Friday, December 31, 2004


More Debt, Less productive economy, lower stock market, more of a welfare state....

Yes.. clearly the euro should be stronger then the dollar

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Larry Predicts-2005

I am making the following predictions for this time 2005

  1. I will be at least 10 pounds lighter then my current weight as of 12-31-04
  2. I will end my 5 year cold streak on sexual intercourse
  3. I will be enrolled in the University of South Florida and attending classes full time
  4. I will (g-d willing) have a regular lady friend
  5. The "second term curse" event against george bush will come out some time during the later part of 2005. It will ( most likely) have to do with the Iraq war, but it could be a smoking gun on the "Draft Dodger" Charge.
  6. Senators Allen, Frist, Mccain, Hagel, and etc. Who are jockeying for the Presidential void being left by the lack of a clear successor for Bush will make the President's agenda slow down to a halt in the senate. -Intelligence reform, immigration reform, Tax reform, Social Security reform, etc will all be held hostage by a lack of a clear heir.-
  7. While VIolence in Iraq won't decrease much, they will pull off an election and a government with some sunni parties and the Shia unity ticket will form a National Unity styled government. This will be the "End of the Bad News" Period in Iraq. Unless you work for the main stream media
  8. Iran will continue to Shake down europe for Nuclear Black mail. But they will slow down their atomic bomb research enough that the US and Israel aren't forced to blow their stuff up.
  9. Osama will still be "At-Large"
  10. Kim Jung Il will be removed from office. A Military coup will oust him in an effort to actually get their country into the 14th century.
  11. Democrats will not do well in the wacky "2005" elections. A Washington Statesque scenario will go down in NJ. I don't predict the world will change radically by the election night in 2005, but the democrats won't be doing as well as they did in 1997 or 1993.
  12. I will be functionally literate in Arabic
  13. Powell will have a book that is Kissinger/Macnamaraesque about his DepState Tenture.
  14. Afghanistan will continue to have progress and no one will bother to report it
  15. Rudy and Hillary will have some advance slash and burn work done on them to keep them out of the 08 race.
  16. CBS will Stall the release of the rathergate report until (A) they name a replacement and (b) its time to run the "Dan Rather retrospective" stories. the report will be highly sanitized and No one with a major name in the Scandal (Rather, Moonvies, Mapes) will get more then a slap on the wrist
  17. Don Rumsfield will resign as soon as he has a face saving moment to resign, and the ability to spin it that he resigned on his time table.
  18. Bill O'Reilly will have more "Sex Scandals" come out of the works. and some form of Scandal Buzz will start around Sean Hannity.
  19. Michael Jackson's trial will not start until late in 2005, if not early in 2006. He will start to auction off the beatles catalog to pay for his mounting legal fee's and Sir. Paul gets his revenge
  20. Another Major Media scandal will break. This time it will hit an Organization at such a level it will be Dead to the audience.
  21. Blogs will become trendy and hip.. 2005 will be the year blogs both become mainstream and jump the shark amongst Nerds
  22. Howard Stern will not make Sirus the next big thing afterall.
  23. Bush will pick a safe replacement for the Chief Justice's seat.
  24. Alberto Will be the Ashcroft of confirmation hearings. Allot of Democrat sound and fury, and a largely bi-partisan vote of support.
  25. Michael Moore's next documentary (Sicko) will actually have very few fraudlent techniques used, softening his critics up for his next ( more political) Work
  26. The first federal court will award damages in a "Mcdonald's made me fat" lawsuit. It will be overturned but the harbinger of doom comes over fast food
  27. The First challenge to FDMA will come up. the Mormon church will get a hedge position ready just in case government makes gay marriage legal
  28. Pro-Wrestling will go even lower, until HHH gets caught cheating on his wife and is promptly fired by Vince. 2006 will be a come back year for the WWE
  29. Colts win the Superbowl.. Dungy showing no love to the eagles
  30. Hockey won't have their labor problems resolved
  31. Two airlines will go belly up, serious talk of Nationalizing the airline industry will come up.
  32. The Passion of The Christ and F9-11 will both get next to no oscar nominations.
  33. "Lame Duck President" articles will become the cause celeb amongst the main stream media
  34. a backlash will occur against all the Uber PC moves by the FCC.. things will go back to some semblance of normalicy in 2006
  35. A Major "Gay" celebrity will reveal he really isn't gay. that he claimed to be gay for marketing his career
  36. Bush will break out his first Veto
  37. Iranian civil disobedience will still get no media coverage
  38. Bush will begin to ignore more and more the crack down on demonstrators and christians in china.. the base will stay civil until the 06 elections. But the seeds for a "outsider" republican in 08 will be laid in in 05
  39. Kofi Annan will attempt to scuttle the Investigation of the Oil-For-food scandal and get caught. He will resign in disgrace. Both the US and China backed canidates will lose out to a as yet unknown dark horse reformer
  40. Tommy Lee will be diagnosed as HIV positive
  41. Pope John paul will some how live 365 more days
  42. Abbas wins the Palestinian elections, with Jimmy Carter's seal of approval but widespread voter intimidation and fraud recognized by every other observer. This will begin a civil war in the Palestinian Authority
  43. The Gaza disengagement will Kill Ariel Sharon politically, and force him to call for elections after it is completed
  44. Labor and Likud will both lose out in the new elections to a new party formed to "reform" the nation of israel
  45. the death toll when all is said and done from the Tsunami's, plauges, and destruction of the nations effected will reach 1 million
  46. In either Germany or Canada a Pro-American party will win control of the government
  47. The RNC Chairman will be (falsely) outed as gay
  48. Howard Dean will not become DNC chair
  49. The catholic church will stop the hemoraging over kiddy sex scandals
  50. And people will still complain that christmas is to commercialized like they have since the 19th century

