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You scored as River Tam. The Fugitive. You are clever and dangerous, which is a nasty combination. The fact you are crazy too just adds to your charm. They did bad things to you, but you know their secrets. They will regret how they made you.

River Tam


Simon Tam


The Operative


Hoban 'Wash' Washburne


Shepherd Derrial Book


Zoe Alleyne Washburne


Inara Serra


Kaylee Frye


Jayne Cobb


Capt. Mal Reynolds


Which Serenity character are you?
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Who is afraid of being alive

Who is afraid of being alive?

This is a question that hit me today in religion class. The actual teacher of the class was talking about the perception of reincarnation in the west and in the east. She spoke of starvation as part of the reason they feel a desire to escape the cycle of life.

She used that as her reason to attack the consumer/modernist culture for the day. But herein we see two problems.

The First Problem: Consequence of living in a wealthy culture vs. consequences of living in a culture of poverty.

If I am reincarnated in to another American body, which is a big if, I will concede fully what my teacher said regarding material threats to my survival but I have as grave threats of a spiritual and mental nature in this world.

I could be reincarnated; into a household that I would suffer with abuse, I could be born mentally of physically incapacitated, I could be reincarnated into a world of poverty and violence in this nation of wealth and prosperity, or I could even be reincarnated into a traditionalist life here in this nation that alienates me from the national culture.

And this is again assuming I am only reincarnated into a lifecycle here in this country which is a huge assumption.

The Second problem:
You do not know even in the world of India with its guru’s the nature of your prior lives. The doctrine of escape while appealing perhaps to the lowest castes is impossible for those same castes (and not all Hindu worshipers are on that page) to make that escape they believe in.  Instead a life born of privilege is asked to escape from the cycle of death and rebirth.

This is both a critique on her view of Hinduism and a little bit to the valid theologies she pointed to.

If the cycle of death and rebirth is to escape this world, then this world has to be something one must escape. With all the flaws in this world I am sorry to say I don’t want to get off. Maybe if the sun is a red giant and our cities are turning to lakes of molten metal, plastic, and stone… then I might want to jump off the world. But I live in a world where we may have problems but the fruits of man’s labors can make them better if we try.

To me that is what reincarnation is about. Learning how to make the world that we as humans should have, instead of receiving the world we deserve

RINO SIGHTINGS: Trick or Treat edition

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It was a day like any other in RINO sightings land, as I started to lay out my preparations for all the boys and girls coming to get their hands on candy.

Sure enough a Knock came at the door.

and it was that darned Surber kid from down the road

"What are you little boy"

"Why I'm an ubersexual."

"Really" I ask more in shock and confusion he shakes his head.

"I'm in a wiener dog costume, how ubersexual is that?" but he was nice enough to explain to me what an ubersexual was

and he told me "Hey Mr. I think some one is at the back door." I gave the little boy-dog his milkbone duds and send him along his way.

Another knock came on the front door. A young kid was dressed in black with white face paint and a long fake tongue.

"Well what are you little boy?"

He laughed and took out his fake tongue "I'm George Bush trying to say he isn't a big spender. I knew he was Gene Simmons so I gave him a Zero bar to go with his 70s costume.

A cowboy came up the lane.

"That's a nice Cowboy costume you have son." he twirled his rope " I'm a Pork Boy I'm here to rope me some politicians." and he quoted the Maryland Sec. Of Transportation

The funding plan for the ICC, which the Maryland General Assembly endorsed during its 2005 session, includes a combination of creative funding sources

He was so creative in his costume I tossed him out a variety of things Baby Ruth Candy Bar, Kit Kat bar, and Smarties too.

But that weird Esmay kid showed up in a giant white garbage bag

"Umm are you a ghost?"

"No Mr. I'm an amoeba." I asked him how I could tell he was an amoeba but he was more interested in challenging the philosophies against Intelligent design. I wasn't an atheist or an agnostic so I really didn't care... Though I did perk up when he talked about SETI. But I told him to wait one moment because I had a special treat for him. I went into my kitchen and got out a can of chicken soup scratching out chicken and replacing it with "Primodeal" with my sharpie....

That Esmay kid is just weird.

Jane from own the road came over dressed as a Belly Dancer.

"that's a nice Belly Dancer costume Jane"

She looked to her left and to her right and whispered in my ear "Mr. I'm really a American Reporter under attack from the Yemeni Government. "So you're in Disguise" I say.

She nods her head as I give her a pack of smarties.

"Thanks Mr." She says as she walks back down the lane.

Then another kid comes down dressed in a trench coat and wearing sun glasses. It was Ken down the road "Man Don't you get it don't you know what toll house cookie MEANS?"

tollhouse cookie [[made with a recipe used at the Toll House in Whitman, Mass., near Brockton]] a kind of chocolate chip cookie

i tried to calm him down as he went on about the AP style guide and Kleenex's. Next thing I know he was screaming about the "Do Not touch the Air Monitoring Equipment" sign he saw on the subway over here. By the time he starts talking about 2000KIA day I ask him "Kid what Kind of costume are you wearing?" he shakes his head around "Sorry, since all the tax-breaks went to the rich, I couldn't afford one
this year" I gave him some milk duds and sent him on his merry way.

that Mr. Proliferation kid was coming up the road next.... what is up with the kids in this neighborhood and their weird names. He told me he was a vampire and looking for Hypocrites like the ones involved in the Steele is Sambo fiasco. I told him not to let those other kids beat up on that KOS kid much. That kid aint right. I gave him a candied apple and sent him on his way.

then I saw something really weird wandering down the driveway

Luckily the kid explained to me what an Orac is and then went on further to say "You don't have to be a brain in a box to know a poem about killing the jews and loving the Nazi's isn't worthy of a great minds prize.

I put a three musketeer's bar ontop of his box and let him roll away.

I finally checked the black door and a kid was dressed as Kanye West telling me that George Bush doesn't care about black people because he wants to give them more welfare.

I asked him if Walter Williams put him up to this but he didn't say.

I gave him an apple since he went through the back door.

The first little kid came up to the door dressed as Harriet Miers. Harriet Miers scared the pants off me so I hid for a moment before finally getting some candy. SayUncle, another weird kid name regailed me on how Clinton couldn't handle blogs if they were around when he was President. I agreed and gave him a heath bar.

The kids in this neighborhood have some really weird names.

Standing outside a kid was asking the Harriet Miers if she say some missing raped teenage girl who was taken by a rascist hurricane.

"You reporter kid, come get your candy"

He reported to me though... He talked about how Lawrence Kansas was trying to fine first time pot offenders... but not sure what to charge them. I gave the Dunvin kid a bag of doritos for his trouble.

a kid came down the lane dressed as a huge book. he had to get three or four other kids to help him walk

"Hey what are you?"

"I'm the federal budget... just give me their candy I promised i'd split it up with them"

some how I didn't believe him but he told me that Harriet Mier's withdrew from helping him and that made the President weaker so he just had to make do.

I was willing to do with that. so I gave him a Hershey Symphony Milk Chocolate bar for his troubles... and for his friends some wanted adds... I think they'll need them.

then I saw Alex Schoellkopf shambling down the way in a fine Zombie costume. "Nice Zombie Costume" I said and he told me he was one of the secret Nazi's hiding in spain. now that is pretty scary. I gave him some Mini toblerones and he went happily on his way.

he saw I was a righty then checked out my head. I'm researching grey hair's on rightys he said. I helped him out with his research ( and you should to)

Then a little Che came to my door "Oh, you're a zombie to." we both laughed... I think he got my joke. I asked him what was going on in Louisiana he told me how they planned to spend state bond money even though the state is a shambles and he regailed me with many scary spending stories. And we know this will get better as people can live out side the area and vote for the next three years so long as they super secret pinkie swear promise to move back.

I give him the twix bar for his troubles. Then I see a guy dressed up as a Prince with a slightly less fancy costume then a king. He asked me why John Bolton would make Syria answer the UN's questions or else when he probably wouldn't the US government. I slipped Tom some sweet tarts and sent him on his way.

I figured all these weird kids I should just close up for the night and ended my halloween in RINOSightings land

SCALITO thoughts....

Ok before I crack into RINO sightings I wanted to get my Scalito thoughts out there.

It has some good elements, the biggest political fault is the President doesn't get to pick a woman. And with this I see that it was probably a woman who backed out for Miers B or C pick.

Scalito has a rags to riches life story which i think plays well.

