Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Painfully Funny moments on You Tube

I am sadly depressed because this whole thing makes sense to me

Johnny Mac does it again

If you don't think the way Johnny Mac wants you to think he won't show up..... unless you keep the press away.

Bilbray's campaign spokesman, Steve Danon, said he got the first call from McCain on Monday to talk about the political climate surrounding immigration. As calls went back and forth, Danon said he told the McCain staff that immigration was the hot issue in the district. McCain's staff later asked Danon to consider excluding press from the fundraiser. After Bilbray refused to rescind press invitations, McCain canceled late yesterday morning, Danon said.

Yes John McCain who made it harder for people to speak out with their own money doesn't want to be held accountable for his political choices to the little people through the media again.

But why should we worry if a presidential canidate loathes free speech?

For those

Who call this a Spanish Version of the Star Spangled banner let me take a moment to mock you.

First English

O say, can you see, by the dawn's early light,
What so proudly we hail'd at the twilight's last gleaming?
Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro' the perilous fight,
O'er the ramparts we watch'd, were so gallantly streaming?
And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof thro' the night that our flag was still there.
O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Spanish in Babel Fish

¿Opinión de O, puede usted ver, por la luz temprana del amanecer, qué tan orgulloso nosotros hail'd en destellar pasado del crepúsculo? ¿De quién amplias rayas y estrellas brillantes, thro ' la lucha peligrosa, O'er los terraplenes watch'd, tan galantemente fluíamos? Y el fulgor rojo de los cohetes, las bombas que estallaban en aire, dio a thro de la prueba ' la noche que nuestra bandera todavía estaba allí. ¿Opinión de O, esa bandera estrella-star-spangled todavía agita O'er la tierra del libre y el hogar del valiente?

The "Version" Also in spanish

Verso 1

Amanece, lo veis?, a la luz de la aurora?

lo que tanto aclamamos la noche al caer?

sus estrellas sus franjas

flotaban ayer

en el fiero combate

en señal de victoria,

fulgor de lucha, al paso de la libertad.

Por la noche decían:

"Se va defendiendo!"

The babel fish spanish version back into english

Opinion of Or, can you see, by the early light of the dawn, what so proud we hail'd in flashing last of the twilight? Of whom ample rays and shining stars, thro ' the dangerous fight, Óer the embankments watch'd, so galantemente we flowed? And the red fulgor of the rockets, the pumps that exploded in air, gave thro of the test ' the night that our flag still was there. Opinion of Or, that flag still stars-star-spangled shakes Óer the Earth of free and the home of the brave one?

the Version's English translation

Verse 1

It's sunrise. Do you see by the light of the dawn

What we proudly hailed last nightfall?

Its stars, its stripes

yesterday streamed

above fierce combat

a symbol of victory

the glory of battle, the march toward liberty.

Throughout the night, they proclaimed: "We will defend it!"

So folks it is not a Spanish version of the Star Spangled Banner by any form of imagination

Mushmouths and Milktoasts Unite

Because a Hard Core Democrat has started an organization just for you.

Now lets take a look at some of the political animals listed on their founders council...

Nicco Mele, Washington, DC. Internet strategist and webmaster for Dean 2004, founder consulting services.
Hamilton Jordan, Atlanta, Georgia. Carter White House Chief of Staff, writer, investor; focused on for-profit and non-profit start-ups; most importantly, father of three.
Tom Stroock, Casper, Wyoming. Former GOP State Chairman, State Senator for 17 years, U.S. Ambassador to Guatemala (1989-93).
Gerald Rafshoon, Washington, DC. Former media advisor and White House communications director, film and television producer, father, grandfather.
Angus King, Brunswick, Maine. Former two-term independent Governor of Maine, teacher, businessman, attorney, father.

So a Dean machiner, 2 Carter Admin alumni, a Wyoming Party guy for the republicans and a guy who seems to have been as near as I can tell a political fence sitting independent.

This hardly seems Suspect at all

and we also should point out that Hamilton Jordan backed Perot in 92 which many folks view as a spoiler to target the republican party.

Now on to what these good folks believe in.

Unity08 divides issues facing the country into two categories: Crucial Issues – on which America’s future safety and welfare depend; and Important Issues – which, while vital to some, will not, in our judgment, determine the fate or future of the United States.

In our opinion, Crucial Issues include: Global terrorism, our national debt, our dependence on foreign oil, the emergence of India and China as strategic competitors and/or allies, nuclear proliferation, global climate change, the corruption of Washington’s lobbying system, the education of our young, the health care of all, and the disappearance of the American Dream for so many of our people.

By contrast, we consider gun control, abortion and gay marriage important issues, worthy of debate and discussion in a free society, but not issues that should dominate or even crowd our national agenda.

In our opinion – since the disintegration of the Soviet Union – our political system seems to have focused more attention on the “important issues” than the “crucial issues.” One result: The political parties have been built to address the interests of their “base” but have failed to address the realities that impact most Americans.

so an organization full of known democrat operatives at the top levels, and with a position that they should take a position is wanting to run a One Democrat/One Republican ticket



Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Da Popa talk continues

Dean is going off on the Pope again and I have to take the other side of the argument (sort of)

as hellbent on persecuting Jews or converting them by force. Now he says an assault on the Jews is a direct assault on his own church, effectively throwing Jews under their direct protection--and you're mad about that?

While I don't agree with Eric on the whole of his arguments let me then say to you the following.

A church that in much of occupied Europe aided and abetted the Nazi rise to power, in much of Europe it saw its own flocks and coffers grow fatter from the new state presented by the Nazi's. A Church whose upper level leadership viewed the preservation of the church as a greater good then the preservation of those who suffered under Nazi persecution, how can this pope speak to the Church's protection when instead of speaking to the unchristian charecter in the hearts of many catholics of his own generation, he speaks of a criminal cabal who forced its black vision on the nation.

A pope who says "god why did you allow this to happen" instead of a pope saying " I swear oh lord, I will seek and I will guide the souls of every catholic to the mercy and justice you preached to so this never happened again." how can you trust the words of that pope to protect the Jewish people.

A pope who ignores the fact the catholic church in poland and other states set the seeds into the fields to call for the death of the Jewish people. Many of those same writers were read by and inspired Adolph Hitler. His crying out to god does ring hollow. He was a pope who wore the broken cross, he was a pope who suffered under the broken cross and who lived in that germany. He had a unique position to say "we failed you lord" and he failed to take it.

Some are of the philosophical bent that an economic and social system based on lies will wind up making false promises it cannot possibly sustain--like the vision of the great, glorious, perfect third reich united in socialism and corporatism under the all-beneficent state that would cleanse all ugliness and badness (read: Jews and other undesirables) from our midsts.

your using an attack on utopianism of the Nazi's as a false doctrine in defense of a church that teaches in its own faith a utopian doctrine that speaks to a New Jerusalem born from the purging and the war of those who sin. Dean the same values and teachings of the church can be found in a new form in the teaching of the Nazi's.... this is why it worked, and why it was able to snake its way into the hearts of so many in the world.

And how could you ever expect the patron of a church not to take special notice of members of his own flock, a Roman Catholic who was made a saint because she sacrificed her life to save Jews? He's not to take special notice of her memorial thats there? You're going to get mad at him for this?

Dean you need to learn a lot about Poland and about the Fact the Catholic church has taken this black spot and made it into a holy place

Jewish protests against Christian symbols were increasing in 1998, and there was a new demand that the Catholic Church in the former SS administration building at Birkenau be removed because it is not appropriate at the place where over a million Jews perished in the gas chambers......
It was only after the fall of Communism in 1989 that the genocide of the Jews was even mentioned on the monument in the former Birkenau camp. Before 1989, few people from outside Poland had ever seen Auschwitz-Birkenau, but there were actually more visitors during the Communist regime than there were in 1998 because all Polish citizens were encouraged to go on group tours of the camp and most of these visitors were Catholic. In 1998, the largest group of visitors were the Polish Catholic high school students who were fulfilling an educational requirement to visit Auschwitz where so many of their Catholic grandfathers suffered and died bravely during the Polish resistance to the Nazi occupation.......
For the Polish people, who are 98% Catholic, Auschwitz-Birkenau is the place where not one, but two, of their Catholic saints died as martyrs. Both Father Maksymilian Kolbe, a Catholic priest, and a Carmelite nun named Edith Stein met their deaths at Auschwitz-Birkenau and have been canonized as Catholic saints. The prison cell in Block 11 at the Auschwitz main camp, which was occupied by Father Kolbe who volunteered to die to save the life of a fellow prisoner, is a prominent Catholic shrine. In 1998, the controversial crosses were placed in front of the side wall of the Block 11 building, where Father Kolbe was imprisoned in a "starvation cell."
Edith Stein was born a Jew and was an atheist, but converted to the Catholic religion and became a Carmelite nun under the name of Sister Benedicta of the Cross. Because she was a Jewess, she was gassed in the gas chamber in the little cottage known as Bunker 2 at Birkenau on August 9, 1942; she was canonized a saint in the Catholic Church in October 1998.....
On June 7, 1979, Cardinal Wojtyla came back to Poland, as Pope John Paul II, and honored the country of his birth by saying Mass at the former Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz II or Birkenau. Birkenau was chosen because it is the closest place to the Pope's home town that was large enough to hold the crowd of 500,000 people who attended this unique event in the history of Catholic Poland.

