy is fighting back with a sweeping program of de-baptism that will forceably "choose" Mormons and other Christian fundamentalists for inclusion in G-d's favorite tribe.

Jews to have been baptized include Menachem Begin, a former prime minister of Israel, diarist Anne Frank, and the Baal Shem Tov, the spiritual leader whose teachings form the basis for the Hasidic movement.

Non-Jews to have been baptized include Adolf Hitler, formerly a Roman Catholic.

While the practice has angered some, spokesmen for the Catholic Church have admitted that "perhaps it was time for Mr. Hitler to move on."

"He brought us nothing but grief, that meshuggineh, and although we weren't going to excommunicate him any time soon, we're relieved to have him off our hands, frankly," said one anonymous source. "As a sign of gratitude, the Holy Father has offered them Torquemada, First Grand Inquisitor of Spain, too. He keeps calling late to kibbitz about his reputation and it really bothers His Holiness."

A Different Kind of Goy
The Church of Latter-day Saints embraces many beliefs not common to other Christian traditions. These mostly arise from the Book of Mormon, charitably described by Mark Twain as "chloroform in print" and often considered racist. Among the text's many claims are that native Americans descend from the lost tribe of Israel, that Christ visited them on the American continent, and that the color of their skin is a punishment for rejecting his teachings.

Some say the text orginates with a plagiarism of IJC's own Book of Shlomo, which tells of the time Moses parted the Atlantic Ocean and visited Bermuda for a one-week vacation with room, half-board and discounted wind surfing lessons included in the price of the parting.

We Do It Better
"Mormons baptize the dead using a practice known as proxy baptism, which allows a living person to stand in for the deceased," explains Yosef Shmidt, counter-Mormon intelligence specialist. "The process is slow, and requires a ceremony that includes complete immersion of the proxy in water. 'De-bapping' is done on a specially consecrated Macintosh G-4 computer, known as the Mac A/B. It's faster, and since you use fewer towels, better for the environment."

The process submits the subject to a virtual bris, six years of Hebrew lessons zipped into 8.3 seconds, several heavy meals and a bar- or bat-mitzvah at which virtual relatives talk about the subject's acne. "All told, it takes 14.2 seconds per goy, and we think we can improve on that with firewire."

It's a Surprise
The Church of Latter-day Saints makes no effort to inform the family members of those baptised by proxy; the only way to know if your relatives have been baptised in death is to look for their names on the Mormon's on-line International Geneological Index. To request the removal of a family member from their records, follow these instructions.
Key Events in the Baptism Wars
1962: Church of Latter-day Saints' First Scuba Squad floods an Italian cemetery with holy water. Dozens of dead Catholics, six atheists, nine Jews and one of the country's first Buddhists are lost in the encounter.

1976: InJewCon operatives from the Genuch Committee, coated with water-proof jelly, pose as proxies. Hundreds of baptisms are voided as bone-dry agents are dipped repeatedly. One agent who "warmed the water" when he thought no one would notice was subsequently expelled from the IJC swim team.

1979: Mormons in Detroit go door-to-door asking residents if they are dead yet. The search proves fruitless, although one person admits to having a head cold.

1984: The first computerized de-baptisms are performed on a mainframe in Geneva. It takes over 11 minutes per subject and a programming glitch leads to the production of a number of Zoroastrians.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

(Support our Troops) from Texas.... Its like a whole other country

Their is a woman leading an anti-war protest against the president right now. If i wanted to make an effort and dig up all her assundry nuttiness I am sure i could find blogs that have done very good yeoman's work on it. But then I would be letting her win by talking about her.

This woman didn't all of assudent come out of the events of this war with these politics and frankly her using her son's death to advance her own cause is one of the most moral repugnant things going on in America today. Worse is the media refusing to expose her for how nutty she really is.

But at her latest fit of needing attention, she was bringing up other anti-war "activists" evoking a name of an anti-war group which used fraudlent veterans and ended up giving us a failed presidential canidate i almost changed the channel but then a guy from my home town here said something that hit home.

He said that the people who were there protesting the war were doing more to support the troops then people putting a yellow ribbon on their car. Their is an Irony of course that the same leftist logic which attacks the Yellow bumper sticker applies here. He is saying only anti-war people support the troops.

both arguments are wrongheaded.