And it makes those of us who didn't like some one we felt would be wishy washy getting to the SCOTUS. So pretty good call politically. I'd have prefered it be a Hispanic if it couldn't be a woman but thats minor

I don't like the fact he is more like Scalia ( I'd prefer some one more like Thomas or Renquist) but at least some one who is more like Scalia will put the court in the right direction most of the time.

I'm much happier about this pick.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

RINO Sightings to be posted tommorrow

After I get home from school I'll be posting it

bang bang

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"I Believe"

Does the fact the leprechaun from the LEPRECHAUN movies is in the commercial bother anyone else?

Also anyone out there with firefox having flash problems?

Chuckie defending another faith

Prince Charles in a quest to truely make the royal family irrelivent has decided to lecture the US on our thoughts about Muslims

Prince Charles to plead Islam's cause to Bush
By Andrew Alderson, Chief Reporter
(Filed: 29/10/2005)

The Prince of Wales will try to persuade George W Bush and Americans of the merits of Islam this week because he thinks the United States has been too intolerant of the religion since September 11.

The Prince, who leaves on Tuesday for an eight-day tour of the US, has voiced private concerns over America's "confrontational" approach to Muslim countries and its failure to appreciate Islam's strengths.

Hmmmm so have we passed any new laws?
Have their been waves of protests at mosques?
anything that is really ya know different then how muslims have practiced the faith here in the states.

Also... lets see who these people who have called him to act in this ridiculous manner...

Mr Mahmood and other Muslims present stressed that Prince Charles did not go so far as to criticise the US-led invasion of Afghanistan in October 2001. More recently, he has been careful not to express his views on Iraq.

Yep we can't invade a country that
A) Shelters the people who attack our citizens
B) Takes money from said people.
C) uses those people to help defend their country

Thats the mindset of the people who think folks in this country will really care what Chucky has to say.

I could go into more depth on what he said but the words of a wise englishman to me stick

"He's proof of what happens when cousin's marry"

BDP on ABP does add some material

Prince Charles made a speech, acclaimed throughout the Arab world, on relations between Islam and the West. He urged the West to overcome its "unthinkable prejudices" about Islam and its customs and laws.

He spoke warmly of the West's debt to the culture of Islam and distanced moderate Muslims from misguided militants. "Extremism is no more the monopoly of Islam than it is the monopoly of other religions, including Christianity," he said.

Um, excuse me your highness, but doesn't the West allow Muslims to vote in free elections - something Muslim leaders didn't even do (before we liberated Afghanistan and Iraq). Why can an Arab have citizenship in Israel, but the same Jew not be able to be a citizen in an Arab country.

He goes into more of the stupidity of Prince Charles then I feel Mr. Diana Spencer is worth

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Spam that disturbs me

Ummmm do they know something I don't?

Get the most exclusive new cell phone FREE*! The signed Maria Sharapova Motorola(R) Razr in HOT PINK!

*See details

Granite Investment Group, LLC | 2307-B Central Dr. Suite 2-175 | Bedford, TX. 76021

The government is working on Captain Trips

Or Super Flu if you will

Bush on Tuesday is visiting the National Institutes of Health to announce his administration's strategy on how to prepare for the next flu pandemic, whether it's caused by the bird flu in Asia or some other super strain of influenza. Federal health officials have spent the last year updating a national plan on how to do that.

Stockpiling drugs and vaccines is just one component.

Ok every so often we here folks from the government come out and say "Oh My god their is some guy in taipei and he has this flu and if he spreads it we're all going to die~!"

well lets back up and remember two important things

Not all FLUs are cured by the Flu Vacinne

so stockpiling a vaccine or drugs that may or may not work ( we don't know) is wasteful. Thats drugs and vaccine that if they aren't used quickly have a shelf life.

Already the government is buying $162.5 million worth of vaccine against that bird flu strain, called H5N1, from two companies _ Sanofi-Aventis and Chiron Corp. _ in case that happens. It also is ordering millions of doses of Tamiflu and Relenza, two antiflu drugs believed to offer some protection against the bird flu, stockpiles that the pandemic plan is expected to order be augmented.

In animal testing.....
That haven't been tested on humans to work on the bird flu....
on a strain that hasn't mutated to infect humans on a large scale.

Why don't we just put 160 million in a rat hole, at least then we wouldn't be enriching two companies for no cause.

and it would probably be just slightly less effective

But amid growing public fear about the bird flu, federal health officials are beginning to wonder about a backlash if the worrisome strain in fact fizzles out _ or is contained in birds, as specialists are struggling to do _ and never threatens Americans' health.

yep for this to cross from humans to birds you have to... HANDLE birds.

So you can target the people who do that with good preventative care.

No wasting of money, no causing a panic

But that wouldn't be "common sense" in the mind of Ted Kennedy (D-Chevas Regal)

Good for Eminem

Anyone who knows me know I tend to like some of Mr. Mather's work. Anyone who knows me/reads this blog knows I despised Live 8. It was nothing more then a giant commercial to show that celebrities -care- and to try to take credit for things world leaders were already doing.

I am very amused that these two things merge at a nice point.

Geldof says, "Bono called me while I was in Africa and said 'he's (Eminem) not calling me back. I've got these pictures of kids wearing Eminem and D-12 t-shirts and we got them sent off to Eminem's office but did we hear anything? It's sad.'

He added, "If people don't want to do anything, then it's cool, I'm ok with that, but I wouldn't mind if they got back to us."

Good for Marshall for rejecting the farce of Live 8. And while Bob Geldof may be a stand up guy in saying what he believes consistantly he -does- have a flaw i dislike.

Geldof's daughters FIFI TRIXIBELLE, TIGER LILY, PIXIE and PEACHES are relieved at their dad's decision, because an old man hosting such an event would be "embarrassing".

A) I think live 8 was embarrasing and more importantly
B) giving my daughters names of porn stars/strippers is even more embarssing

The Speaker's blog

I don't know who this Ron guy is but from this opening you can tell he is a blogger. And if the speaker actually signs off on what hits his blog this gives him an additional cool point

posted by Ron Bonjean @ 3:40pm (10/28/05) | Section: Articles

While the mainstream press is focused on DC political news, we thought you should see how well America’s economy is performing despite the devastating hurricanes.
Economic Activity Jumps 3.8 Percent in Third Quarter

Friday, October 28, 2005

Thanks all you folks who are here reading my brief "Mr. Sulu is gay"

I am a blogger, thus I am a geek.

Thus this information had a mild degree of curiousity that i put up here.

I am glad to see it was popular

**looking at Site meter**

weirdness with my viewership
1% from:

UK and Belgium I can make sense of.... so ummm Who is looking at my blog in Malaysia?


Russian ( errrr huh?)

the other languages outside of english make sense with the national break down

3% of viewers are from military domains

(err Ummmmmm is that good?)

1% from Unknown continent - I am guessing that just means they can't figure it out-

6% of my viewers are mac users

3.13% of my viewings came from safari

Most of my viewers are in the east coast US timezone

Most of the views of my blog are in the 1000 mile distance
tied are the 0-1k ( i guess) and 2k-3k neighborhood
with 5000 coming in next

Religous Right to explode

Here is why

But last year teens accounted for just 24 percent of unwed births, down from 50 percent in 1970, she commented.

The increases in unmarried births have been among women in their 20s, she said, particularly those 25 to 29.

Many of the women in that age group are living with partners but still count as unmarried mothers if they haven't formally married, Ventura noted.

The 20s are the prime childbearing years, regardless of whether the mother is married or not, she said. ...
There were 1,470,152 babies born to single women in 2004, 35.7 percent of all births in the country, NCHS said. That was up from 1,415,995 a year earlier.

I am not sure what they will blame but I am guessing gay marriage and homosexuals

I blame the decay of the family social structure in general

Lt. Governor Kaine is a real Man

A worm of a lefty blogger ( a African-American lefty blogger) took the kind of racial slur that a white republican ( Robert Byrd would be forgiven) did would have blacks in arms across this country. and the Kaine campaign did the right thing.

Steve Gilliard burped some verbal waste in response

"I guess they have a problem with black people expressing themselves in print," Gilliard said. "At no point did they bother to ask me what I thought or why I did it."

What you did was offensive to lots of people. The Kaine campaign knew they'd hang with you so they had no desire to be -with you-

Lt. Governor Kaine and his campaign on this issue did the right thing.