So first the saint he mentioned did not die because she helped jews, she died because she was to the Nazi world view a Jew
Secondly Pope John Paul choose to make a mass at the camp where most of the Jews in Poland were killed.

The Church has been pushing its ideological footprint on the largest Jewish mass grave in the world Dean, so by the pope honoring by name one of his own it is continuing a long process which has been wrestled with by Catholic and Jewish leaders and has invoked fights of Polish Nationalism as well over the nature of the place that stands as a scar to human suffering. So -YES- their is a point to the offense.

I also think you ignore a very important critique Eric makes of Hitlers actions (and the actions of others like him in Germany)

The first part of this claim is deeply contestable; religious antisemitism had a long European history, but the form of antisemitism that culminated in the Final Solution was grounded at least as much in early-20th-century racial "science" as it was in religious hatred. Martin Luther's antisemitism may have been essentially theological, but Adolf Hitler hated Jews not so much because they were adherents of a hated religion as because they were members of an enemy and inferior race.

While Eugenic Anti-Semetic thought hitler created was rather virulant it was a scientific justification for a theological Jew hatred that Christians in much of europe practiced with enthusiasm. He did not say "They killed Jesus" he said "They bring sickness, disease, infermity, and moral weakness" the difference is striking and when taken by the pope as an assault on Christianity makes the pope simply look foolish.

Dean your defense of the pope I guess is admirable, but it shows a lack of knowledge of the land he picked to make his speech, and what the Catholic Church has been doing there.

Well my thoughts on the pope inspired....

Turned into a good turn of the word over at Dean's world and Dean missed my point... and some one in his comment section showed more of the speech which (to my mind) makes the point further.

I had to come. It is a duty before the truth and the just due of all who suffered here, a duty before God, for me to come here as the successor of Pope John Paul II and as a son of the German people -- a son of that people over which a ring of criminals rose to power by false promises of future greatness and the recovery of the nation's honor, prominence and prosperity, but also through terror and intimidation, with the result that our people was used and abused as an instrument of their thirst for destruction and power.

again the problem here is the continued implication of the power of the Nazi party. The party didn't hold some unchristian power, the party appealed to a black spot in the hearts of millions. And it was that black desire, not the terror which brought down the long knives and guns upon the victims of the shoah.

We cannot peer into God's mysterious plan -- we see only piecemeal, and we would be wrong to set ourselves up as judges of God and history. Then we would not be defending man, but only contributing to his downfall. No -- when all is said and done, we must continue to cry out humbly yet insistently to God: Rouse yourself! Do not forget mankind, your creature!

But again, did not god give you free will, did not god come down in the flesh to teach you by his example.

by turning those words to god you ignore where man fell off the godly path.

now at the tail end of the speech we sort of see that... but for the first 60% of the speech we don't.... and the tail is hardly a tail in a real sense

And our cry to God must also be a cry that pierces our very heart, a cry that awakens within us God's hidden presence -- so that his power, the power he has planted in our hearts, will not be buried or choked within us by the mire of selfishness, pusillanimity, indifference or opportunism.

Let us cry out to God, with all our hearts, at the present hour, when new misfortunes befall us, when all the forces of darkness seem to issue anew from human hearts: whether it is the abuse of God's name as a means of justifying senseless violence against innocent persons, or the cynicism which refuses to acknowledge God and ridicules faith in him.

Here is the problem with that. The Nazi's appealed to the divine spark, as do all great men of evil. So in the end the word of god should be clear, the life of christ should be clear. God has shown you the way and so even if you cannot find the light of god within, god has laid the path clear to you without... so then you make the choice to ignore god, not that god is hidden from you. And that are what great incidents of human horror should truely teach us. Is not the evil of men, but that men know what they do is evil, and choose the evil, so very often.

Deep down, those vicious criminals, by wiping out this people, wanted to kill the God who called Abraham, who spoke on Sinai and laid down principles to serve as a guide for mankind, principles that are eternally valid. If this people, by its very existence, was a witness to the God who spoke to humanity and took us to himself, then that God finally had to die and power had to belong to man alone -- to those men, who thought that by force they had made themselves masters of the world. By destroying Israel, they ultimately wanted to tear up the taproot of the Christian faith and to replace it with a faith of their own invention: faith in the rule of man, the rule of the powerful.

Here let me lay out a counter case made my a scholar.

While Christians as Christians were not perpetrators of the Holocaust, the Holocaust occurred in the most Christian part of the world. It occurred in the very heart of Christendom. Furthermore, while the hundreds of thousands of Nazis and their collaborators carried out the Holocaust, every Nazi and every collaborator to a person (excepting only Muslim collaborators), had been baptized a Christian. Every Nazi had Christian parents, attended Christian Churches, heard Christian sermons, and went to Christian Sunday school. Nazis buried their relatives with Christian ceremonies. Furthermore, the Catholic Church never - to this very day - excommunicated a single Nazi. What this means, then, is that during the Nazi regime Christianity and Christians failed in their own deepest beliefs. Christians failed to love their neighbors. Christianity failed to help the weak, the lame, the halt, the blind, or the stranger in its midst. In a word, when tested, Christianity - which, with all too few exceptions, showed no love, no compassion, no forgiveness - failed.

The article goes into the Shoah as a Christian issue and I encourage you to read it. With talk of the Nazi's trying to form an occult empire the truth is much different. The truth is the Nazi's put people into churches. The Nazi's inspired people to preach the word of god... but the era did not put into the hearts and actions of people the role god lays out for them.

When we say that people were lead astray by the Nazi's as an issue of theology we open a dangerous door, a door which allows people to never attone for the evil they choose to do. If I can blame the Nazi's because I collaborated then I can avoid my sin.

That as a Christian teaching would be false, as it would also be to the jewish line of thinking as well. many in and women, old and young...many sent the jew, the sick and infirmed, the gypse, and others to their death because they viewed them as less then human. And they can say now because of people like the pope, and those who came before him " I didn't do it."

That is Unchristian, and it is untrue.

So Sorry Dean, the pope doesn't get off the hook

Monday, May 29, 2006

He's not going to attack the Pope is he

As I rise from the torpid, lethargy my blogging has been in of late, the Pope has said something so stupid... so utterly foolish that I must rise up and speak. I am slightly annoyed that I must explain Christianity to the pope... but there ya go.

"In a place like this, words fail; in the end, there can be only a dread silence, a silence which itself is a heartfelt cry to God: Why, Lord, did you remain silent? How could you tolerate all this?" Really I think Your holiness you forget that god granted us minds, gave us free will, and if you accept the Christian story came down to earth to teach us the better way. Mayhaps asking “Why have we ignored the word of the lord, why did we stray from him.” then we would be asking a much better question.

One of the greatest follies of men regarding the World War II is in making the Nazi's out to be some form of preternatural force, that millions of people were seduced and entranced by Adolph Hitler. That truth allows those people who ignored or even aided and abetted the Nazi's to in some cases save their own lives, but in far more because in some dark corner of their heart they BELIVED the death of the Jews would be better for us all the light of justice, and the reflection that is needed for true atonement. Indeed by saying Hitler was outside the Christian folds of Europe the church has allowed sin to breed in the hearts of men, and condemned thousands if not millions to hell.

Benedict did not refer to collective guilt of the German people but instead focused on the Nazi regime. He said he was "a son of that people over which a ring of criminals rose to power by false promises of future greatness."