Supporting the troops can be about supporting their mission, but supporting the troups is much bigger. If you call or contact your congressman saying "our men in the field should get more of x" or "We need more troops out there in the field." then you are supporting the troops.

If you buy one of those hated by the far lefty yellow ribbon magnets which gives money to a fund that helps care for the children and families of fallen soldiers, then guess what you ARE supporting the troops.

If you participate in sending a care package of supplies to troops serving over seas... guess what you are supporting the troops. If you help the wife or family member of a soldier pay a bill, or even bring them some food you are supporting the troops.

being "pro-war" or "anti-war" doesn't support the troops at all. SUPPORTING the troops supports the troops.

Now their is a second problem I have with that bit of logic. That pulling the troops out of Iraq some how supports them. I don't see that in all honesty and maybe some political leftists out there in TV land can help me out on this. If our troops died, were crippled, and have deep psychological scarts then how does pulling out support them. How does making their sacrifice truely for nothing provide them with support?

I am not asking anyone to answer this question with "Iraq war good" or "Iraq war bad"... neither of those are acceptable answers. Nor is "well they won't die." I am looking for a real answer that fills me in on how pulling the troops out supports them. Now keeping them in without a good strategic managment from above doesn't support them either. But how does a pull out some how give them the magical S word?

This is as close as I can get to poli-blogging lately without going elvis on the tv

Hey Kids-format change-

Inside Larry's head will be now focusing much more on my entering the belly of the beast that is the public university system.

I may talk about politics.. but not as often, and only when something turns my crank.....

(next post .. the crank is turned)

Monday, August 08, 2005

Seems the GOP in NY is following a good idea

This is CNN

"I am running against Hillary Clinton because New York state deserves a senator who will give her all to the people of New York for a full term, who will not miss votes to campaign in [presidential] primaries," Pirro said in a statement.

"When Mrs. Clinton first came to us and said she wanted to be a New Yorker, she asked New York to put out a welcome mat and we did," the Westchester County district attorney added. "But now she wants us to re-elect her even though she won't promise to serve out her term and wants to use us as a springboard to the presidency.

"She's asking us to become her doormat. I believe we deserve better."

I think this wedge could be very successful for the GOP in putting the Hildabeast down in NY

Pirro has won praise for her Internet stings of would-be child molesters, her work with battered women and her battle against underage drinking. She had often been seen on national television as a commentator on high-profile crimes. In 1997, she made People magazine's "most beautiful people" list.

She has been a supporter of abortion rights.

I think D.A Pirro is a top notch canidate. And if the Senate GOP campaign committee was behind her I'd owe liddy dole an apology.

But Liddy Dole is to unimaginative to come up with this smart a canidate

Nigerian Email Scams: Worse then you thought

This is a joke but But this is real. CNN has helped show me just how bad Nigerian scams are and how some people have gotten suckered in

So far, Kele says, he has had only one response. But he claims it paid off handsomely. An American took the bait, he says, and coughed up "fees" and "taxes" of more than $5,000, never to hear from Kele again.

Festac Town, a district of Lagos where the scammers ply their schemes, has become notorious for "419 scams," named for the section of the Nigerian penal code that outlaws them.

In Festac Town, an entire community of scammers overnights on the Internet. By day they flaunt their smart clothes and cars and hang around the Internet cafes, trading stories about successful cons and near misses, and hatching new plots.

a real economy has come up of people doing this

How does anyone on the Internet not know about Nigerian email scams after day 2 or 3

It came from the email box....

-------Original Message-------

From: ~mary~
Date: 08/08/05 12:59:04
To: mary
Subject: [Hope4America] Activists Want UN to Declare Circumcision a Human Rights Crime\Culture\archive\200508\CUL20050805a.html

Activists Want UN to Declare Circumcision a Human Rights Crime
By Patrick Goodenough International Editor August 05, 2005

( - New research linking male circumcision with
significantly reduced HIV/AIDS infections has sparked a backlash from
anti-circumcision groups, with some calling on the United Nations to
label the procedure a crime against human rights.