And once again we see how hateful leftyblogs can be

From the wayback machine

I hated on Alexander the Gay; Oliver Stone's abortion of a movie.

But it seems what i focused on Stone disliked to

Stone admitted that "the movie was too long, didn't tell the story of Alexander the Great very well and was too focused on outing the ancient Greek hero."

He even knew it was bad

Political correctness and Dhimmitude in the land down under

This Herald Sun story as pointed out by RWN

POLICE are being advised to treat Muslim domestic violence cases differently out of respect for Islamic traditions and habits.

Yes in the world of the politically correct all animals are equal, but some are more equal then others.

Islamic Women's Welfare Council head Joumanah El Matrah called the guidelines appalling and dangerous.

"The implication is one needs to be more tolerant of violence against Muslim women but they should be entitled to the same protection," Ms El Matrah said.

"Police should not be advising other officers to follow those sorts of protocols.

"It can only lead to harm."

I couldn't agree more

Hip Hop Republican has a neat post

On Black Arabs

here is a good quote

The hajj has demonstrated since ancient times that neither Africans nor Arabs considered physical barriers or long distances as insurmountable obstacles. Large numbers of African pilgrims never returned to their native lands as far away as Senegal.

Instead, they settled throughout the Middle East, including present-day Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Palestine/Israel, Iran, Lebanon, Yemen, the Persian Gulf countries and Turkey.

Prominent Arabs of African descent include Kuwaiti Crown Prince Saad and Saudi Arabia's longtime ambassador to Washington, Prince Bandar bin Sultan. Also included are many popular musicians, such as Mohamed Abdu of Saudi Arabia, members of the Miami Kuwaiti Group and Nabil Shuail of Kuwait, and Yemeni musician Abu Rab Idriss.

It puts things in perspective about Slavery and values in this world.

In other news

Kids in Newton Mass are having a ban on Halloween. The school claims it is a ban based on parental complaints, but the NEA has a better answer for what is really going on.

Joel Packer, spokesman for the National Education Association, said the controversy is part of a contentious nationwide trend in which schools are trying to shorten or cancel holiday celebrations, either for religious reasons or to put more time into classroom work. Halloween is one of the few holidays that can fall when children are in school, he said, which puts school districts more on the spot.

Let kids have fun people. Don't play games on cramming in more school on kids because More school isn't the answer to the problems kids are having today.

I accidentally heard mother sheehan speak


“I don’t know what Casey’s number was”

Yet she has rattled off numbers of each soldier who has died since she became a media whore.

And after hearing her voice I feel for anyone who pays money to hear her speak

Constitutional Chaos

Constitutional Chaos: or How I learned to forgive Martha Stewart

I bought this book based on the little teaser on the side of the book “What happens when the government breaks its own laws.”

This book opened my eyes and has formed how my opinion

It was on page 30, 31, and 32. In those three pages I saw torture that was authorized by an elected official. Torture that was not based on a crime with a real threat to the life of anyone, Torture that was based on expert witnesses that the court said could not be challenged in court. It was based on scientific evidence that was hardly scientific and was destroyed before the case happened. In this single case a public official over ruled her prosecutors and pushed a case for politics and a man is now in jail for 165 years.

And what happened to this woman, the one who authorized the torture? Well first Janet was appointed Attorney General and later became a candidate for Governor of the State of Florida. I am sure Janet is serving on boards and foundations and has made a small fortune. Let me show you how Janet Reno opened my eyes and made me lose all respect for public prosecutors in this country.

In 1984 Janet Reno was facing a tough race for re-election. Reno as she did previously she focused on Day-Care center sex abuse in Miami. Laurie and Jo Braga child care experts with no psychological expertise interviewed these children for up to 3 hours without stop until they “uncovered” repressed memories of abuse. On the stand just as she had before she got a judge to rule that no impeachment of the Braga’s testimony could be brought up in court.

One of the children had a test for bacteria in family of gonorrhea found in her throat, a test that was destroyed 3 days after it was destroyed by order of the prosecutors office and thus was unable to be challenged by the lab. So she could represent it as a positive test –for- gonorrhea.

These things were not sufficient to make a case so Reno ordered Mrs. Fuster held naked in Solitary confinement. She would be thrown naked, cold and wet back in her cell after her showers. The jail guards took her out dressed at night to restaurants and told her “if you want to see a restaurant you better testify”

Janet Reno paid series after series of Psychologists and therapists to try to bring out her memories. One night Naked in her dark Jail cell Janet Reno came into her sell. She told Ilena that her husband was guilty, but that she was not. This large woman visited her cell naked again and again asking her to “help her” out of the jail cell. But she held fast. Finally Reno hired a company called “Behavior Changers”” to meet with her over 34 times and to hypnotize her. Reno was there squeezing her hand much as she did during her testimony. After months of this treatment she finally broke and testified against her husband. Once she was free from her jail cell she recanted immediately.

(Note: Brown University challenges these claims. Based off of the claims made in this Brown page I am going to say that discounting the claims of torture the sheer disregard for the facts of basic justice by allowing witnesses without credentials to be unimpeachable makes my point. I am not sure now how accurate the judge is)

His book details other incidents such as the FBI failing to prosecute a murderer and allowing him to testify falsely at another trial because he “might” be a good source later on.

Prosecutors, FBI agents, and the government can lie with impunity.  The Judge recounts a story of a police officer claiming he saw a broken tail light a mile away and felt a brick that was really cocaine to justify a bogus search.

I find the story rather eye opening. As such unless a –real- crime is committed I have no support for charges such as lying to investigators or even lying to the grand jury (which FBI agents and prosecutors can do).

If a real crime happens I’d have more respect for prosecutors… but clearly they have no respect for the people

Ok.... In a nut shell (Fitzmas)

As *I* read this

Libby as the VP's chief of staff investigated who sent Joe Wilson. The bulk of the misstatements are on the fact he said he didn't know at the time he talked to reporters something he was investigating

Let me seperate these into good ( for libby) and Bad for libby

The good are all good because they happened after or during his talks to the press. Which means he could say "I was doing my investigation and i really didn't remember it"

July 8th: he asked the VP counsel's office what paperwork would be needed if the CIA sent a spouse of an agent on an assignment
July 8th a assistant to the VP told him Plame was a CIA agent.

The Bad regard the VP, a UnderSec of State, and his CIA briefer telling him.

As it looks here. About the time Joe Wilson was saying the VP sent him to africa the Vp looked into it and had Libby briefed on the subject.

The second wave of tellings occured around the time Joe Wilson made his article.
So very easily scooter Libby could have forgot (you ever forget?) that he had the earlier briefings at the time.

Now, his obstruction of justice charge comes from his not saying information which the Special Counsel already knows... so I have to think this use of the Obstruction of Justice Charge is to get Libby to flip.

Lying to the grand jury I've already said is a bogus charge. Perjury however for the same lies seems suspect.

These charges seem to be an attempt to get Libby to flip on some one else in the administration.

from the Fitzgerald PR
The charges allege that Libby lied to FBI agents who interviewed him on October 14 and
November 26, 2003; committed perjury while testifying under oath before the grand jury on March 5
and March 24, 2004; and engaged in obstruction of justice by impeding the grand jury’s investigation
into the unauthorized disclosure – or “leaking” – of Valerie Wilson’s affiliation with the CIA to various
reporters in the spring of 2003.

Obstruction in his mind is making a statement which he knew to be false because he investigated and FOUND it.

For this to be provable perjury escapes my concept of reason at this time.

Prior to that date, her
affiliation with the CIA was not common knowledge outside the intelligence community.

Robert Novak said he knew before he heard the story. Several other reporters have as well.
Furthermore the CIA has alleged she was probably exposed by Aimes.
and a former supervisor of hers says she hadn't done clandestine work in over 5 years.

What is shocking is how Fitzgerald puts this in his PR but he only charges him with lying about statement he found to be -untrue-

If as he seems to present this was a release of classified information it is exceptionally clear Libby released it in an illicit manner under the terms of the charges against Libby

Libby was obligated by federal criminal
statute, regulations, executive orders, and a written non-disclosure agreement not to disclose classified
information to unauthorized persons, and to properly safeguard classified information against
unauthorized disclosure.

Fitzgerald says this again, but has clear evidence ( absolute evidence) that Libby turned over this information.

