Thursday, April 21, 2005

my government makes me ill

I find myself once again ashamed of the conduct of my government. Congress has gone to the banking and credit card companies and said “you shouldn’t actually have to risk your capital when giving credit cards to dogs and homeless people… we will protect you.” The President has put this bankruptcy bill, an assault on the people for the benefit of companies who are taking risks in what I thought was a capitalist system so they don’t actually risk anything. I am ashamed of this conduct by a congress and Senate including folks I voted for –Bill Nelson and George W. Bush-

But congress has gone even further, congress now has criminalized piracy to reward the music and movie industry “we know you have a bad business model but that’s ok we won’t make you risk your money.”

I am utterly and totally ashamed by the conduct of the government in this regard. Limiting the liability of the gun companies and fast food industry (tobacco to) from some of the simply ludicrous and frivolous lawsuits they have experienced is one thing, but the conduct in these new bills is simple welfare out to reward the wealthy and punish the poor.

More middle and upper class families benefit from social security and minimum wage then families truly in the grip of poverty. Wealthy companies get huge sums of federal money. Agribusiness play US and other nations farm subsidies off against each other for their own greedy ends.

I am for greed, I am for capitalism…. But there is a fine line between greed, and foolish gluttony. My government has aided some people in crossing that line

Friday, April 08, 2005

more fun with OK cupid

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You are a flirtateous and energetic romantic partner, fun and engagin,
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You so enjoy the tug of a good debate that sometimes you act as if you
don't take anything seriously. You are usually very supportive and
helpful to your mate, but somewhat scattered and unable to devote your
full attention there. You feel most appreciated for your great ideas,
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