An international AIDS conference in Brazil last week was told that
researchers tracking 3,000 young African men in a randomized
controlled trial found the number of HIV infections among those who
had been circumcised to be three times lower than among those who had
< BR>The dramatic result prompted some medical experts to call for routine
circumcision of young males to be promoted in the drive against the
deadly disease, although U.N. agencies, while calling the
research "promising," cautioned that such a step would be premature.

Anti-circumcision groups are alarmed that the research may encourage
a greater acceptance of a procedure -- surgical removal of the
foreskin -- which they consider to be mutilation.

Several have joined together in calling for the U.N. "to classify
circumcision of male children as a human rights crime."

Millions of parents in America and other western countries routinely
circumcise their baby boys for reasons including hygiene, health
benefits or family tradition.

Carried out on the eighth day after birth, the procedure is a central
tenet of the Jewish faith, while it is also a rite of passage in
Islam -- sometimes at birth, sometimes at a later age. Some African
groups, Australian aboriginals and Pacific islanders also practice

Marilyn Milos, director of the California-based National Organization
of Circumcision Information Resource Centers (NOCIRC), noted that the
U.N. convention on the rights of the child says member states "shall
take all effective and appropriate measures with a view to abolishing
traditional practices prejudicial to the health of children.

"This terminology is fully applicable to male circumcision," she said.

Another campaigner, Dr. George Denniston of Doctors Opposing
Circumcision in Seattle, said circumcision "removes erogenous tissue
and leaves the genitals with significantly diminished sexual capacity.

"The best way to prevent HIV transmission is by using condoms, not by
cutting off part of the genitals," he argued.

San Diego-based activist Matthew Hess focused on the age of boys
undergoing circumcision.

"Circumcis ion of children is genital mutilation ... and the U.N.
needs to take action now to ensure that male circumcision is
performed only on fully informed consenting adults," he said.

Hess represents a group called, named for a piece of
legislation that it hopes lawmakers will take up at a state and
federal level.

The group is currently looking for a legislative sponsor in Congress
for the Male Genital Mutilation Bill, which seeks to make it an
offense to circumcise, or help or facilitate circumcision, of a child
or a "nonconsenting" adult, punishable by a maximum 14-year prison
term. It would also prohibit Americans from arranging circumcisions

'Benefits outweigh risks'

Prof. Fred Ehrlich of the School of Public Health and Community
Medicine at the University of New South Wales in Australia said
Friday he has safely circumcised about 3,000 boys -- both as a
surgeon and as a mohel, or traditional Jewish circumciser.

It is essential that circumcision be carried out by someone who is
competent and trained, he said. "I've never had a complication."

The best age is undoubtedly the biblically mandated eighth day after
birth, Ehrlich said.

"If you do it on the very newborn, they have a higher tendency to
bleed. By the eighth day, the bleeding is less. If you wait say until
the baby is a year old, two years old, they can remember it -- it
hurts -- whereas in a newborn, they don't even notice it."

He compared the anti-circumcision lobby to groups opposing the
immunization of children. "There are plenty of mad people in the

"There is not a shadow of a doubt that circumcision is beneficial,"
Ehrlich said. Apart from AIDS, "there are many other good reasons why
it should be carried out."

These included reducing urinary infections -- "not common in little
boys, but when it does occur, it is a serious proble m" -- and
cervical cancer in circumcised men's partners.

"In India, the Muslim women have much less cancer of the cervix than
the Hindu women because the Muslim men are circumcised."

Ehrlich distinguished between what he called "the lunatic fringe"
among anti-circumcision groups and "a genuine medical anti-
circumcision position," tied to the risk that some infants may bleed
or become infected.

Immunization also carried risks, he argued, but in both cases, "the
benefits outweigh the downside."

Ehrlich said there was no likelihood that the drive to have the U.N.
act against circumcision would succeed, "if for no other reason than
because there are so many Muslims in the world."

Prof. Brian J. Morris, professor of molecular medical sciences at the
University of Sydney and a firm advocate of male circumcision, also
dismissed the latest campaign.

"Whenever there is yet further evidence in support of circumcision,< BR>the anti-circumcision lobby goes into panic mode," he said Friday.

"Their propaganda machine gets propelled into action with this kind
of misinformation in an attempt to shore up their untenable cultist

these people are Just nuts in my opinion.