So why isn't he filing charges under any of those things -if- it was a crime?
He is trying to get libby to flip on possibly bigger fish. A standard prosecutor trick.

here is the gem of the timeline

on or about June 23, 2003, Libby met with Judith Miller of The New York Times.
Libby was critical of the CIA and disparaged what he termed “selective leaking”
by the CIA concerning intelligence matters. In discussing the CIA’s handling of
Wilson’s trip to Niger, Libby informed Miller Wilson’s wife might work at a
bureau of the CIA.

Libby said the CIA was selectively leaking intelligence. Yet we do not see anyone from the CIA under investigation. and Libby said here she "Might" work at the CIA. He didn't say she did... he wasn't providing information.

on or about the morning of July 8, 2003, Libby met with Miller of The New York
Times. When the conversation turned to the subject of Joseph Wilson, Libby
asked that the information he provided on the topic of Wilson be attributed to a
“former Hill staffer” rather than to a “senior administration official,” as had been
the understanding regarding other information that Libby provided to Miller
during this meeting. Libby then discussed with Miller Wilson’s trip and
criticized the CIA reporting concerning Wilson’s trip. During this discussion,
Libby advised Miller of his belief that Wilson’s wife worked for the CIA;

CIA was leaking information
did not reveal she worked for the CIA

a real crime, and a fake crime.

on or about July 10 or July 11, 2003, Libby spoke to a senior White House
official (“Official A”) ( Karl Rove who advised Libby of a conversation Official A (Karl Rove)had earlier
that week with columnist Robert Novak in which Wilson’s wife was discussed
as a CIA employee involved in Wilson’s trip. Libby was advised by Official A
that Novak would be writing a story about Wilson’s wife;

I think with their focus on Rove this has to be him.

Here no crime was said to have occured -nor a criminal action of conspiracy discussed-

on or about July 12, 2003, in the afternoon, Libby spoke by telephone to Cooper,
who asked whether Libby had heard that Wilson’s wife was involved in sending
Wilson on the trip to Niger. Libby confirmed to Cooper, without elaboration or
qualification, that he had heard this information too; and

Still no criminal action

on or about July 12, 2003, in the late afternoon, Libby spoke by telephone with
Miller and discussed Wilson’s wife, and that she worked at the CIA.

This MAY be a crime. So his inability to charge him with this as a crime is a curiosity.

In fact, Libby well knew that he did not advise Cooper or other reporters
that he had heard other reporters were saying that Wilson’s wife worked for the CIA, nor did Libby
advise Cooper or other reporters that he did not know whether this assertion was true.

When did it become a crime to lie to reporters?

This seems to me now to be A) a fishing attempt and ( more importantly) B) a vain attempt to justify the waste of money.

As he was only able to find one incident that -may- be a crime

Fitzmas as it develops

Ok this is off of Drudge ( he doesn't have the particulars up)

Libby indicted on obstruction of justice, false statment and perjury charges...

Ok... now it seems we possibly have a real crime here...

and -IF- it turns out this is a real crime, then I am ok with Libby getting thrown in a hole in levenworth

Screw you Forbes

Dear editors of Forbes;

Go #)*(&@##*)@&@! yourselves.

Anyway, I would like to say first to the fun folks at Forbes I didn’t register to read the article where you’ve slammed my hobby.

Now Forbes Starts off this article on how bloggers are a wild lynch mob with the following section.

Please hold your irony till later.

But it turns out that scribe Nick Tracy of London was, in fact, a former stockbroker in Oregon named Timothy Miles--and Miles himself faces SEC charges that he took part in a pump-and-dumpstock scheme in 2000. He was tried in June and awaits a verdict. No matter:Circle Group stock fell below a dollar in a year of combat with Miles and the anonymous bashers on Yahoo (and after Nestlé dropped Z-Trim). Halpern's stake is down $75 million, and he blames Miles and his acolytes; he has sued for defamation. "Some of these bloggers have just one goal, and that is to do damage. It's evil," he says.

Ok... let’s take a step back here.

Stock scam in 2000
Blog post in 2004

This does not –directly- Imply he was wrong, doesn’t imply he was lying. It mearly brings up an old charge

Hmmmm defamatory conduct and slander from a news media outlet? That would never happen.

But Forbes magazine sadly –doesn’t- stop sticking the foot in the mouth there.

Often a bashing victim can't even figure out who his attacker is.

Because these sites don’t have registration (and user profiles), nor if the domain is a vanity domain are their webmasters in public record.

Oh wait… you mean a victim can’t figure out who his attacker is without doing –work-

Oh I’m sorry.

Much like the professional media has never printed false information and stood up for it.

Some companies now use blogs as a weapon, unleashing swarms of critics on their rivals. "I'd say 50% to 60% of attacks are sponsored by competitors," says Bruce Fischman, a lawyer in Miami for targets of online abuse.

I find this dubious from a traffic standpoint.

However if you own a multi-million dollar company please give me money If I abuse your competitors.

I will set up a list of companies I will gladly post negative comments on for 5 million dollars.

Oh wait… then I’d be like NBC never reporting on G.E

;-) But I’d admit I was a shill.

Thus they serve up vitriolic "content" without bearing any legal responsibility for ensuring it is fair or accurate

Do the words “absent malice” mean anything to you?

They should you are –a journalist-

A blog is no different then anyone saying anything. It’s just a different format. But you want to restrict free speech when your brethren can post something in the news that is “fake but accurate” with impunity

No wonder companies now live in fear of blogs. "A blogger can go out and make any statement about anybody, and you can't control it. That's a difficult thing,"says Steven Down, general manager of bike lock maker Kryptonite, owned by Ingersoll-Rand and based in Canton,Mass.

No wonder companies now live in fear of newspapers. "A newspaper can go out and make any statement about anybody, and you can't control it. That's a difficult thing,"says Steven Down, general manager of bike lock maker Kryptonite, owned by Ingersoll-Rand and based in Canton,Mass.

No wonder companies now live in fear of talk-radio. "A talker can go out and make any statement about anybody, and you can't control it. That's a difficult thing,"says Steven Down, general manager of bike lock maker Kryptonite, owned by Ingersoll-Rand and based in Canton,Mass.

No wonder companies now live in fear of people. "A person can go out and make any statement about anybody, and you can't control it. That's a difficult thing,"says Steven Down, general manager of bike lock maker Kryptonite, owned by Ingersoll-Rand and based in Canton,Mass.
Tell me how any of those 4 things are different. It is only different because what people once did in homes now is online, and easily accessible all over the world.

Even mighty Microsoft, for all its billions, dares not defy the blogosphere. In April gay bloggers attacked Microsoft over its failure to support a gay-rights bill in Washington State (the company is based near Seattle). "Dear Microsoft, You messed with the wrong faggots,"wrote John Aravosis, publisher of AmericaBlog, which threatened to oppose Microsoft's plans for a big campus expansion unless the company caved in. Microsoft reversed itself two weeks later, saying it supports gay-rights legislation after all. It says pressure from its own employees, not from bloggers, caused the change of heart.

Even mighty Microsoft, for all its billions, dares not defy the activits. In April gay activists attacked Microsoft over its failure to support a gay-rights bill in Washington State (the company is based near Seattle). "Dear Microsoft, You messed with the wrong faggots,"wrote John Aravosis, leader of AmericaBlog, which threatened to oppose Microsoft's plans for a big campus expansion unless the company caved in. Microsoft reversed itself two weeks later, saying it supports gay-rights legislation after all. It says pressure from its own employees, not from bloggers, caused the change of heart.

Again how is it different? In the case of the MS policy shift –though I don’t agree with John’s tone- what he did is no different at all then any gay rights group could have done.

But it wasn’t a group. It was a blogger and his readers, and their readers, and etc.

"Campaigns understand that there are some stories that regular reporters won't print. So they'll give those stories to the blogs," says Christian Grantham, a Democratic consultant in Washington who also blogs.

Because we know false stories never make it to the NYT or to CBS with the help of campaigners.

And you also notice –bloggers- ditched the girlfriend story quickly to.

When Hinderaker published an item saying left-wing bloggers should stop assaulting a White House reporter alleged to have worked as a gay prostitute, his blog brethren went on the assault, publishing his phone number at work and prompting a deluge of harassing phone calls and e-mails. "My secretary was crying" because callers kept swearing at her, he says. "Then we started getting calls at the house. My wife wanted to hire a bodyguard."

