Thursday, October 14, 2004

Today i did my first trackback


More Things John Kerry Didn't get from Tony S

Some one i respect in the Blog world made a few errors here in Judgement so

Let me first show Why Johnny K should have listened to Tony S

#1 You Don't go after family Ever. thats an old rule of mafia honor. Now, i know what your saying Did John Kerry go after Dick Cheney's family? Did John Edwards? the answer is yes.

Have the Bush folks sold "Gay people are evil" in their campaign?
Have they said Gay people shouldn't have rights or privilleges
they are playing the "radical court" card for the FMA.

John Kerry bringing up Cheney's daught was an attack on the Ethos of George Bush and Dick Cheney.

George Bush and Dick Cheney believe in one rule for them, and one for you.

John was using Dick Cheney's daughter as a trout to slap the republicans with.

Dick Cheney and his wife have delt with their daughter and her lifestyle in a way they feel is appropriate. They don't pull an alan keyes and attack that which is within their own home.

That was why it was a low blow, Bush didn't make Gay stuff a big issue -Kerry did-.

the FMA isn't about gay people ( though it effects them) it's about the Stench from the bench.

Thats why it was out of line, Kerry could attack that it was really discriminatory, but to say their is a double standard for Bush is wrong.

Bush could make an Issue of Kerry's wife being a class A moonbat
Bush could make an Issue of how Kerry drove his first wife into a Mental Vacility

Bush, like Tony S knows that you don't go after familu

#2 Answer the question, In the mafia world when you end up infront of a judge and jury you have to answer questions correctly. If you give to much information you may screw some one else up on the stand. You may give the feds (or the state) more ammo to attack you with. Answer the question, or plead the 5th

This is the second reason the Cheney crack was wrong, it didn't answer the question. and it made him look like a Jerk.

he could have used another antecdote to crack on Bush about it, he didn't have to take that road.

Now, off the Tony S thing to the point of Gay stuff being in play

The genetics argument hasn't been proven scientifically, worse if it does then it asks all sorts of questions which make our sexuality, whom we love and are attracted to meaningless.

People have the wrong idea about choice, here are some examples

An addict does choose to feed that hunger, but he has chemical impulses driving him. He has feelings he is running away from, he has alot of other really complex social and mental forces at play in that choice.

an addict choosing his vice, is different then me choosing pepsi or Diet Pepsi. I like both, they are essentially the same, and i am not out any money.

Example #2- If I was taught that all black people are subhuman, but i still freely make these choices. But my very view of the world was shapped by a negative formative experience and thus how i think makes that the only possible outcome.

But it would still in this scenario be my choice.

Example #3- as a child the smell of honey becomes assosiated with honey, and thus has a positive correlation in my mind. Now, when i go out to buy products ( or choose people) in my mind the smell of honey will assosiate that item or person with positive endorphins

but, i still choose

Choice is not all "Do i wear the Blue shirt or the Light blue shirt" today.

Choice depends on how your head is wired.

now does that make Homosexuality an addiction or an Illness?

Not all the time, but that may be the case.

Does that make homosexuality something that was learned about in a way that restructured how i think?

Maybe, but not always

the answer is, the genetic answer is to pat and scientifically in error.

Perhaps the worst of the things John Kerry did in bringing this up was rehash that myth

Project rate the debate.............FAILED

John Kerry and George Bush are so bad as to be outside my ability to rate them

After seeing how the media based the debate ratings on bogus polling ( ahifting the demographics around) i no longer care about how people see the debates

I feel Ill

I am not a happy camper,

this election has depressed me a great deal. But i did not let it get to me emotionally.

I used emotional reasons to make descions in this election, but i did not let the election get
under my skin.

That has all changes, and i weep at this. I weep for my country that one political party has at
a national level done this dispicable thing.

In my lifetime i have voted for the canidate i felt best represented me, or the values i hold

While i believe that this other parties ideas were, while wrong, motivated out of a real sense
of whats best for this country.

I now feel, it is clear, that those in the driver's seat of this party are not at all motivated
by a real sense of the countries best intrest.