And here the pope perpetuates the sin, and perpetuates the folly. The tragedy is not a tragedy of just the German people, but a tragedy of the world. The US let boats of Jews be turned away. French, poles, Austrians and others served as willing executioners to Adolph Hitler's regime. The swiss hid ill gotten gains in their banks while the blood was spilling. To only speak of it as a German problem, or as a Jewish problem only serves to perpetuate the tragedy onto another generation. This is a human problem, it was the failure of morals and ethics and character of millions. It shows what happens when people turn a blind eye to tragedy and suffering of others.

This is why Christ taught compassion, and taught love of your fellow man. And I shouldn't be the one to tell the pope that he failed to walk in the shoes of the fisherman and has failed as a spiritual guide for a billion souls.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Alphabet of Manliness: Book Review.

On the front cover you see a man punching out a gorilla in pulp novel style and on the rear cover littered with such quotes as “ I think you're a terrible person and I hope you get some psychiatric help. Go to hell.” doesn't bother hiding anything. You can indeed judge this book by its cover. A book so awesome it needs an Alphabet of Manliness just to express it.

For those folks who know of Maddox and the unique humor his website titled, with all humility "The Best Page in the Universe"

Each letter of the Alphabet corresponds to something Maddox deems as “Manly” Starting off with a picture of a Lumberjack punching Santa Claus with the humor we've come to expect out of Maddox and closes out with an essay on Corporate Zombies.

Maddox describes not just the universal humor of farting and how to train pirates for re-entry into normal society.

Maddox describes how to best cop a feel, and other adult oriented themes.

If you like Adult Humor, Lumberjacks, Pirates, Beef Jerky, and Women Wrestling you will love this book

More Bashing on John McCain

What many people don't know is the Veteran Activist community hates John McCain with a passion. Now some of what they say about him collaberating with the enemy in Vietnam I just don't know the quality of the information on it. But in my popping over to one of their websites I have found stuff I think should be shown to the public as to why I'm never supporting McCain.

here are some issues they brought out the 2000 Campaign

1) According to Burch, beginning in 1984 when the coalition sought co-sponsors for the Agent Orange bill, John McCain refused to sign on. When Burch and his men asked other members of the House to co-sponsor, these congressmen would invariably ask, "Has John McCain signed on to this bill?" When told that McCain had not it was believed, as often happens on the Hill in matters like this, that McCain was against the bill.

It was only after more than two hundred congress members expressed their support for the bill and final passage was assured that McCain finally agreed to come on board. But McCain's foot-dragging and initial reluctance made the coalition's work much more difficult and delayed the veterans' final victory.

2) In 1988 the coalition led the charge for "Judicial Review," a new system whereby veterans rejected for benefits by the Veterans Administration would have the same right to appeal as Social Security recipients have. Again, the coalition members working the halls of Congress asking for co-sponsors to the bill found McCain in opposition.

The senator from Arizona never signed on.

3) In 1991 when new evidence of living American servicemen missing in Vietnam surfaced, the coalition - in conjunction with those "mainstream" veterans organizations, the VFW and American Legion - led the charge for a Senate Select Committee to investigate whether or not any American POWs were left behind in Southeast Asia and whether some might still be alive. All these veterans groups wanted a senate panel instead of an executive branch panel because no one believed the executive branch could be trusted to investigate itself.

Senator McCain initially opposed the Senate committee. Later, when the Senate ultimately created the panel, McCain was appointed a member.

4) As a member of the Senate POW Committee, McCain "distinguished himself" by repeatedly insulting wives, mothers and children of POWs and MIAs and accusing many veterans groups fighting for the POW cause of "making a living off this issue." He made similar charges in the South Carolina primary when the National Right to Life Committee endorsed Bush: "It is a shame when they take a cause and turn it into a business."

The last two issues cover the Kerry/McCain commission which is why the field was ripe for the swift boat veterans. Much as John Kerry has never apologized for attacking the people who believed with a passion that we left men behind, and we needed to get them out....His attacking them seems almost like his mode of attacking blogs and others who are out their trying to speak freely unburdened by the establishment.

The first two issues however I think are even more signifigant. When we look at issues of the US government being responsible for the men and women who fought and struggled in Vietnam.... a place which John McCain trumpets as part of his Charecter... he couldn't be bothered to help their human suffering. He couldn't be bothered to give the governments basic response and decency to those men who sacrificed for it. Thats not Presidential metal.

another matter of Charecter that John McCain has displayed that I want to take a further look at.

or who divorced the wife that stood by him while he was a POW, after she became crippled in an accident.

I want to read up on why John McCain divorced his first wife. Because on its face a woman who supported him while he was in the Hanoi Hilton deserves his trying harder then most to keep that marriage.

also his new wife and family makes the whole Keating 5 scandal something that should be brought up for media attention.

"While Sen. John McCain's wife and father-in-law were investing with Charles H. Keating, Jr. in a shopping center, McCain was helping Keating battle federal regulators who questioned his operation of Lincoln Savings and Loan . . . [photo caption] Documents show that Sen. John McCain's wife, Cindy, and father-in-law, James W. Hensley (second from right) are the largest investors in Fountain Square Shopping Center. Their partnership is managed by subsidiaries of American Continental Corp., run by Charles H. Keating, Jr. (right). But John McCain contends there was no conflict in his helping Keating battle federal regulators." The Arizona Republic - October 8, 1989

I never remembered the fact McCain's wife and father in law were investors with Keating on various developments hitting the National media. This again ads to the charecter of who John McCain is, and what kind of President he would be.

While a lot of these stories are old news I think they are instructive about Who John McCain is as a man.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Johnny Mac employs Morons.

I am loathe to post things as a rule from The Huffington Post because frankly they are usually massive trainwreck bad, and not in the good way. However John McCain's chief of staff drags me back in.

it very unlikely any of you will ever posses the one small fraction of the character of John McCain.

And in these comments we see from his Chief of Staff a small fraction of his charecter. He appoints as a key aid some one who thinks REPLYING ON THE HUFFINGTON POST IS A GOOD IDEA.

But here i think is the key to this huberous.

The Senator's intention was to discuss with Americans, not any particular subset of Americans, but his fellow countrymen, the things that he feels are important to remember in our political debates: that we owe each other our respect just as we owe each other our best advocacy for the things we believe are important for our country.

BS. As some one who has done my share of Public speaking it was abudently clear that this speech was made to help sell John McCain as a religous conservative. Focusing on his "Youthful indescression" of lacking humility. Now some of you may have decided to enshrine some of the senator's hatred of free speech into this so it could truely go on the road to institutions like The New School which are an abomination to those who believe in free speech but don't try to sell us on the fact he was trying to present this to All Americans.

But not only that he is truely ignorant who John McCain IS

He has managed to endure much worse. McCain was once offered release from imprisonment and torture because of his father's position as a senior military officer.

First of all the use of his being tortured as an appeal to authority is disgusting, but whats worse is their isn't a fundemental truth to this appeal to authority because the North Vietnamese TORTURED PEOPLE.... it was what they did. Now then, you want to say Johnny Mac was tortured worse because of who his father was.... -I- can give you that. But to say had he been some Joe Schmoe aviator that he would have went untortured is part of why most vietnam vets in this country hate the senator, because he is disconnected even from them.

He has, over and over again, risked personal ambitions for what he believes, rightly or wrongly, are in the best interests of the country.

Is that why the Senator says he would eliminate the first amendment.... THE FIRST of our constitutional guaretees to save this country from corruption he can never define

The huberis of Johnny Mac's chief of staff shows his utter lack of charecter as a leader, and the fact he would use the Senator's time in the Hanoi Hilton as an appeal to authority shows that the senator lacks the charecter to appoint key people around him with the ability to do what is best for the country

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Time to unpimp the AUTO

From the likely to be unfair department-poll Division

English people don't seem to like France

LONDON (AFP) - The French have been voted the world's most unfriendly nation by a landslide in a new British poll published. They were also voted the most boring and most ungenerous.

Responses to this SHOCKING news

WAYN's French founder, Jerome Touze, told the papers he had been stunned by the thumping condemnation of his compatriots and sought to blame it on Gallic love-struck sulking.

"I had no idea that the French would emerge as such an unfriendly country," he said.

"I think our romantic 'moodiness' is misunderstood and I will be sure to pass on the message to my family and friends back in France to be a bit more cheerful to tourists in the future."

However other things make me question this poll

Italy was voted the world's most cultured nation with the best cuisine, while the United States was named the most unstylish with the worst food.