How about the gay activists who out people who were VERY forward in the gay prostitute charge

Hey guess what the Hindrocket would have gotten those same calls if a Journalist published it. And since as a prominent blogger he could very easily get shoe-horned into being a “Public figure” and thus that conduct can be deemed legal.

You can put a prom dress on a pig, but you can’t take it out.

Now back to the company who was “wronged” by a blogger. No one addressed the substance of what this blogger I never heard of said

But lets see –how- they responded to this.

Halpern had better luck, however, when he allied with Gayle Essary, who runs the FinancialWire online news service and had tangled with Miles, too. Halpern dug up details on Miles (his photo and Oregon driver's license; his links to a litany of questionable companies; his claim to be an ordained minister; his Web site that describes a mysterious crystal that contains a message from God) and fed them to Essary. Essary did 15 articles on Miles without citing Halpern as a source, and when Halpern heard from people asking about Miles' allegations against Circle Group, he referred them to FinancialWire, saying it had "exposed this guy a long time ago."

Any of those things relevant on what they were talking about

Nope… didn’t think so.

In the entire article that talks about blogs as slanderers the most important thing in the very lead of the article

“was their slander” and “was their libel”

Was never answered, no were the allegations even presented.

But I guess since Mr. Miles is a public figure he can’t sue forbes for libel

So again I say @(_#*@(#&@*(#!& U Forbes

Here are some other voices covering this soon to be blogswarm I am sure

( thanks to the brothers in the sandcrawlers for the hat tip)

Shocking news from Al-Reuters

a 50 cent movie glorfies gang violence.

No Surely not 50

50 Cent's latest CD, "Massacre," has sold 4.7 million copies in the U.S. since its chart-topping release in March and ranks as the biggest-selling album so far this year, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

anyway there was an actual outraegous part

Antonovich said the billboard outside the school for sixth through 12th graders was particularly egregious because the community had recently mounted an anti-gang campaign.

Activists in the south-central L.A. neighborhood of Hyde Park, another community plagued by gang violence, staged a rally on Tuesday calling on Paramount to remove a billboard next to a preschool. The sign was taken down the next day.

A African-American man.

Who not only lived through Gang Violence but was an active participant.

A "man" who sold drugs to children.

He now is selling a violent movie glorifying the rise from being a gangster to children.

This is what the real story.

Lets help some Virginia health officals

They are confused by spikes in syphilius.

People working minimum-wage jobs don’t have the flexibility to take off work, especially when it just seems to be a little sore that doesn’t hurt, Mason said.

Many people don’t know they’re infected. The CDC refers to syphilis as “the great imitator” because its symptoms resemble many other diseases.

here are some good warning signs of people who might get syphilus... and who shouldn't really be surprised

Some of these men are involved in relationships with women who are unaware of their partner’s bisexuality, Mason said.

This behavior causes an increase in infections among men and puts women at greater risk for contracting the disease, he said.

Mason described the case of a man who lives in Hampton.

Officials conducted a confidential interview with him to discover where his syphilis infection originated and whether other sexual partners were at risk.

The patient was a single man in his 30s who went to clubs in Washington, D.C., where holes in walls allowed men to have anonymous intercourse.

If you use glory holes and ANY symptoms occur if you don't think "Gee maybe having random unknown sex acts caused this" you are in denial

Other things that aren't focused on by the folks in Virginia

Drugs and alcohol impair judgment.

In fact I am willing to go out on a limb and say Drugs and Alcohol may often go hand in hand with use of glory holes

also a problem

Some of these men are involved in relationships with women who are unaware of their partner’s bisexuality, Mason said.

Here is a thing. If your partner is bi and you DON'T know odds are pretty good he/she has no respect for your body or life. This also may suggest a tendancy for reckless behaviors ( I.E he doesn't care about his/her own body)

so here... maybe these facts might explain why their are spikes in syphilus infections

people choosing risky sexual behaviors while drunk/stoned.

I'll be waiting for that consulting fee now

And now we know WHY Algorism broke out in Germany

We know Schroder didn't follow the example of prior german leaders and allow their successors of the other party to represent them at EU meetings. And now we know why thanks to the Medienkritik

Gerhard Schröder used his last international appearance as the German chancellor to launch one of his strongest attacks yet on Anglo-Saxon capitalism, saying the European Union faced a straightforward choice between never-ending liberalisation or the re-tention of basic European values. (...)

He told his fellow heads of state and government: "We are confronted with a fundamental conflict. Should we elevate the market and never-ending liberalisation at the heart of our political action, or do we Europeans stick to our basic beliefs?" (...)

When the voters of *HIS OWN COUNTRY* by a decent hunk put a party that was in the lead ( only slightly) of his party that advocated a more "Anglo-Saxon" styled germany he goes on -with no mandate- to attack the will of his voters.

When countrys following the "Anglo-Saxon" model are growing and parties in other nations which are advocating the "european" are declining we see now very clearly why the elites running the EU figured they would make the voters keep voting for the constitution until they voted the right way.

Market reformers are making traction in the more "european" nations and the traditionalists are running for cover.

Is it any wonder then only lame ducks come foward to speak for the European model?

-IF- the NYT is right.....

I call shennanigins on the First day of Fitzmas

In Mr. Libby's case, Mr. Fitzgerald has focused on his statements about how he first learned of Ms. Wilson's identity. Early in the investigation, Mr. Libby turned over notes of a meeting with Mr. Cheney in June 2003 that indicated the vice president had told him about Ms. Wilson, the lawyers said.

But Mr. Libby told the grand jury that he learned of Ms. Wilson from reporters, lawyers involved in the case said. Reporters who are known to have talked to Mr. Libby have said that they did not provide him the name, could not recall what had been said or had discussed unrelated subjects.

If they are trying to make that a crime i find it under my new world view a disgusting over reach of prosecutorial power. Not a political over reach just a typical one for prosecutors.

I'd also think they would need some substantial basis to file charges off of something that could be regarded as a "what the definition of is is"

IF this is indeed it

Mr. Sulu is gay

Errr ok that's surprising. The actor who played Sulu came out.

This is more news worthy I think then the female ball player coming out

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ann Althouse: John Kerry is senile

I think looking at the WashPost Article I have to agree with Ann

So the Iraqis have approved their constitution and are moving toward elections at the end of the year, and Kerry wants an international group to intervene and start hammering out some other arrangement? Isn't the constitution the political solution? I genuinely can't understand what he's talking about.

Ann it gets better. As their are ethnic turks and the turkish invasion of northern Iraq to arrest Kurdish militants their involvement in a peace deal in Iraq would be simply stupid. Not only does John Kerry's proposal show a senility that suggests the realities on the ground when he was... well running for president... it suggest a almost criminal ignorance about Iraq

Picking a fight with Wil Wheaton

I am going to do a little hating on a Blogger who is famous (and I was never a fan of).

So disclosure time:
What is even weirder is that Wil Wheaton has done an online radio show for some friends of mine.
I was also part of the hordes of many back’in’the day who hated on Wesley Crusher.
I liked some of the movies Wil starred in, and after reading Wil’s blog I’ve gained some more respect for him vs. the Star Trek producers. I also am a huge comic book geek and nerd, who plays poker whenever I have cash.

Ok now that we have our disclosure Wil like a lot of anti-war folks has decided to make the 2000 KIA mark some significant part of their motivation, I’ve not seen Wil be a ghoul about it so I can let most of that go. However Wil in exercising his whole Yellow Elephant ideology single handedly shows the Hypocrisy of his belief system

but has he listened to what he's saying? Daniel Schuberth, who should probably earn some sort of award from Operation Yellow Elephant, has the fucking nerve to criticize a brave soldier who is following orders, even though he doesn't believe in the war, when he won't enlist himself.

First of all the “Yellow Elephant” Philosophy says if you believe in a war, you need to go fight. The ideology is flawed because we actually cannot economically support a military big enough to include everyone who is willing to fight in war X, Y, or Z. But beyond that Yellow Elephantism says “You must be a soldier to make military descisions.”

So if you subscribe to that Philosophy you are saying:
Women can’t ever support a war.
Homosexuals (who are openly so) can’t ever support a war.
People who have committed a crime that disqualifies themselves from any military service.
People who never graduated High school can’t support a war.
People who are physically unable to serve can’t support a war.
People who are to old to serve can’t support a war ( more on that later).
People who have (at some time) been diagnosed with a mental illness can’t support a war…

I could spend the time to talk about fundamentally how Un-American that is. But Yellow Elephantism goes deeper.