We have entered a political age, in both national and international politics are dominated by
self intrest. I can accept that, its normal and healthy. But now Self intrest is trumping
National intrest, and national reputation -this i cannot tolerate-.

The election observers in and of themselves bothered me at first, their trying to stir up the stolen
election canard. But after looking at the fact these people have observed elections in the past that
were controversial, to look at how they could make changes in their own systems, i was comfortable
with it.

"Remember Palm Beach county, remember florida 2000" i could tolerate, as it was normal
election hyperbole.

"Bush has a secret plan to disenfranchise black voters." I could tolerate because the democratic
party has made these baseless charges in the past.

But these things combined with the most recent act of irresponsible political actions has made me
sick in my stomach, it has made me weep in my heart for the future of our democracy.

John Kerry, a man who was formatively marked as an enemey of President Nixon, now stands as an even
more Nixonian figure then Al Gore.

Gore at least let the assumption the process would be fair happen, even though folks already had Florida
was stolen in the works.

John Kerry has through the DNC taken our electoral process and done what even Nixon would not do
said "John Kerry is more important then the process."

Dirty tricks happen, i accept that because i am a grown up. But in destroying the process as these
steps begin to do, John Kerry now has made things worse.

This, much as the florida lawsuits have now gone on everywhere, will become the norm. Not just for
Presidential elections but for all elections.

Politicians will have to raise greater sums of money, and spend less time doing the Public's buisness.

As these attrocities grow the divide between political parties will grow wider.

We will become more like europe in that regard, our politics will become corse and monolithic.
People will cross party lines less and less, and real ideas will no longer be discussed.

Thats the road these actions seek to take us on.

When taken in reflection with his past, a man who used false testimony to attack a war. a man who
collaberated with enemey agents in a foriegn country as a tool of their propeganda, we see now
why these tales are relevent. John Kerry has not been intrested in the good of anyone but himself.

The war in Vietnam was going to go down, John Kerry alone was not what killed it. But i fear in my
heart that John Kerry and the shortsightedness of his campaign may put the fatal wound on our republic

Friday, October 01, 2004

Well thinking on the drive home.....

No, i am going to make my own Scale for measuring the "Bush/Kerry" styled "Debates"

Because All Politics is Local

The Official Larry Bernard choices off the Sarasota County Sample Ballot

Seen here

President/Vice President
George W. Bush/Dick Cheney

United States Senator
Mel "I didn't Bring Terrorists to Tampa" Martinez

US House-District 13
Jan "Not Katherine Harris" Schneider

State Senate-23rd District
Charles Manhart-Because the democrats were to chicken to nominate some one and i am still a small l libertarian-

State House District 69
William "Bill" Van Allen Jr. -Libertarian, Guy i know personally, and the democrats were wusses here to-

County Commissioner District 5
Write In -Larry Bernard- I mean why not, no one else had the stones to run

Hospital Board at large seat district 3
Jim Toale: Because his family owns a funeral home, and i work for the Hospital Board ( indirectly) and i think they need an Undertaker

State Supreme Court Justice Bell

State Supreme Court Justice Cantero III

District Court Judge Canady

District Court Judge Kelly

District Court Judge Northcutt

District Court Judge Villanti

District Court Judge Wallace

12th Circuit Court
Susan Chapman, not related to our corrupt States Atty

State Constitutional Amendment 1-Parental Consent for Abortions
No-Right to privacy used to be sacrostant in florida law, lets keep it that way

Amendment 2-Setting a reasonable time to put forward these amendments

Amendment 3-Limiting contengiency Lawsuits
No-Because i might actually want to be able to sue some one some day in florida for a medical snafu

Amendment 4-Slot machines in Miami/Dade Paramutuals
Yes-More gambling

Amendment 5-Florida Minimum Wage
NO-Minimum Wage kills jobs

Amendment 6-"You really didn't want that high speed rail did you?"
No-Its a boondogle, but thats because the state screwed it up. That doesn't mean we should undo a good idea-

Amendment 7-Patients right to know about adverse medical incidents
Yes-we need more exposure of this crap-

Amendment 8-Malpractice three strikes, and your out of a job


About Me: Pulling a John Kerry on the Internet

I have joked about living on the Internet, but its time for me to relocate into the real world.