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Song 3.4 = Yasna 37.4

The Best righteousness
We venerate, which is the sublimest,
The incremental, the eternal,
The luminous, all good.
(Haptanghaiti: Song 3.4 = Yasna 37.4)

It came from the email box

You know you're living in 2004 when...

1. You accidentally enter your password on the microwave.

2. You haven't played solitaire with real cards in years.

3. You have a list of 15 phone numbers to reach your family of 3.

4. You e-mail the person who works at the desk next to you.

5. Your reason for not staying in touch with friends and family is
they don't have e-mail addresses.

6. You go home after a long day at work you still answer the phone in
business manner.

7. You make phone calls from home, you accidentally dial "9" to get an
outside line.

8. You've sat at the same desk for four years and worked for three
different companies.

10. You learn about your redundancy on the 11 o'clock news.

11. Your boss doesn't have the ability to do your job.

12. You pull up in your own driveway and use your cell phone to see if
anyone is home.

13. Every commercial on television! h! ! as a website at the bottom
of the

14. Leaving the house without your cell phone, which you didn't have
first 20 or 30 (or 60) years of your life, is now a cause for panic
you turn around to go and get it.

15. You get up in the morning and go online before getting your

16. You start tilting your head sideways to smile. :)

17. You're reading this and nodding and laughing.

18. Even worse, you know exactly to whom you are going to forward this

19. You are too busy to notice there was no #9 on this list.

20. You actually scrolled back up to check that there wasn't a #9 on
this list.

AND NOW U R LAUGHING at yourself.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Friday, December 03, 2004

Wow MSN spaces is like idiot proof

I may move over there

(Haptanghaiti: Song 3.1 = Yasna 37.1)

Truly, we venerate
The Lord Wise, Who created the living world,
And righteousness, the waters, the plants,
Created the goodly lights
The land and all that is good.
(Haptanghaiti: Song 3.1 = Yasna 37.1)

I am shocked

According to records reviewed by The Post, Kojo Annan, while working for the Cotecna firm, enjoyed extraordinary access to U.N. diplomats and other international dignitaries because of his father's position Kofi Annan had claimed earlier this week that he did not know the full extent of his son's dealings with Cotecna. But the documents indicate that the son of the U.N. secretary-general was clearly trading on his father's name to win business for Cotecna, where he worked from 1995 to 1998.

corruption... at the UN?

