Monday, August 11, 2008

What is this.. a Post?

Yes Larry has decided to post after a while. (and Wordpress and its Epic Fail is why I'm here.)

But the crisis in Georgia has given me a motive to post.

I have talked to people and said the future of the world was a rebirth of the pre-WWI era.

That new age has started today. If we let the Georgians die the war of the Sphere's of influences will occur.

The Level -1 Sphere of Influence of the US is now going to be challenged (and some times assisted) by some of these other Spheres of influence

Your Level 2's in China and Russia

your level 3 in Europe as the EU

Your level 4 with India, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Chile, Japan, France, U.K., and Australia

and your level 5 with countries like Cuba, Venezuala, Turkey, Egypt, and Iran

These sphere's of influence will start to spread out and form alliances and patterns of alliances in the world.

if Georgia falls because the US and the EU won't stand up it means states like Georgia will start to gather other major States with them to form alliances and divide the world.

We may not be lucky to have a new Central powers or alliance. It may be more fissures and divisions in the world.

I blame George W. Bush and Bill Clinton for this