If you support a war and have kids, in a way straight out of Leviticus your sins must be visited upon your children. Forget that your children have a choice ( and may not agree with your choice) to those who believe in Yellow Elephantism say you must sacrifice your life for the sins of your father and mother.

We could also go into the harsh reality that people who are in upper income brackets and also people who are more religious tend to be more likely to enlist to serve (proportionally) then folks who come from poorer communities and communities with less religion. Because to the Yellow Elephanters the big lie is needed that poor and underprivileged minorities must be dying for those evil bigoted Republicans thirst for war.

The realities are of course a White Southerner is (statistically) more likely to be in a front line combat unit then some one from the Upper East Side in New York. A Hispanic 2nd generation American is more likely to be on the front lines in combat then a man possibly even a neighbor of African American descent.
Also unknown to the Yellow Elephanters that if you take the top 1000 people in our federal government and compare them to a representative sample of the public at large you will find –more- people with sons, daughters, or family members under the age of 30 in the service right now.

But what is worse about Yellow Elephantism, is their hate is not just to those people who cheer for the war in words and deeds, but also for people who have the ribbons on their cars. Most of those magnets are charitable in nature and go to funds to help wounded soldiers, or the children of fallen soldiers, or the families of soldiers whose primary income earner is over seas fighting. On Filibuster Cartoons we see a comic about a similar mind set. You say you support the troops ok fine, tell me how? I am one of those people who cannot due to the physical standards of the service go into uniform but I have supported the troops. I have contributed as much as I have been able on multiple occasions to funds to help support families of our soldiers, and soldiers who are injured. I support The Shriner’s Hospitals through my dues which provides to our service men and women access to some of the top notch prosthetic medicine money can buy. So am I a Yellow Elephant because short of major surgery (and even then probably not) I am unable to serve in a war I support? Do you know ho many people are turned away? Am I a fake patriot because I, like most people who buy Livestrong-styled arm bands or a magnet with support our troops on it that went to funds that actually –contribute- to the well being of our troops and our families?

But the Yellow Elephantism of Wil Wheaton grows even more dishonest. If I oppose the war I have the right to be a soldier, or not to be a soldier. And I cannot have my patriotism questioned if I am in or out of uniform. But if I support the war I do not have the right to be a civilian. Contributing to charities that actually help soldiers and their families isn’t good enough for Wil Wheaton and other folks who cry out Yellow Elephant.

I could cast aspersions on their motivations for being anti-war. I could talk about the intellectual bankruptcy of the anti-war position. But then I’d be behaving just like Wil and some of the worst of the anti-war lot.

I’ll take satisfaction in the fact that I will expose their ideas as the odious thoughts they are. Anyone who can vote has a right to an opinion on any government policy. Anyone who has a child who is going overseas has a right to their opinion. And even people who are apathetic and jingoistic who care more about American Idol then they do what is going on in the rest of the world have the right to their opinion.

And I think it is Orwellian that the very people who scream the loudest “You cannot question our patriotism” are the ones who always question the patriotism of those they disagree with.

Schoolboard stupidity in the HBC

Ok the Worldnetdaily article doesn't tell you the WHOLE story.

Here is what they didn't tell you. Hillsbrough county just "happened" to plan professional days/teacher workdays on or around religous holiday observances. The schools idea was that it is easier to do it this way then to have a problem with massive absenteeism. Now we are getting a large number of muslim students in the area so they applied to get one of their holidays factored into the mix.

I have no problem with this.

Instead they decide to smite all religious holidays thus making it harder for parents to take their kids out of school if they are religously observant

I have a huge problem with this.

They say this won't effect the policy of protecting Kid's religous rights.... but this is Tampa

I guarentee you it will

I am loathe normally to talk about Paris Hilton

I mean, lets face it... the woman is the avatar of Skank. We've known that for some time. But it seems Paris has outdone even herself... and that takes some work

Paris Hilton had sex with her new boyfriend in a portable toilet, it has been claimed. The hotel heiress is alleged to have got hot and steamy with new lover Greek shipping tycoon Stavros Niarchos in the unlikely love den at an exclusive Hollywood party.


I'm at a loss of words on this one

It's begining to look a lot like Fitzmas

Ok once again there is no news on the Plame-Game investigation. This lack of any news is so Important that News websites are posting "No news yet"

After reading "Constitutional Chaos" the opinions I would have had on the issue have matured a great deal. I admit I was one of those people who was pro-impeachment at the time. I now however am less happy about some of the incidents that occured during the impeachment ( and incidentally the only thing Bill did during that whole process that he was later convicted of -perjury- was never a focus of the impeachment....)

Hear is my new opinion about Fitzmas

#1) If some one clearly broke a law ( which does not seem to be the case based on all the Information avalible in the public)in releasing the name they should be prosecuted.
#2) If Lying to investigators is brought up as a charge then it should be cast out. After reading Constitutional Chaos I have lost any and all respect for that charge. Investigators can -and often do- lie to you to get you to incriminate yourself. I don
't think that should be a crime unless the lie leads to a clear loss of life ( example you lie to an investigator and instead of their finding a bomb they find nothing and the bomb kills people). Not an esoteric pseudo threat but a real concreat one.
#3) If "Criminal Conspiracy" is brought up as a charge without a actual -criminal act- attached to it ( such as leaking, or a series of perjuries that were planned out) then we should chuck what Fitz has done
#4) Perjury: Perjury is bad. Perjury is something I can accept out of the Fitzmas mess... so long as it is actual perjury not a "what the definition of IS is"

So.... if we have actual Perjury or an actual CRIME I can be happy with all this.

Prosecutors in this country some times tend to go after people when they have a blank check. I'm not going to support something like that from this point on anymore.

For those who may cry political foul I will be posting my review of Constitutional Chaos a bit later today or tommorrow. Once you see how the book has made my thoughts expand you'll see this isn't politics but a refining of my traditional loathing of government.

LGF has more ghoulish images.

Here he posts a Link to a lizoid who had photographed the necrophiliac protests. He also posts to this response.

Mother Sheehan and Michael Moore making boat-loads of money on their deaths. ( Michael Moore making it on both ends of their deaths. These people can't deal with the intellectual aspects of their position ( The tortures, the rape factors, the oppression, the murders in silence)

I feel the pictures speak for themselves. I've seen abortion protestors marching and you could see on their face the sense that they were marching to stop the deaths of unborn children. I've seen people protesting the death penalty and you could see the somber attitude they hold about death.

These people.... they look like they are having a nice dinner party.

These are the same people I am sure who march against capitalism, and whom would march to force their ideas on others.

This isn't about disent.... you can disent.... and I can find your logic and your behavior repugnant

MiersMess is over

Now that the Miers mess is over it is time to assign a good guy and a bad guy.

I thought the nomination was horrific politically, and as the days went by we saw the nomination was an abject failure on a material standard as well.

Good Guy(Girl):

Harriet Miers is the good guy in this story. Harriet took control of this situation finally that was going off a cliff. Now if she did so just because she had her back Krauthamered to the wall or not I don't know but it was very clear to her -as it was to so many of us out here in the trenches- that her nomination was bad for this president, and would be bad for the court. She finally stepped in and became the Adult in this process.

Bad Guy(s):
The White House Staff was far less kind to Harriet then she was to them. A team of Lawyers and staffers should have been working over her Senate committee questionare. They should have refined it like a laser beam to make Harriet Miers wow the critics.

They didn't

The White House Staff should have known about her many speeches which were clearly pro-life, clearly socially liberal, and clearly against the way the President sold her that very first day. Because these things attacked several of the ways the President sold her it began to make the opposition snowball.

The White House Staff should have gotten a feel from the conservative groups out there. They should have sent a trial balloon out there.

They didn't.

They White House should have within 48 hours of the first cracks forming in the Miers nomination been patching the cracks.

Miers 1.0 gave way to 2.0 and even to 3.0.... just trying to move the product.

The White House set new standards of incompetency on how they put forward this nomination. The failure lies at the feet of the staffers on this one. Pure and simple.

Now the family squabbling will go away and we'll come back togther on important issues.

I predict the White House will probably nominate a slam dunk on our side that will do very well on the dems side.

Roberts did well because he didn't present any weakness... we need to go with that example.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

College Rant: I hate Crypto-marxist teachers

Class today in my religion class was really a horrific thing.