Clenched fist salute

F*** Yeah

F*** Yeah

thanks to

Andrew Sullivan

Thursday, December 02, 2004

George Bush Suxxorz

Now i would like to list some things about our current president which suxxor, so later when some one see's my website they will know i am against all manner of people of all political stripes

  1. Run Up to the Iraq War: Or "Lets get the people who will never agree with us to agree with us." yes the french promised George if he went to the UN and worked with the process it would all be allright. that was a dumb thought and whomever told him that Donald Trump should fire. And oh yeah
  2. Let the french do whatever they want: Ok, the french haven't gone as far as the germans -they haven't agreed to forgive the debts from saddam's war machine- so why exactlly are we letting the french gun down innocent civilians in the streets of Abdijan?
  3. The Arab-Israeli peace process. Hey we need to make the nice folks who run the oil countries to be all happy, i can dig that right george. But we have had since your father, perhaps the most Anti-Israel president in our nation's history, had a policy of not forcefully challenging the rest of the world's bogus assertions about Israel. Some one needs to take the lead in explaining Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semetism
  4. The Budget: sorry george, that wasn't all economic stimulus. You wanted to keep all your Members of congress on the plantation and happy so you let them drink real deep from the well. Admit it and start fixing what you broke
  5. Social Security: I am sure once you sat down and you knew the whole lock box thing was a joke you could have made some noise, you know tried to rally the American people to save their elders... oh right you saved that for your reelection
  6. Ashcroft: I don't care if it was a payoff to the religous right. He never should have been attorney general
  7. Department of Homeland Security: never should have been created
  8. TSA: really horrid idea. lets take underpaid and undertrained private employees and make them overpaid and undertrained employees
  9. Amnesty for Illegals: You can call it something else george, but we all know what it is.
  10. Not having your daughters do the all important swing voter community of "girls gone wild" fans

Bill O'reilly is smearing me with unfair free speech

i DEMAND he be silenced

seriously folks.. i can't make a joke worse then this collum made of O'reilly

I darn you to heck

the folks at T-Shirt H#LL have had another moronic attempt with the "hip and cool" mainstream

We created a really tongue in cheek attack on corporate America. Don't take my word for it, you can read it yourself below. We didn't use any harsh language, we didn't name any names. No one was going to get sued over it, no child was going to be damaged by reading it. Check it out:

We turned it in on the day it was due, and then I called our buddy in the advertising department. He told me he loved the colors we had chosen. He said his boss was standing next to him and there was no problem with the ad. So I hung up and went back to work (I mean...went back to jerking off to Golden Girl reruns...because what else do I REALLY do?).

but this is not the worst part of the story

Umm... did we just win?

In dramatic language, the new brief lays out what it sees at stake in Hamdan's case. "It is important to the international legal order that the United States exemplify, even when faced with the threat of international terrorism, the highest standards of public international law and human rights law...It undermines the political and moral authority of the United States, and damages the rule of law in a troubled world, if the United States, contrary to its long tradition, fails to uphold the standards that it has been so instrumental in creating."

The Europeans argue that the Court should not await a ruling by the D.C. Circuit before acting itself. "This is not a case in which the legal issues would benefit from the process of 'percolating' through the Court of Appeals; further controversy is the last thing that is needed at this stage. Rather, what is needed is an authoritative determination of whether the military commission process that the Executive Branch has sought to implement at Guantanamo complies with the law, international and domestic, by which the Executive is bound....[America's] allies in the war on terror are deeply concerned with the prompt resolution of the questions that have arisen about the legitmacy of the military commission system and its compliance with law."

yeah we are a rouge nation allrighty

yeah lets see why do we have the UN if we are so goshed darned important?

Those Coloreds Just aint responsible enough to vote

While not what he said Fmr CIA director Tenet showed his brilliance with a similarly minded thought process
The way the Internet was built might be part of the problem, he said. Its open architecture allows Web surfing, but that openness makes the system vulnerable, Mr. Tenet said.
Access to networks like the World Wide Web might need to be limited to those who can show they take security seriously, he said.
Mr. Tenet called for industry to lead the way by "establishing and enforcing" security standards. Products need to be delivered to government and private-sector customers "with a new level of security and risk management already built in."

but what showed that he was truely a moron was the following

He said known adversaries, including "intelligence services, military organizations and non-state actors," are researching information attacks against the United States. ..... It is "undoubtedly mapping vulnerabilities and weaknesses in our telecommunications networks," he said.

you mean like multiple american student's who did doctoral work on the subject and then, the CIA, had their work classified

oh wait i am sorry classifying something means you ignore it and don't try to use what it shows you

More proof of the Technical Savy of the Paul Revere society

This message could not be delivered to the following recipients:

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Status: 5.2.2

George W. Bush aint no conservative

And John Kerry aint no liberal. The Michael Savage rant on today's Savage nation has now inspired me to talk about something that has been frothing my Latte for a while.