A british poll saying the US has the worst food


I have a question.....

I've heard thoughts like these

It's a little bit of a cri de coeur to us, a little bit of a call to arms" against the prevailing conservatism, he told a media conference, adding that his country was living in "the era of Bush, which is about clamping down, being scared.".....
"This film is in the shadow of 9/11, but it shows we're still alive, y'know?" the director said.

Where is this fear?

Are people out there afraid of terrorism? Well you shouldn't be if you take a casual read of how Al-Qaeda works specifically, and Islamic terrorism works in general.

So, Are you afraid out there in TV land? I sure as heck am not.

I've felt no pressure to change the words I say and have kept saying the same thing

So who is afraid? and why?

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Only in Berkley......

Today lets play a game:

Only in Berkley can this

When he garnered headlines in 1992 and 1993, he was known as a gentle 6-foot-4 man who liked to attend class at the University of California at Berkeley in the buff.

also be this

``He was in a maximum security area, where checks are made hourly,'' Cursi said. ``He was a high level security inmate because he had a history of assaultive behavior.''

Martinez, who was in the cell by himself, had been charged with two counts of battery and one count of assault with a deadly weapon, all felonies.

The Berkley Naked guy, Gentle naked soul or violent man... well thats history's case to judge because for the trifecta of berkley weirdness he killed himself

Andrew Martinez, the South Bay man who gained national notoriety as the ``Naked Guy'' when he insisted on walking around nude in Berkeley in the early 1990s, has died, the apparent victim of suicide.

Martinez, 33, died early Thursday after he was discovered unconscious in his cell at the Santa Clara County main jail.

He was found lying under the covers on his cell bunk, with a plastic bag tied around his head, said jail spokesman Mark Cursi. He was pronounced dead about an hour later at Valley Medical Center.

Sad he is dead but ashame no one saw his moving about naked as a sign of some larger needs for mental help

John McCain: Sabotage 08 tour

In an effort to Sabotage his own presidential ambitions for 2008 our boy Johnny Mac spoke at the New School and well... I think I am going to have to second -some- of the words of a speaker before McCain at the school.

"He will tell us we are young and too naive to have valid opinions," Rohe said. "I am young and though I don't possess the wisdom that time affords us, I do know that pre-emptive war is dangerous. And I know that despite all the havoc that my country has wrought overseas in my name, Osama bin Laden still has not been found, nor have those weapons of mass destruction."

In truth this really gets to the heart of why Johnny Mac hates free speech so much. "All animals are equal, but some are more equal then others." is at its core the very nature of who John McCain is by his policies and what he stands for.

"When I was a young man, I was quite infatuated with self-expression, and rightly so because, if memory conveniently serves, I was so much more eloquent, well-informed and wiser than anyone else I knew," McCain said. He added that he would have been right at home in the opinionated world of blogs.

And again his endightment of youthful folly which at Liberty University at least played into the "humility and piety" factor makes almost no sense at the New School. And it further shows him as distant and unconnected to his audience

and of course it also shows him up because that really is who he is now.

The Final Countdown

Sorry Pat

Pat Hynes, the man behind Crush Kerry and other great bits of conservative interweb action is at it again with his claim that the christian conservatives aren't being treated special enough.

What these fellows are really saying is that they wish there was no such thing as a “values voter” or a “moral values voter.” All four of the above named pundits, as I’ve pointed out before, oppose the Federal Marriage Amendment. Two of them—Will and Krauthammer—do so for a thoughtful, but unpersuasive, reason: a constitutional amendment is not desirable and perhaps even unnecessary in this particular circumstance.

Pat goes off on a latest George Will article as the start of all this so lets crack up the George Will.

This phrase diminishes our understanding of politics. It also is arrogant on the part of social conservatives and insulting to everyone else because it implies that only social conservatives vote to advance their values and everyone else votes to . . . well, it is unclear what they supposedly think they are doing with their ballots.

Will's argument here was the term "Values Voter" Is an in-accurate term and one that is descriptive of all voters.

Today's liberal agenda includes preservation, even expansion, of the welfare state in its current configuration in order to strengthen an egalitarian ethic of common provision. Liberals favor taxes and other measures to produce a more equal distribution of income. They may value equality indiscriminately, but they vote their values.

Among the various flavors of conservatism, there is libertarianism that is wary of government attempts to nurture morality and there is social conservatism that says unless government nurtures morality, liberty will perish. Both kinds of conservatives use their votes to advance what they value.......

Attempts to assign values-seriousness can get complicated: Freedom and happiness are valuable. Arguably, governmental actions that did much to increase freedom and happiness in the past half-century were state laws liberalizing divorce. These made important contributions to the emancipation of men and especially women from mistaken marriages.

And why is the way George Will asked this question important? Because the two questions on polls are never the same

I supported X because he represents my values is never the same as I supported X because he supports my position on gay marriage, abortion, goes to church, and prays daily.

When the polls are broken down for the later assumption it is never as large as the former assumption.

Its about polls and how they spin and twist words around Pat. This is not to say that Religously conservative aren't a signifigant group. It is however saying that polls show that this group may be more politically deep in their feelings on issues then some folks *(I'm talkin to you Pat)* may think

Thursday, May 18, 2006

No Wonder KOS keeps losing elections

When his original commercial makes less sense then the Hot Air parody of the Ad maybe thats why he picks losing horses.

4 years to make a good call

Your Taxpayer dollars at rest

In the four years since it was created, the Transportation Security Administration has been trying — and often failing — to find dangerous things that passengers might bring onto an aircraft. Now the TSA is aiming to become less obsessed with scissors and cigarette lighters and focusing more on passenger behavior. Government sources tell TIME that the agency will announce in the next few weeks that it will introduce a race-neutral profiling program at the country's busiest airports, among them New York's John F. Kennedy, Los Angeles International and Chicago's O'Hare

Who knows we may soon actually have a TSA that can catch terrorists

Coming soon to an Anime near you

7 Year old Transexual Elementary school

Katsuki Harima, a psychiatrist specializing in gender identity disorder at Tokyo Musashino Hospital, said the decision to allow the boy to enroll as a girl seemed appropriate, but would get complicated as he grew older.

Harima said the boy is not old enough to determine whether he really has the disorder. A boy who behaves like a girl does not necessarily have gender identity disorder and he could discover as he grows older that he wants to be male, Harima said.

"I am a bit concerned about the child's future," he added, saying he has never heard of a case like this before at an elementary school. "There will be problems."

So Ok.... if the boy doesn't have firm Gender identity....HOW IS THIS APPROPRIATE?~!



Over on Deadspin we see the latest in what Terral Owens is doing with himself

Youth ages 7-17 will get to learn first hand from Terrell as well as active and retired players the fundamentals and special techniques of the sport. They will learn how to enhance their skills and make new friends.

Yeah I bet T.O spends lots of time with your kids... especially any white ones (if they aren't QBs)

Lionel Tate Back to Jail

Could the Al-Press get it accurate?

Foolish mortals AP has a 0 truth Guarentee

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Lionel Tate was sentenced Thursday to 30 years in prison for violating probation, the latest legal twist for the teenager convicted of murdering a 6-year-old girl in what his attorneys initially claimed was a pro wrestling move.

actually their first initial claim before the autopsy was that it was an accident

they claimed anything and everything they could to try to make others responsible for the fact Lionel was a monster.

"He continues to get bad advice from meddling third parties," Williams said outside court.

Williams said Tate's mother, Florida Highway Patrol trooper Kathleen Grossett-Tate, has told him he could win an appeal on the probation violation conviction, win his robbery case and leave jail in a year. She left court without commenting.

I wonder if that advice was that he should brutally murder and be a violent thug

Red Ken Strikes again

This time in the likes of John McCain and Trent Lott he strikes out at bloggers. Alek from Publis Pundit puts the focus where it belongs

Mayor Livingstone went further yesterday and read to London’s assemblymen from some articles written and posted by me in this website, where I argued that once all democratic tools had been sequestered by a criminal State the only recourse left to regain the lost liberties was violence.

It was I, who conspired for many years with fellow military men to overthrow democratically elected governments.

It was I, who led a coup d’etat in 1992 against a democratically elected president, causing numerous deaths.

It was I, who, whilst safely sheltered from bullets in the Military Museum, ordered the assassination of the democratically elected president of Venezuela and that of his family.

It was I, who promised to the people of Venezuela that I would fry the heads of political opponents upon reaching power.