I've had the procedure done and not had any ill effects

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Looking at my Truth Laid Bear stats

It seems I am slowly recovering from my Hiatus drop off.

:-) which I am totally cool with

This story Just in from the Email box

Finance Minister Netanyahu resigns in protest of
pullout Staff

Aug. 7, 2005

Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced his
resignation from the government Sunday afternoon in
protest of Israel's plan to withdraw from the Gaza
Strip and northern Samaria.

His resignation, which came during a Sunday cabinet
meeting to approve the first step of the evacuations,
did not succeed in torpedoing the vote. It was easily
passed 17-5.

Netanyahu will hold a press conference Sunday evening
at 6:00 p.m. to explain the reasons for his

The resignation will take effect within 48 hours of
the time that he placed a resignation letter on the
prime minister's desk, Sunday afternoon shortly before
4:00 p.m.

Netanyahu, a former prime minister and political
hardliner, has long been conflicted over the Gaza
withdrawal. He has voted in favor of the pullout in
the cabinet, but tried to thwart the plan in
parliamentary maneuvers.

Netanyahu's dramatic decision was unlikely to affect
the disengagement. However, a number of Likud rebels
expressed their hopes that Netanyahu's move will
prompt a wave of additional resignations, which would
ultimately lead to the government's collapse, Channel
1 noted.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said that the evacuation
of settlements would continue as planned, Israel Radio

The finance minister is considered Sharon's biggest
political rival within the ruling Likud Party. He was
expected to challenge Sharon for party leadership
ahead of the next election.

The Tel Aviv stock Exchange's Maof index dropped 2.5
percent in six minutes following news of the
resignation. Netanyahu had led efforts to streamline
the Israeli economy, often adopting harsh measures in
implementing his plan.

Meanwhile, Education Minister Limor Livnat announced
she would vote against the first evacuation of
settlements because of Sharon's decision to hold the
second vote on settlement evacuations before the first
settlement evacuation is completed.

I think this is just gauntlet dropping for the next election

Saturday, August 06, 2005


No job yet
+Student enrollment cost increase
+ Student loans split in half
+ 500 dollars ( if no books are used) in book frees


More things from the email box.....

a funny peace keeper song

This lightened my day some.... as i wake up having to (bleech) move

Friday, August 05, 2005

Sweet Monkey Loving Jesus-It's my blogoversary

Wow It's been a year since I retried blogging under a new format ( and have been much more consistant about it)

I guess i need to get some cake or something.

-Happy blogoversary to me-
(I guess i picked a good time for the blog hiatus break)

Wow It's been a while... (Hiatus UPDATE)

I have just really of late become burnt out with political blogging so I have taken a hiatus. And by hiatus I mean I haven't even been reading stuff.

No Drudge, no Instapundit, no nothing.

I've been ignoring ( most) political news on TV and in the paper.

And to some degree I feel a lot better about things. And maybe its just that stuff is happening in my own life that is much more interesting to me right now.

I have an apartment now, and two utility bills in my name. And I don't have a job yet to pay for any of it. I know Student loans are only going to carry me so far. The sick Irony part of this is the "change of circumstances" form I was originally planning to fill out. Yes it seems that by my last paycheck I will make just enough to not qualify under the change of circumstances form. Poor, but not poor enough to get help. Some system the universities have set up.

I'm not worried really. I know I'll get something but the first week out the gate I *HAVE* to hit all my classes. I also won't until the next week ( if I recall correctly) get any loan money to use for a variety of things.

Fun huh?

I know it'll all work out though. Not sure how it will but I know that it will.

I've also been talking to my Ex of late more and more online. She isn't having a good time with her "consolation prize" (no egotism on my part whatsoever ;-) ) right now but in the midst of all that I get the real feeling some of the crap she had left over and even a little bit of the crap I had left over in my own self from our break up is getting resolved....

These things are all more intresting to me then the alleged investigation of Judge Robert's adopted kids or the John Bolton recess appointment any day of the week.

Good prospects, poor cash flow... That I guess is going to be the story of the next few years of my life unless I get this scholarship money I am applying for from a local community foundation.

Probably will be then to.

I'll try to post more... I'll even try to get intrested in political-cultural red vs blue again I promise.