Conservative V Liberal is a phoney dicathomy. In the "real world" not all problems are yes/no answers. very few problems are. Now people can create a problem solving philosphy which they can attempt to apply to the problems but in the real world we discover you don't make a one sized fits all answer.. you tinker till you make the solution for the problem in question.

Democrats are not a Liberal party, and if the last 4 years have shown us the republicans are far from conservative. While we could try to make some kind of political compas test it would fail because it would require one sized fits all questions to be even possible.

The republicans are a party drink. throw in some libertarianism and constitutionalism, mix them up with a heaping helping of patriotism and traditional moral values. Thats the modern republican party.

the democrats are like a suicide fountain cola. one you get when you mix all the soda's, throw in some ice tea and syrup, and use the slurpy for ice. Sugarry sweet and sugar isn't bad for you ( is it?)

so lets not use good v evil or Left v right... both are phoney

(Note i still believe in evil ;-) i just think good v evil is to simplified an explination)

Post Proof or retract Doctor Savage

RECENTLY the only blogs that have attacked you are lefty looney tune blogs

so i'd like to see the blogger who savaged you

Michael Savage: What a tool

I was listening to Michael Savage and I felt the experience was truly Sureal. He opened up the show with an attack on an unnamed blogger, now as I search through the top rated conservative bloggers this means Doc Savage or some underling of his googles the Savage Nation or the name Michael Savage to find out what people are saying about him.

Now, as my blog suffers from really low traffic I will use this narcissism to my personal benefit and hopefully the good doctor will insult me on his show and allow me to come on so I can plug my site.

Now its not bad enough that Michael Savage is about as "connected" on the blogger thing as Dan Rather, that can be forgivable, but his taking a blogger as an administration plant sounded like nothing more then the paranoid rant of an old man complaining about the "damned kids on the grass."

Talking about the first trade deficit in agriculture since 1959 might be a story, if you don't factor in several glut years ( when farmers had more product then they could sell) and a year that nearly destroyed agriculture in Florida ( a big ag state) these both with further data could have presented a more informed picture. But Michael you took the low road less ag=Mexican ag. Now, had you presented a better picture of the events, telling the story and weaving the news as you artfully do it would have been a good broadcast.

Talking about why 30 year olds are getting married and not 20 year olds. You know Dr. Savage 30 year olds tend to stay together when they marry vs. 20 somethings. Maybe the generation which was the first to grow up in a monumental scale in broken homes might not want to "F*** it up" like our parents did. But you instead had to attack the failing culture, the dying culture, of western America.

You attacked the President on why the elections on January 30th, while it is right to be a gadfly, you should be a gadfly that knows what he is talking about. Germany largely had a compatilbe culture to our own. Japan had a culture that tended to fall into line with a dominant force.... You always quote the 2 occupations that worked well mike.... The thing is the Us government did a lot more then two occupations.

In the early days of the 20th century we occupied much of central America and the islands, and you know the only thing that really lasted from that experience was baseball... And resentment from years of occupation in cultures that were not compatible with an American occupation.

You are a student of history Michael, but the truth is your not digging far enough down. You could blame this on the lack of reading of your audience, you could base it on some vague intellectual bias that is born from your academic past. But that would be a lie, the truth is Michael Savage you don't do enough of your homework because you only look for the facts that justify your positions. And you handle your callers in such a way that you eject them before you hear another side.

I'd say these things on your show through the call-in line but in addition to having the single rudest phone screener ever, you have that very gruff new York presentation that makes you a interesting figure to listen to.

If you want to "get" the blogger community and exist as a "cutting edge" media figure you want to be allot of us in the blogsphere like your product. Getting some one who can explain blogs to you, and who can make a halfway decent website would take you many miles in your online presence

Your A game has slipped since you fell off of television, in your most recent show ( from the very day I am posting this) your showing just how far you have fallen.

If you want to see another ten years in radio you better shape up