It was I, who assured to the people of Venezuela that under my government corruption, crime, unemployment and poverty would be made history and the thousands of street children would be saved from such horrendous life conditions or else I would change my name.

It was I, who in 1999 violated all constitutional precepts to summon a National Constituent Assembly.

It was I, who using the supra-constitutional mechanism mentioned gave the first democratic coup of the Americas, dissolving, illegally and unconstitutionally, all elected powers and institutions of Venezuela.

It was I, who ordered my lackeys to write a constitution that allows to disown regimes that encroach upon human rights.

It was I, who exacerbated the hatred amongst Venezuelans.

It was I, who aligned one of the most stable democracies in South America with the continent’s oldest dictatorship.

It was I, who sistematically destroyed the only source of income of Venezuela by provoking, with televised dismissals, an oil strike.

It was I, who prevented my countrymen to improve their lot by plundering and giving away Venezuelan resources.

It was I, who expelled counter narcotics agencies from Venezuela.

It was I, who ignored factual reports of Colombian narco-guerrilla camps and operations in Venezuela.

It was I, who granted protection to internationally wanted criminals, such as Vladimiro Montesinos.

It was I, who permitted the presence in Venezuela of terrorist FARC leaders, such as Rodrigo Granda.

It was my Minister of Interior, who opened the door to the families of wanted terrorists.

It was my identification office, that confered Venezuelan citizenship to terrorists.

It were my presidential guard, that failed to capture sharp shooters who assassinated 23 people and wounded hundreds on April 2002.

It were my Bolivarian supporters, who opened fire to unarmed civilians on April 2002.

It was I, who ordered the implementation of a military contingency plan to dissolve with tanks and weapons of war a rally of unarmed civilians.

It was I, who rigged an election on August 2004.

It was I, who ordered the construction of a database of the entire Venezuelan electoral roll for political prosecution purposes.

It was I, who allowed thousands of anti-democratic Cuban operatives into Venezuela to repress and spy upon my countrymen.

It was I, who jailed in trumped up charges union leaders and political foes.

It was I, who allowed Venezuela to be turned into a narco terrorist State.

It was I, who gave explicit orders to Venezuela’s diplomatic corps to side with the fundamentalist regime of Iran, voting in lockstep in favour of its nuclear programme.

It was I, who embraced Saddam Hussein, Muammar Khadafi, Fidel Castro, Daniel Ortega, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Robert Mugabe.

It was I, who sent the military to expropriate private property.

It was I, who shredded contracts with Venezuela’s commercial partners.

It was I, who masterminded the international isolation of a once respected, democratic, well meaning and sovereign nation.

It was I, who embarked Venezuela, a country that has not seen armed conflict in more than a century, in an arms race.

It was I, who militarised Venezuela’s public administration.

It was under my tenure, that Venezuela broke all records of deaths for violent causes.

It was under my tenure, that Venezuela joined the club of nations where human rights are sistematically abused as part of the State’s policy.

It was I, who turned Venezuela’s oil income into the source of South America’s destabilization.

And lastly, -I could go on for days, it was my comrade the Mayor of London, who, in keeping with his democratic foreign policy agenda, invited an Islamic fundamentalist who openly called for the execution of gay men and implementation of barbaric practices upon women in London’s City Hall.

Certainly I did not expect this, but as someone aptly put it the other day, one should never underestimate the militancy of the radical left. Bloggers are indeed a menace, whether in Iran, China, Venezuela, Cuba or London. What’s next; a lawsuit? Deportation to Venezuela? Stay tuned.

Putting Chavez and his good buddy Red Ken into perspective

Sorry Bombtruck

But its Twofer Wensday for you

Making this post an almost trifecta for me is that Bombtruck and I talked this out over YM.

But first let me put out the Official Disclaimer.

I am not a Christian, though I'd imagine I was technically one on paper when I was real little and my parents needed free babysitting. Never been baptized and until a masonic ritual never had any ritual experience remotely like the sacrament of wine and bread.

Furthermore I do not believe there is evidence for a Historical Jesus of Nazareth. Now their may have been some person to whom the Jesus in the bible was based upon, but not the literal person in the bible.

Further Furthermore the greatest condemnation of Christ being the Messiah can be found in the bible if you know where to look, so using the bible to prove Jesus wasn't married is dubious as I can use the bible to “Prove” Jesus wasn't the messiah.

However if their was not a real flesh and blood Jesus of Nazareth the impact the man, his example, and the church spawned from people who believe in him on the whole has been so great for humanity and society that it really doesn't matter if he was ever real.

So.... lets move on.

What does it say about a Hollywood production like "The Da Vinci Code" that bashes belief in Christianity that it gets THIS kind of reaction from people who are most likely to buy its premise?

-HOW- Bombtruck?

Now lets take a look at Christianity as a whole, there is a very hard case to make that the book and movie at its thesis makes MODERN Christianity in any way invalid, or bashes the belief. Indeed the movie is very gnostic in its fundamental themes. “Secret Knowledge”

You cannot be justly bashed if you don't know the Secret. The Protagonists work very hard to find the Secret.... so again that by its nature isn't a Bash

Now if you are the Catholic Church and especially if you are the Opus Dei you might have a case to say the book is Bashing you. But the film and book -themselves- do not Bash Christianity in any real sense of the word unless you believe Jesus being married, and having a Bloodline attacks Christianity.

So lets first put aside how it isn't biblical (I could make an excellent case reading the bible and using historical context that -a- Jesus was married, and he was probably married to -b- the Beloved Disciple. Which would not be a major stretch -but a non scriptural stretch- to put Mary Magdeline in that role)

But lets step away from the bible for a moment

IF Jesus was married and had a family, would that take away one iota from the message Jesus provided to the world?

Anyone who wants to answer this needs to know that I do not consider scriptural evidence of why Jesus wasn't married as a valid answer. Because we are not talking about what the bible actually says for a moment, we are talking about a much larger issue. Does a celibate Jesus end up being a Stronger and more valid Jesus?

The idea of a “Conspiracy” to hide this fact from the Christian community as a whole is largely asinine and easily refuted when you actually read how doctrines were established. But lets take a moment aside again.

Lets say this is 150% true for a moment, how does that damage the Christianity you feel today?

And for this please don't quote scriptures to me. I am asking for an argument why flawed men obscuring facts about Jesus would impinge on the value of the message. If as many have argued that the bible is complete and influenced by god, perhaps God finds the fact Jesus married and produced offspring as irrelevant to future believers. And as God creates all things both good and evil, it is not a stretch to say that god inspired them to write that which was important from their highest faculties and allowed them to ignore that which their lowest faculties despised.

So you need to do better then go with a divine inspiration argument, because the idea of a conspiracy to hide those facts can be entirely within the realm of divine inspiration.

So to Quote Bombtruck again

What this is about is a ficticious movie being played up as some sort of proof Christianity is a fraud.

again Does it? does the fact jesus had a wife being omited from the bible make the bible or any of the subsiquent developments of the Church a fraud?

Or does a Christian community which feels it is being persecuted, and having its values maligned and marginalized see devil's around every corner?

And in the end.... the movie, like the book SUCKED.

and this protest movement, like the protest movement for "The Passion of the Christ" will make a bad movie HUGELY profitable.

and this ignores what I feel should be the larger and more important point for the Christians today.

Vast numbers of Christians out there in TV land are ignorant of the Bible and ignorant of what their faith stands for. They don't know why things are the way they are. And if you try to refute me on that i will raise you the collected “DaVinci” works of Dan Brown. Clearly people want to know why the church says what it says and believes what it believes. So instead of allowing an author of fiction to fill that vacuum while you raise tons of money to protest him, maybe you should TEACH your faith.

The early church struggled with many of the very fundamental ideas and concepts Christians today either struggle with in their day to day lives, or poo-poo out of hand. Would not the faith be richer if they could be taught that the earliest followers of Christ had these exact same struggles of faith?Would it not benefit them to see how these struggles were resolved by these earliest Christians to not only help guide them, but to help them build their resolve in their own faith?

Wouldn't teaching them WHY it is important that Jesus became man (and was not a man who became god) to the theology of the bible, and to their own lives benefit the faithful more then wasting money attacking an author of a really poor work of fiction.

When we look at the Churches that are beating the odds we see Churches that not only demand a more active Christian life style of their faithful, they also guide their faithful into a deeper knowledge and faith in the bible and their religion. All this flapping about Dan Brown is part of everything that is wrong with Christianity. Instead of fighting ignorance with education, it fights ignorance with rhetoric. It doesn't place a call on Christians to deepen their faith. And it aids the moneychangers in the Christian temples of the day.