Never before have I walked out of a class in anger about what a professor is doing.

This time I got to my car, and I had my ignition turned on. I decided against it however.

Class was an annoyance before the walk out because the teacher's aid was talking about everything -BUT- Islam. When had the Teacher give a very rough introduction to Islam which was political correct new history at its finest. Then we had two problems come up. 1) We talked about the research project for the class ( and I needed the help so I accept that) and 2) we had a hurricane.

We had one day left to devote to Islam and he barely touched on it in a way that I would classify as "teaching". He then however made the comparisson that got me mad. He said that the thinking behind the terrorists of today was started by the US in WWII with the droping of the atomic bombs.

Lets set aside for a moment "Was droping the atomic bombs bad"
Lets set aside for a moment "Was droping the atomic bombs needed"

Lets review some history... In World War II their were earlier episodes of civilian reprisals on both sides of the war. Some of which (Dresden, and Tokyo) were far more lethal and far more destructive then the droping of the atomic bombs.

Ok so already the Justification is not just the US and it was not just the atomic bombs.

But lets step back

I can pick incidents going back as far as Alexander the Great ( Indeed the T.A picked incidents going back as far as the biblical israelittes) of all sorts of nations committing reprisals against civilians to change the course of the war.

What changed between those events and the droping of the Atomic bombs? The technology got more efficent at killing people.

When you have to put value to a group by negating another in my "World Perspectives" class we talked about it as the politics of "The Other" in Nationalism.

In this case he was using that Nationalist technique in a very socialist way to make the group he was speaking to, into a other.

Well this is good

Your personality type is SCUEI

You are social, moderately calm, unstructured, moderately egocentric, and intellectual, and may prefer a city which matches those traits.

The largest representation of your personality type can be found in the these U.S. cities: Washington D.C., St. Louis, Albuquerque/Santa Fe, Salt Lake City, W. Palm Beach, Tampa/St. Petersburg, Raleigh/Durham, Denver, Seattle/Tacoma, Minneapolis and these international countries/regions Slovenia, Israel, Czech Republic, Russia, Netherlands, Denmark, Argentina, Argentina, Ukraine, Romania, Norway, Croatia, Hungary, Turkey, Sweden

What Places In The World Match Your Personality?
City Reviews at

The Hewitt Queries

Does George W. Bush deserve any loyalty from his party? From pundits identified with his party? If so, how much and why not more?

He deserves Loyalty and we've given it to him for 5 years. But you can't keep going to the well ... if you do then your just behaving like the Democrats. Bush has asked us to swallow many bitter pills. What we as Americans can't stand is something that looks incompetent... and the Miers nomination looks like that.

Do Harriett Miers' many accomplishments count for nothing?

In her life-yes- In being the best canidate for the SCOTUS seat -NO-

Does Harriett Miers strike the commentator as a dedicated public servant?


Why not wait for the hearings to at least begin?

Because the hearings are not the begining of the process. And to many serious issues have come out for this nomination to go any further. The longer this death of a thousand cuts happens the harder it will be for her to salvage it in the hearings.

How important is it that Roe v. Wade/Casey be reversed?

The Reversal isn't as important as -WHY- you reverse it. If you reverse it for anything but a philisophical reasoning of why the Roe precedent was wrong ( not why Abortion was/is wrong) then you'll just be more of the same.

Which five precedents does the commentator think are in most pressing need of reversal?

Raich, Kelo, the one in Nevada ( where they made the guy turn over ID), Lawrence V Texas, and I need to think of #5

Does the commentator agree with George Will's assertion of Justice Lewis Powell as the "embodiment of mainstream conservative jurisprudence?"

I think Renquist is now the mainstream of Constitutionalist Jurisprudence. I think the use of conservative on the court -is- wrong.

Is a neo-Borking underway which will discredit the conservative cause's defense of its future nominees against similar, future attacks from the left?

No, If we allow a canidate with these kind of problems to get nominated it attacks our ability to defend legitimate canidates.

What are the political consequences of a defeat of Miers at the hands of a GOP controlled Senate?

It depends on how the defeat goes down. And it depends on who is seen as most at fault. I don't think it will impact the 06 election ( the democrats are 4th and long going into the 06 election and are setting the bar high with incompetence). I think it will be the last nail in the Bill Frist campaign for 08. I think to this can be a war for evangelicals to make their bones unless Miers finds a way to bring them back ( and sorry Hugh most evangelicals aren't happy with her either)

If you have blogged about the Franken stunt....

tell me... OTHER then Stuart Smaley, when has Al Franken ever done anything in a non written format that was funny....

Some of his books are funny, and Stuart Smaley was funny more because of the ludicrousness of it ( and the fact I had at least two Stuart Smaley guidance counselors)

Ok I need to figure out how to edit my adsense

Anyone know how to do that?

pass along some technical advice if you do.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

More Hildabeast agnosticism

Again Why she won't win located here

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton accused the Bush administration of squandering the balanced budgets and fiscal responsibility that she said her husband created as president.

negative point for illegal use of Bush Derangment syndrome
negative point for making herself part of the Clinton policy team when she was at the time overseas ( and against the policies that lead to said balances)

"We need a much stronger commitment to the underlying values of America," Clinton said, adding that the U.S. needs to follow the rule of law in setting its foreign policy.

-5 points for using meaningless message politics and not articulating a vision

her husband, former President Bill Clinton, was able to balance the budget while at the same time creating 22 million jobs. But
she said that fiscal responsibility
has been lost of late.

-1 point Hillary has never voted to restrain spending
-5 point for new mythology of clinton job creation
-1 point for ignoring clinton job losses in 2000

"Please tell us one thing you disagree with the president on," Clinton said to loud applause from the crowd.

-2 points for additional Bush Derangment syndrome

Al Gore Syndrome

After seeing it in John "I was in Vietnam" Kerry the disease is breaking out in Germany

Schroeder's insistence that he still represents Germany - the E.U.'s biggest member - means already low expectations for the meeting can be scaled back further.

In the end this has become an issue of ego. But the problem is when you run a parlimentary state breakdown of egos lead to break down of governments.

but here he gives another moment of chutzpah

Gearing up for the meeting, Schroeder fired a broadside at what he warned was the growing influence of both the European Commission - the bloc's executive - and the European Court.

"Nothing enrages citizens more than the suspicion of a creeping loss of sovereignty," said Schroeder in an essay published in the newspaper Die Zeit.

Like being represented by the guy they didn't re-elect

Kosovo Nuttiness

Wait wait wait.... The UN is now cutting up countries

Thats so sexy and unilateral.

The old Serbian government were really bad men. the US and UN stoked the fires of Serbian democrats to kick them out.

Now as a reward the country gets divided and they don't even get asked... no vote gets taken... no chance to re-evaluate soverignty and powersharing in the state.

We see here again the UN like many far-left Pink-Green-Red allies only care about their own opinion, and not that of their own "standards"

Which way is the Bar

Ulysses S. Grant
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powers of organization and administration made him the outstanding
Northern general. Grant, though, had no problem throwing away lives on
huge seiges of heavily defended positions. At times, Union casualties
under Grant were over double that of the Confederacy. However, Grant
was notably wise in supporting good commanders, especially Sheridan ,
William T. Sherman , and George H. Thomas. Made a full general in 1866,
he was the first U.S. citizen to hold that rank.

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Kofi Covers for Bashir and more Assadinity

I've let much of the byproduct hit the fan blades before I posted about the Hariri Probe.

The Sanitized UN version makes clear some very painfully truths for the UN
Dictatorships tend to kill people who disagree with them in an organized manner. But a little White out from Kofi Helps that out.

In the Arab World no one is buying what Bashir is selling

Prominent Arab commentators have ridiculed the Syrian media campaign that has tried to discredit the report, written by chief U.N. investigator Detlev Mehlis, as politicized, unfair and unprofessional.

Others have told Syria it will end up like Libya or Iraq -- countries that have been hurt by international sanctions -- if it doesn't cooperate with the international community.

"Clever politics are not run by editorials in the (Syrian) newspapers Tishrin and Al-Baath, but should be managed by minds that understand the world and realize that the world around Syria has changed a lot," said Ahmed al-Rubei, a former Kuwaiti legislator, in a column in the London-based Asharq al-Awsat newspaper.

I've heard various commentators speak of how Saddam spent money to influence editorial boards across the Middle East to be Pro-Saddam if not apathetic towards Saddam. He even duped CNN into helping present the image he wanted. It was very dictatorial the information control.