By living on the internet i mean i am going to curtail my favorite source of email on the net "" and reduce its inflow substantially.

I am in alot of Yahoogroups based on a desire i once held to get a kajillion emails, these groups all held some relveancy for me but they are now things i make vauge motions at being in because i am still holding on to some element of my past i have put away.

Thats going to change.

Between now and my first day of classes at USF ( tenatively schedualed for August of 05) i will start a program of phasing out my Yahoo Groups usage.

More on this as it develops

About Me: Remember when i didn't poli-blog as much

Yeah, i burned out on actively Blogging because of the situation with this presidential election and events in my real life. It was all very draining on me.

So, I am going to try and blog some other stuff to in here

Ok Peeps out there in Blog Land

I am seeing alot of folks say Kerry Won the Debate on points,

Well, I have 4 years of High School Speech and debate experience that say different.

Tonight i will take the Official Transcript and show why Kerry didn't win on points

Caveat #1: It is truely impossible to translate the abortion of a shamockery into a classical debate that can be judged, this will be an approximation which chall include some of my Biases as a speaker

Caveat #2: Your going to be seeing Kerry and Bush judged on two different debating scales. Kerry flipped into and out of "Lincoln-Douglas" style debating and "Traditional" Style debating. As Kerry Flips, so flips the judging standard. Bush stayed in a more Lincoln-Douglasy Style

Caveat #3: I will be mocking both canidates for their bad choices as well

Answering a Challenge

First of all, i could link to a bunch of sites that provide evidence of my assertions on the state of Iraq but thats not really what the challenge asks for so................

roll that bean footage

First, assuming that you were in favor of the invasion of Iraq at the time of the invasion, do you believe today that the invasion of Iraq was a good idea? Why/why not?

I believe that people no longer suffering under a genocidal regime is a good thing. I believe the prospect of an Iraqi democracy is a very good thing ( which is why some evidence suggests governments in the region are trying to subvert it)

Now, should we go in willy-nilly toppling governments no.

Repressive regimes, who kill their citizens in brutal ways, who are in areas that are of strategic importance to the US, and whom a removal method is the most effective way to solve the problem fit the bill

Under that standard i would support action in; Syria, North Korea, Iran, Zimbabwe, Cuba, and Venezuala to name a few places.

Second, what reaction do you have to the not-very-upbeat news coming of Iraq these days, such as the stories I link to above?

I look at Iraqi Blogs, I look at military blogs, i talk to people i know who have gone over there, i read the government's side and i percolate that information

Its not as bad as they say on CNN, but its not as good as the US is selling.

If we give Iraq a body count, or a financial cost that will make us cash in our chips the bad guys will make it happen.

I think the people who lost loved ones will feel a little better as the years pile on in this operation.

Third, what specific criteria do you recommend that we should use over the coming months and years to measure whether the Iraq invasion has been a success?

6 Months from Now:

Have we had elections?
Has violence decreased in the 6 months as it has in the previous 6 months ( thats right according to the stats we have had less attacks in September)?
Have we rebuilt at least 75% of the needed infrustructure for Iraq to function

1 Year:
Has the Iraqi government been able to function on its own?
Has violence decreased by at least 25% from a year ago, to hopefully 1/3rd?
Have we completed the infrustructure repairs needed?

5 years:
Has the Iraqi political system started evolving as political systems need to?
Has violence decreased to less then what the average israeli has to deal with?
Has an Iraqi private sector developed?
Is the Iraqi Millitary and Police in place doing some of the security work?

at this point i could see a partial withdrawl working

10 years:
Has the Iraqi political system had a good decade?
Do the democratic Iraqi's run the place?
Has Iraq been able to handle neighborhood issues by themselves?

at this point we can reduce to germany cold war levels in Iraq