Do what I plan to do. Ignore the awful movie by Dan Brown. If you ignore it... it will fade into the obscurity it deserves.

Another moment of AMV

And I must confess I have a soft spot for both DBZ and Sailor Moon

Welcome to Blogging Bombtruck

My good buddy over at Ankle Biting Pundits "Bombtruck" has been added to their staff. And he has also posted on what I think is the most intresting bit-o-news of the day.

Now much as I have pointed out that Pat Hynes may be the most wrong person in blogging ever.... I am going to have to give Bombtruck his blogging intro by dragging his post around a bit

so... on with the bloggy

Does anyone really want to try trusting North Korea in any kind of negotiation at this point? And does it really send any strong message to Iran that we're thinking of doing this? Boy our government can be a glutton for punishment and stupidity no matter who's in charge.

Ok, in US foriegn polciy their is the position of "pragmatism" and this is a play to the Pragmatic... but let me first show you whats hidden in the NYTs

North Koreans have long demanded a peace treaty, which would replace the 1953 armistice ending the Korean War.

The North Koreans have made a peace guarentee a major concession point due to the fact they feel surrounded by folks who'd rather blow them up then look at them. The fact they could no longer maintain their massive military feasibly was part -why- they pursued Nuclear Weapons as a deterant.

The theory here is that by eliminating the need for them (by their perception) to have this massive buildup you may be able to make something happen.

The decision to consider a change may have been influenced in part by growing concerns about Iran's nuclear program. One senior Asian official who has been briefed on the administration's discussions about what to do next said, "There is a sense that they can't leave Korea out there as a model for what the Iranians hope to become — a nuclear state that can say no to outside pressure."

This also has a secondary play factor which the NYTs fails to mention.

If Bush has Two Wars "On the oven" in the perception of the UN voters it would make his ability to act strongly on Iran difficult, if not impossible from a International Standpoint. However by making peace with North Korea it becomes harder for the "war monger" them to work within the UN

As described by administration officials, none of whom would speak on the record about deliberations inside the White House, Mr. Bush's aides envision starting negotiations over a formal peace treaty that would include the original signatories of the armistice — China, North Korea and the United States, which signed on behalf of the United Nations. They would also add South Korea, now the world's 11th-largest economy, which declined to sign the original armistice.

In the article it talks about not having regime change and de-nuclearization as part of the same policy. Here however people on the President's team have some smart thoughts coming on.

China as it was one of the agressor powers that is now a world power could be arm twisted to with the US and South Korea bring about real prospects of reconstruction in North Korea in exchange for concessions. And I would If I were a negotiator put into the peace treaty requirements to be monitored and managed by the South Koreans on openess and bilateral issues relative to the two nations.

Even if peace treaty talks started, officials insisted, those sanctions would continue. A month ago, Stephen J. Hadley, the national security adviser, told a small audience of foreign policy experts that the sanctions were "the first thing we have done that has gotten their attention," several participants in the meeting said.

Some intelligence officials say they believe the protests may have arisen in part because they affected a secretive operation in North Korea called Unit 39 that finances the personal activities of Kim Jong Il, the North Korean leader, providing the money he spends for his entertainment and to win the loyalty of others in the leadership.

This is the hugest Carrott and the Administration is keeping this off the table. The Criminal enterprises used to finance the evil government in North Korea will still have its feat to the fire which gives the US a tool in both sets of Negotiations.

This isn't an exact science to be sure but in the world of diplomacy this is a very good move.

Monday, May 15, 2006


Dear Mr. President;

I heard a speech by Karl Rove presenting a teaser on your big immigration speech talking about it as a “compassionate” program.

Mr. President let me talk to you know about Compassion, because I am not sure you know exactly what that word means.

I pulled the following out of one of the on line dictionaries.

Noun 1.compassion - a deep awareness of and sympathy for another's suffering
2.compassion - the humane quality of understanding the suffering of others and wanting to do something about it

So Mr. President; lets talk about what compassion is. If i was a Filipino man, I could have worked very hard in my own country to earn the skills necessary to build a better life for my nation and my family. I could be placed in this country by the services of my country. But I could come to this great country of the United States and fall in love with it, and embrace it as my own country. I can become a citizen with skills in labor and the ability to make this country even better.

So pop quiz Mr. President; how is it compassionate to deny this Filipino the ability to move his wife and children to this country, when some one with less skills...less work...who has paid less and brought less to the United States because he has the proximity of Mexico as a geographical advantage the ability to with ease bring his wife and children to this country?

Mr. President; illegal aliens from Latin America go into the job market and by and large take away jobs from people who have fallen through the educational cracks. Uneducated people, minorities, people with extreme disabilities who have been unable to get to a better position in the job market are unable to compete with illegal alien labor.

So Mr. President; how is it compassionate to say to those Americans at the lowest end of the social totem pole that their jobs “Mexicans need your job more then you.” and doom those people to a life of servitude and welfare?

Mr. President; I earn a masters or doctorate degree and I have a skill that few Americans have. I have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to have the opportunity to come to this country and earn a profit from my degree. I can be denied citizenship if there are to many immigrants applying

but you give to those who violate the law, who never pay as much money in expense or time a guarantee of citizenship, in what way is this compassionate?

The answer is none of them are. If there is comprehensive immigration policy that only benefits Latin American migrants, who violate the law over all the people who want to immigrate here and provide a great value to this country then this is a give away to the government of Mexico.

For those of you who think the Republicans are doomed in 06

oh noez ( and in the NYTs to)

n a heated meeting last week, Representative Rahm Emanuel of Illinois and Senator Charles E. Schumer of New York, challenged Mr. Dean on his 50-state program, saying it was undercutting Democratic hopes of taking back the House and the Senate, Democrats said. They warned that Mr. Dean was squandering an opportunity by sending money to parties in states that are a long way from becoming Democratic.

Democrats informed about the meeting described it as contentious and said Mr. Emanuel left abruptly when Mr. Dean declined to agree. Mr. Emanuel, in an interview, said he had left the meeting to cast a vote in Congress. He described their differences as a "fundamental difference about short-term versus long-term objectives — it is not hostile."

So we are talking about the people running the campaign to retake the house and senate both feel that dean's 50 state strategy could cost them control in 06.

If they lose in 06 look for Dean to be pushed under the train, and run for President

Hildabeast Watch

Just as John McCain the other media front runner has done clinically stupid things which should be a slam dunk opposition research case.

Here is Hillarry trying to make a spin.

NEW YORK (AP) -- After telling an audience that young people today "think work is a four-letter word," Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton apologized to her daughter, she said.

"I said, 'I'm sorry, I didn't mean to convey the impression that you don't work hard,'" Clinton said Sunday in a commencement address. "I just want to set the bar high, because we are in a competition for the future."

Here is the original.

Clinton touched off the generation war Thursday, saying Gen Y'ers "don't know what work is. They think work is a four-letter word."

She added: "America didn't happen by accident. A lot of people worked really hard. They've got to do their part, too."

Clinton grumbled that today's youths "think they're entitled to go right to the top with $50,000 or $75,000 jobs when they have not done anything to earn their way up."

She made no mention of her daughter, Chelsea, 26, who snagged a six-figure consulting spot in the New York office of London-based McKinsey & Company after receiving her master's degree from Oxford in 2003.

But lets look at the past for Hillary who got her Senate seat not based on what she had done for the State of NY, or even as some one who lived their but because her husband was President.

Ran a faux health care reform commission (the real work was done by some one else in the background)

Made partner when her husband Bill was elected governor.

Got to invest money in sweetheart deals when Bill was governor of Arkansas.

Had Rich parents and went to one of the 7 elite all women's schools and to a ivy leauge law school.

She and Bill both got soft teaching gigs at the university of arkanasas that didn't have experience as lawyers to get.

She has with on a small time when bill lost a re-election as governor till Bill left the White house spent her entire married life in public housing where food, entertainment, vehicles, and the basics most of us worry about on a daily basis were provided for free.

So I have to ask Hillary, when did you work hard? when did you do your part for the economy?