If this Hariri issue is the start of something in Lebanon, we may be seeing the begining of a more independent Arab media. I wonder if I was a broadcaster or reporter for Al-Jazeera seeing the mass graves Saddam buried under my silence... I would have to wonder how I could make it right with god, was I responsible for that evil.

I wonder if this isn't what is at play with Syria.

and who is trying to cover for Syria why other authoritarian regimes with seats on the security council.

China, Russia and Algeria are balking at the U.S. plan for a tough, immediate response, he said.

When dictatorships and strong foriegn buisness partners can block an issue in the security council, or raise a bogus issue in the General Assembly you see the failure of the UN system. As the Leauge of Nations failed for not having powerful states have a reason to stay, and not giving weaker states power in the process we now see that powerful states are voting their pocket book -not world security- and weaker states are protecting their own from the cause of justice.

We see Syria throwing out another staged protest and we see some of the worst elements of the international system, and some trends suggesting it may be over.

I think the Assads are culpible here. I think to that the UN wouldn't stand up against them because of the problems it would cause internally.

I think though the Arab world, and perhaps the Syrian people may follow the examples of Iraq and Lebanon and put the cause of liberty to removing this evil.

Cheney and Bush on torture.

When a amendment gets more votes then a "We love puppies" resolution in the Senate and gets a White House threat of a veto I call B-S.

Well in due time the B-S comes out to smell.

Cheney's proposal is drafted in such a way that the exemption from the rule barring ill treatment could require a presidential finding that "such operations are vital to the protection of the United States or its citizens from terrorist attack." But the precise applicability of this section is not clear, and none of those involved in last week's discussions would discuss it openly yesterday.

Ok. Here we have a problem which is so typical of the Bush administration

More executive power =better

ummmm NO guys.

Arlen Specter had it right on the money when the Gonzalez hearings came up.

Ticking time bomb, a terrorist attack is going to happen ( not a chatter is picking up situation a terrorist attack IS going to happen). A guy in custody keeping silent knows where the bomb is that will kill tens of thousands of people. You have less then 24 hours to find the bomb or people will die.

Or as Mr. Furious says on the Ballon Juice post about this (edited)

Stop being such a p#$$^, John.

Do you really want to tie Jack Bauer’s hands?

In a Jack Bauer situation and under the strict supervision of a Judge I'd have less issues with allowing the government that kind of liberty.

Yes we do lose a major propeganda point, but we've already been dumping people to torture friendly regimes that are friendly to us... So I'm not sure we'd be any worse off. If we had the process strictly monitored legally we'd be better off.

and If we clearly limit it with a connection of saving American lives from a serious strike we would at least return to some degree of honestly... the CIA has privately done this for many years in the past. And I'd not be surprised if they started up the old operations in 01

We need a Jack Bauer clause, but not a open liscense

Hugh Hewitt: $h!lling more on anti-anti-miers

Hugh has had HUGE Blog street cred. It really has saddened so many of us that Hugh a man who was a intellectual bright light in our world really hasn't been in the whole Miers debate.

Worse Hugh takes a turn by saying he is Anti-Anti-Miers. When I see that from Hugh it makes me think of something Dick Morris said. It talks about how Reagan, Bush , and Hillary all see the world in black and white terms. Dick however spelled out the difference; To Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush the enemey was never other Americans.

Hugh in embracing this very tired method to defend his indefensible position has done what Morris accused Hillary of doing making others the enemey.

Hugh is in Bold, people Hugh quotes are in Italics

Question: Well into his second term, mired in scandal and obvious unending lies and deepening crisis, did any senior Democrat turn on Bill Clinton? One year into his second term, and days after a huge and historically significant election in Iraq and a month after yet another unfair savaging at the hands of the MSM over Katrina, George Bush surveys his allegedly supportive pundits and the GOP Senate majority that he made, and he finds what?"

Lets first break down some elements. Here is Hugh's first question.

did any senior Democrat turn on Bill Clinton?
No they didn't Hugh. and there is a very easy reason to explain why. The Democrats knew that being pro-impeachment would be bad with their voters back home. Thats the simple part which defeats your entire argument. But If that isn't good enough I'll do you one better.

By 1996 the Democrats had just lost for the second time they were bitter. Much as the democrats were biter in 72. When the democrats were bitter in 72 they went after Nixon. Nixon handled the situation poorly which lead to good cause to try and impeach him. But the most important issue in the Watergate scandal was "get Nixon". in 96 on as the Clinton Scandals got deeper the major motivator for the Democrats was "Get Republicans." remember Larry Flynt pulling out all the stops?

So the impeachment wasn't popular, and they wanted to get republicans so they had to stand with Clinton.

With strong grassroots efforts against Miers and against uncontroled spending and other issues going on in the Bush White House the Senators then, just as the Senators in Clinton's time are responding to the will of the voter.

Hugh's second question I find far worse. When people accuse the pro-miers side of being members of a cult of presidential personality they mean thinking just like this

and the GOP Senate majority that he made, and he finds what?

Bush didn't make that GOP Majority. People worked through the late 60s,70s,80s, and 90s to build the farm team. People worked hard to change the issues from the liberal Johnson-Rockefeller school to a positivist rock ribbed individualst school.

Bush didn't make the Senate majority, Bush just picked the fruit off the tree. Which is why Bush should have put feelers out to the folks who helped to grow that tree. Had he just took a second to listen this very situation wouldn't have happened.

Being thoughtful, being reflective, and being humble.

Jim responded this morning:
Is the Democratic Party's steadfast refusal to hold Clinton accountable for anything really the role model that the GOP wants to emulate?...

Democrats stood shoulder-to-shoulder to defend perjury, suborning perjury, and reckless, obsessive behavior that should have made Al Gore president in 1998. (To think, he probably would have won in 2000 had he run as a sitting president out from Clinton's shadow, instead of as a vice president trying to prove his alpha-maleness and leadership.)

We're not those guys. And I don't think we ought to be swayed by arguments calling for us to be more like them.

Again by his two questions saying no one defected from Clinton, and Bush made that Senate Majority Hewitt was proposing the same group-think politics that the Democratic party has lived on as its bread and butter for ages.

Jim was dead on, and Hugh again betrays his own logical system here.

I did not call for the GOP to steadfastly defend the president and his nominee against obviously meritous charges of perjury, etc. I argued that the Democratic Party's example of absurd and wrong headed loyalty of a scandal-plagued Clinton contrasted sharply with many among the GOP's immediate turn on Bush/Miers even before the hearings, Thewhen Bush deserves political support from the very people he has aided, at a minimum until the hearings begin. GOP and allied pundits cold move a long way towards party loyalty and the sort of political maturity that enduring majority coalitions need without ever coming close to the line the Democrats crossed with Clinton, and that move would serve the party and their goals in the long run.

Now lets go to the meat of what Hewitt said here.

GOP and allied pundits cold move a long way towards party loyalty and the sort of political maturity that enduring majority coalitions need without ever coming close to the line the Democrats crossed with Clinton, and that move would serve the party and their goals in the long run

In short "My party right or wrong."

Hugh in this process the committee hearing isn't the start of the machinery it is the ending of the machinery. Various groups feed to the committee what they should look into and what they shouldn't look into.

Following Hugh's position we would not advocate the best canidate possible, and in stead be forced on -just- the White House's committee sales pitch.

We'd not be talking about the legitimate ethical issues
Crooked Land sale issues in texas.
The Texas Lottery Commission mess.
Her endorsement of Racial set asides as an executive of a government agency (the Bar Assosication -is- in Texas part of the government)
The Improper use of religion

If we followed the Hewitt example none of these issues would have come out, or worse the other party would have brought them out to attack us. We then would be like them, promoting in stealth a corrupt canidate to advance our ideology.

At its core Hugh is saying nothing less then we should become the Democrats of the 1990s.

Republicans are a party of ideas. And that means we fight, we fight for our ideas because we believe those ideas make this country better.

Since the 70s the ideas have left the Democratic party and as they lost their currency of ideas they became more "my party right or wrong" and more importantly began the trend of losing elections building up to the banner elections of 1994.

The Hewitt recipie is against the grain of Reagan and against the grain Bush sold himself on.
Against being a party of ideas and principle
Against being a party of a positive agenda of freedom for the individual

It just simply isn't conservative and it isn't Republican