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Some old School goodness

THanks to Dean

All hail our political correct overlords

Over in Seattle Public Schools We are reminded that 4 legs are good and 2 legs are bad.... or is it that two legs are better? (Andrew's dad for the hat tip)

The systematic subordination of members of targeted racial groups who have relatively little social power in the United States (Blacks, Latino/as, Native Americans, and Asians), by the members of the agent racial group who have relatively more social power (Whites). The subordination is supported by the actions of individuals, cultural norms and values, and the institutional structures and practices of society.

Cultural Racism:
Those aspects of society that overtly and covertly attribute value and normality to white people and Whiteness, and devalue, stereotype, and label people of color as "other", different, less than, or render them invisible. Examples of these norms include defining white skin tones as nude or flesh colored, having a future time orientation, emphasizing individualism as opposed to a more collective ideology, defining one form of English as standard, and identifying only Whites as great writers or composers.

Not only do they define Racism as "whites only" but they have defined the individualist philosophy of numerous Americans as Racial bigotry.

However lets take a look at this gem from the Seattle Public Schools

In January of 1990, the African American Academy was officially "born" as one of ten school programs, approved by the Seattle Public School Board, to eliminate disproportionality and increase academic achievement. In the fall of 1991, after several months of intense planning by an Oversight Committee of parents, teachers, and community people, the African American Academy opened as a Kindergarten through Grade 5 elementary school with an enrollment of 234 students. It has since grown to some 400 scholars in grades K-8.

The Academy is unique in that it incorporates the involvement of Africa and African Americans in US and world affairs, both historically and in the present day through supplemental learning materials and classroom activities. The history and influence of Africa and African Americans are integral to the culture of the Academy: students are called "scholars" and both classrooms and hallways are decorated with pictures of notable African Americans and information about Africa -- scholars are learning their heritage along with language, math, and science. To help scholars focus on the business of school, they are required to wear a uniform.

and here is the song they sing in the ideology of Kwanza

"Liberation In Song for The African American Academy"

Lift the Academy up -- we're worthy!
Lift the Academy up -- we're worthy to be praised!
Lift the Academy up -- we're worthy!
AAA, we're worthy to be praised!
Lift our roots of Kemet -- we're worthy!
Nubian ancestors proud -- we're worthy to be praised!
African people still strong -- we're worthy!
AAA, we're worthy to be praised!
From the rise of first sunshine, First light on Nubia.
Home, Mother, Native Land, Blessed Africa our home!
From native lands we're torn, in bondage, oceans crossed.
In body enslaved -- No, never slave in mind!
Sing Weusi, Nia, Kuumba, Kujichagulia, Ujamma, Ujima!
Speak Imani, Live Umoja!
AAA, we're worthy to be praised!

their numbers?

4% white, 92% African American, 1% Asian, 2% Hispanic and 1% Native American.

So I think that maybe Whites can't in that school discriminate

but I bet the school district and the School would disagree

More fun with You Tube

I've not felt much for Blogging lately

So here is a friendly reminder

Monday, May 08, 2006

This is so stupid I think its given me cancer

I saw this article on Drudge and so many things about it make my head hurt

MIAMI - Seven feet of sea water swamps 45 miles of coastline from Miami Beach through Fort Lauderdale to Deerfield Beach. Salt water surges through countless houses near the coast. Waist-deep fresh water blankets vast regions of suburbia.

Ferocious winds crush tens of thousands of roofs and gut numerous office buildings. Residents who defy orders to evacuate skyscrapers along the coast and in downtown Miami could be blown out of their apartments. Power outages persist for months.

According to simulations
conducted for The Miami Herald by scientists at the National Hurricane Center and to interviews with a wide range of experts, those are realistic sketches of what could occur when South Florida is blasted by a hurricane as strong as last year's Katrina was when it devastated the Gulf Coast and New Orleans, or Wilma when it wrecked portions of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.

Pardon me for a Moment

As with most high-intensity storms (Categories 4 and 5), the worst damage from Andrew is thought to have occurred not from straight-line winds but from vortices, or "miniwhirls" (something like embedded tornadoes). This was the conclusion of Tetsuya Theodore Fujita, a University of Chicago meteorologist who devised the Fujita scale for measuring the strength of tornadoes, after he surveyed Andrew's destruction in the Homestead area. There were thousands of these vortexes in Andrew; many of them could be traced for several miles, as they usually destroyed every building in their paths.

Andrew produced a 17 ft (5.2 m) storm surge near the landfall point in Florida, while storm tides of at least eight ft (2.4 m) inundated portions of the Louisiana coast. Andrew also produced a killer tornado in southeastern Louisiana. Its rainfall graphic is located here.

Excuse me again

One death in Jamaica, four deaths in Cuba, and ten deaths in the United States were directly attributed to Charley. Numerous injuries were reported, as well as twenty indirect deaths in the U.S.

Property damage from Charley in the United States was estimated by the NHC at $15 billion (2004 USD) [2]. This made Charley the second costliest hurricane in United States history behind Hurricane Andrew's $43.7 billion in the 1992 season, though it has since been surpassed by the 2005 season's Hurricane Katrina.

and one last time

The heaviest damage as Ivan made landfall on the U.S. coastline was observed in Baldwin County in Alabama, where the storm's eye (and eyewall) made landfall, Pensacola, Pensacola Beach, dwellings situated far inland along the shorelines of Escambia Bay, East Bay, and Blackwater Bay in Escambia County and Santa Rosa County, and Fort Walton Beach, Florida on the eastern side of the storm. The area just west of Pensacola, including the community of Warrington which includes Pensacola NAS, Perdido Key, and Southwest Escambia County, took the brunt of the storm. Some of the subdivisions in this part of the county were completely destroyed, with a few key roads in the Perdido area only opened in late 2005, over a year after the storm hit. Shattered windows from gusts and flying projectiles experienced throughout the night of the storm were common. Early estimates had put damage in the United States at $5–$15 billion.

In Pensacola, the Interstate 10 bridge across Escambia Bay was heavily damaged, with as much as a quarter mile (400 m) of the bridge collapsing into the bay. The causeway that carries U.S. Highway 90 across the northern part of the same bay was also heavily damaged. Virtually all of Perdido Key, an area on the outskirts of Pensacola that bore the brunt of Ivan's winds and rain, was essentially leveled. High surf and wind brought extensive damage to Innerarity Point as well as Orange Beach just over the border from the Key in Alabama.

So umm why do we need computer models, and why do we need scare mongering?

because people in the media seem to forget these things already have happened, and already will happen

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Dear McKinney people

I know this may be complicated but lets review

Assaulting an Officer why Avoiding a security check point is worse then drunk/stone driving into a barricade when no one is around.

Now the Union told the cops not to check PJ for sobriety... so lets review again
Ranking party member, who has influence is different then Bat Shiat crazy congresswoman from Georgia

One of these things is not like the other, one of these things is not the same.

Not only was her crime clearly worse, PJ can also do more damage to the Cap Police's budget if he was improperly hassled

try being less crazy and maybe you to can get special treatment from the police

More AMV fun

Goss is Out....

And If this Washington Post article is accurate I think we are all worse off for it. Goss was in the agency to cut heads and get rid of some of the bad people poisoning the agency... so lets look at what I see as the key to the WashPost article

Another candidate mentioned along with Hayden is Mary Margaret Graham, who was transferred from CIA headquarters after clashing with Goss's staff. She now coordinates intelligence collection for Negroponte.....Over Goss's 18 months, more than a dozen senior officials -- several of whom were promoted under Goss -- resigned, retired early or requested reassignment.

In short the internal Buercrats were fighting a man brought in to clean house. So why did Bush side with the people who didn't know the Soviet Union was going to fall among other glaring errors?

Because he didn't get to know Goss

"Once Negroponte came in and Porter was no longer doing the president's daily briefings, he lost the opportunity to build the kind of relationship with the president that other directors had," said Mark Lowenthal, who was a senior adviser to Tenet and briefly to Goss before leaving the agency in March 2005.

And I think things will get worse

I only hope Porter got rid of enough bad eggs for our safety

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Howard Dean is a tool

Whenever I hear republican folk worry about 2006, I smile that Howard Dean and the Democrats take those worries away.

Howard Dean Fires a gay man for something his partner said.

Democratic Party Chair Howard Dean on May 2 fired the party's gay outreach advisor Donald Hitchcock less than a week after Hitchcock's domestic partner, Paul Yandura, a longtime party activist, accused Dean of failing to take stronger action to defend gays.Dean immediately hired gay former Democratic Party operative Brian Bond to replace Hitchcock, according to DNC spokesperson Karen Finney, who called Bond a "proven leader."

First of all I can't fathom a man being fired for what his wife said or vice versa. The ridicule would be everywhere. However Howie now has it coming at him from all sides in the world of gay activists which when your the party most Gay folks vote isn't a good place to be

even better in picking the replacement he screwed over the offical gay Democrat club

Dean's decision to hire Bond startled some board members of the National Stonewall Democrats, which represents gay Democrats and gay Democratic clubs throughout the country.

According to two sources familiar with NSD, the group's board had offered Bond the position of NSD executive director, and Bond was expected to accept the offer. The sources spoke on condition that their names be withheld because they want to remain on friendly terms with Dean and the DNC.

"In effect, he snatched Bond away from the NSD," said one of the sources.

good job Howie

leftie gay voices and righty gay voices are both on the same page howie.

But lets review when you are in the hole raising money is it a good idea to p---- off one of your major donor groups

I'll give you a hint the answer has two letters

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Some Personal Blogging

So, As I've told some of you folk I've tried to recently hook up with my former girl friend in my past.

Well thats all wrapped up and its pretty much over.

In the end I hope some day I'll get to find out why it ended

but in truth I probably never will.

So we'll see how being friends works out with her.

I think this may be my Favorite AMV

With what may be my favorite Metallica song

Weird Gender Politics


So here at the Denver Channel 7 website I have seen new forms of stupidity.

Abelson identified himself as "gender queer," a person who is neither male or female. He said he doesn't feel comfortable in the men's bathroom and gets strange looks when he walks in the women's bathroom.

Wah~! do you want a cookie?

I had some weird gender issues in my life and i seriously thought about that life path so let me ask a question.

You are making a life choice to find an inner sense of peace and happiness that -often- results in alienation from your family, your friends, and your entire life. You can deal with that but you don't want to get strange looks in the bathroom.

Grow up. You are going to have to down that road experience many strange'd be nice if it never happened but it does. So you then open up the possibilities of you getting sexually violated in a unisex bathroom and creating an atomsphere of fear among female students and deresion among male students

Or you can accept the fact that people will look at you strangely until your done transitioning, and sometimes even after

Suck it up... use the Women's bathroom you have the right to use

Monday, May 01, 2006

Lets Learn about May Day kids

The Holiday the Mexicans who "Just want to work" picked for their protest
(Credit Wikipedia)

International Workers' Day

International Workers' Day (a name used interchangeably with May Day) is the commemoration of the Haymarket Riot of 1886 in Chicago, Illinois, and a celebration of the social and economic achievements of the international labor movement. The 1 May date is used because in 1884 the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions, inspired by labor's 1872 success in Canada, demanded an eight-hour workday in the United States to come in effect as of May 1, 1886. This resulted in a general strike and the riot in Chicago of 1886, but eventually also in the official sanction of the eight-hour workday. The May Day Riots of 1894 and May Day Riots of 1919 occurred subsequently.

Due to these left-wing overtones, May Day has long been a focal point for demonstrations by various socialist, communist, and anarchist groups. In some circles, bonfires are lit in commemoration of the Haymarket Riot usually right as the first day of May begins. [1] In the 20th century, May Day received the official endorsement of the Soviet Union; celebrations in communist countries during the Cold War era often consisted of large military parades and shows of common people in support of the government.

The Red Scare periods ended May Day as a mass holiday in the United States, a phenomenon which can be seen as somewhat ironic given that May Day originated in Chicago. Meanwhile, in countries other than the United States and United Kingdom, resident working classes fought hard to make May Day an official governmentally-sanctioned holiday, efforts which eventually largely succeeded. For this reason, May Day in most of the world today is marked by huge street rallies of workers led by their trade unions and various large socialist and communist parties — a phenomenon not generally seen in the U.S. (which has a history of strong anti-communism) or the UK.

In most countries other than the U.S. and UK, May Day is often referred to simply as "Labor Day" or "Worker day".

The United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand celebrate their Labor Day on different dates, which has to do with how the holiday originated in those countries; see also Loyalty Day and Law Day, U.S.A.

May Day Mexi-can- protest

My roomate called on his way into work where he passed the big May Day Celebration for Illegal Aliens and something funny came up

They are charging $5 dollars for parking

I wonder where that money is going?

RINO Sightings-May Day Showtrial Edition

Comrades today I am shock to find much Counter-Revolutionary activity in the RINO Party. The following are to be considered highly counter-revolutionary and to be submitted for immediate re-education.

First Up Comrade Campbell is clearly failing to understand the role of western imperialists in manipulating gas prices

Frankly, the sooner gas hits about $7 a gallon, the better off we as a nation will be in the long run. It is my understanding that at around $6 a gallon, a lot of alternative fuel options suddenly start looking extremely cost-effective; there is going to be pain any way we play it, but we might as well try to grow up quickly and get over our extended, spoiled-brat adolescence as a nation... A case of arrested development that was made possible by using nonrenewable sources of cheap energy.

That particular party is over.

Over on Legal Redux more counter-revolutionary activity occurs in the exposure of the corrupt imperialist business interests bribing political So-Called elected officials

The second paragraph is even more disingenuous. Tom DeLay was the House Majority leader, any Republican with a leadership position owes it to DeLay. Should we retire all the folks in leadership positions because of an ongoing investigation with DeLay? Does McCloskey have any evidence of corruption in PomboÂ’s nomination to leadership? Because that might be worth discussing. As his allegation stands now, it is pointless political duplicity.

The fact that Pombo voted with DeLay consistently is a sign of social and fiscal conservatism, not fraud. And House Resolution 5 is a perennial measure dealing with generic ethics rules. PomboÂ’s support for HR5 does not constitute illegal or even grey area activity. It passed easily (224-192).

Comrade Don Surber's focus on alcoholism of others is disturbing and we are focusing him on mental health training to prevent this from leading to further counter-revolutionary activity.

So there you have it. We send a guy out to check on underage drinking. He crashes his state vehicle. He tests positive for alcohol but he beats the rap because he chews tobacco.

Nor is Comrade Surber the only one showing signs of mental illness that could lead to counter-revolutionary thought. JD speaks of beer here, and asks other people to speak of beer.

Over on Kesher Talk unacceptable commentary about the Imperialispropagandada film United 93 is made.

Ron Rosenbaum and Lee Siegal take the Venus approach. This is not to disparage all you girly-girls out there. Venus brings valuable insights to the table. But Venus thinks courage and heroism and stoicism and fighting are dumb, and mess up her makeup too. Venus thinks the story arc is too simplistic, too linear. Typical boy stuff.

Redemptive uplift: It's the official religion of the media, anyway. There must be a silver lining; it's always darkest before the dawn; the human spirit will triumph over evil; there must be a pony.

That's always been the subtextual spiritual narrative of media catastrophe coverage: terrible human tragedy, but something good always can be found in it to affirm faith and hope and make us feel better. Plucky, ordinary human beings find a way to rise above the disaster. Man must prevail. The human spirit is resilient, unconquerable. Did I mention there must be a pony?

9/11 is no different. Flight 93 has become 9/11's pony.

Boys like explosions and car chases. Girls like complicated movies about relationships, which proves they are sophisticated. And if you actually get off on all this heroism stuff, then you are just a dumb jock.

Also these comments express an in-appropriate lack of equality between male and female comrades

Also Comrade Esmay views another film as
propaganda he has clearly embraced the Imperialist Western Agenda.

The SoCal Law Blog fails to attack the decadent Western Buisness for their punishment in their spanking of thproletariatte.

Comrade Hanna demands the Imperialists Disband Fema. Clearly this weakens out ability to execute re-education and is greatly counter-revolutionary

The Donovans have the proper ideology but will be brought up on counter revolutionary matters later

Pigilito speaks up for a clearly superstitious practice of some of the mosdecadentnt capitalist peoples ever.

The Donovans however speak unfavorably of disidents in the Imperialist system of the United States

Classical values is advocating reactionary responses on Immigration issues in the imperialist empire

I myself would never vote for Hillary. But the Republican establishment takes for granted at its peril the significant number of party faithful who may be sorely tempted to do so if the Bush betrayal at the border continues.

Hillary Rodham Buchanan? Don't laugh. She could be the GOP's worst nightmare in '08.

On Armies of liberation they spread counter revolutionary thought as far away from Yemen and Import Yemeni counter revolutionary thought

The Parties have been judged and the sentance is listening to the paragon's of the revolution at Air America.

That is All Comrades