Monday, February 28, 2005

Ruth Bad Girl Ginsberg in action

From Al-Reuters

"You are in effect saying the U.S. rules the world," Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (news - web sites) said. Goldstein said he disagreed with that characterization.

So EU regulators forcing US companies to do that isn't the EU ruling the world... but it doesn't work both ways

Wednesday, February 23, 2005



1. Who the hell do you think you are?

I am sorry that information is Classifed

2. So, other than blogging, what's your job? Do you work at some fast food joint, dumbass?

Part time student, full time file clerk

3. Do you have like any experience in journalism, idiot?

I worked on a high school paper one year

4. Do you even read newspapers?

every day

5. Do you watch any other news than FOX News propaganda, you ignorant fool?

I channel flip between news stations

6. I bet you're some moron talk radio listener too, huh?

*GASP* who told you

7. So, do you get a fax from the GOP each day for what to say, you @#$% Republican parrot?

yeah just like i get a dnc email every day to... and a libertarian party one every few months

8. Why do you and your blogger friends want to silence and fire everyone who disagrees with you, fascist?

I just want incompetent people to be fired

9. Are you completely ignorant of other countries, or do you actually own a passport?

I'd get a passport if i had the cash to see another country

10. Have you even been to another country, you dumb hick?

see above

11. If you're so keen on the war, why haven't you signed up, chickenhawk?

Military wouldn't take me.. bumb teeth, bumb knee, bad eyesight

12. Do you have any idea of the horrors of war? Have you ever reached into a pile of goo that was your best friend's face?

Yes drill instructor sir

13. Have you ever reached into any pile of goo?


14. Once again, who the hell do you think you are?!


Monday, February 21, 2005

"Free Mojtaba and Arash!"

over in Vodkapundit land he has tipped me off to a good form of blog protest this project is being started by the committee to protect bloggers

Work interfearing with my blogging ability

Wizbang beat me to a thought i had at work today....

Drudge is the father of Blogging, Thompson is the Spiritual father of blogging.. if you will

glad to see great minds think alike

see it here

I am calling this a hoax until i see more proof

Doctor Gonzo has allegedly shot himself

I am gunna wait a bit to see if this isn't a hoax

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Kongressional Koolaid

at LGF

we see a example of how far the tendrils of the crowd really go



so much pain.... so much burning

the Loony toons were ment to be funny

not... superheroishy


Movie Review: Constantine

I saw constantine

I didn't want to but after the day I had on saturday i needed the relaxation only a dark theater can bring


















Well the PC ending ( which really screwed with my comic book charecter mojo) wasn't the worst part

the worst was the "acting" of Keanu "I know Kung fu" Reeves

the film shouldn't have been cast in L.A i mean if they wanted an American city we have a few others that fit the motiff and theme better

See it at the dollar theater, it's worth the price there

Friday, February 18, 2005


Gabriel. You're most like the ArchAngel of
Communication, in charge of things like
telephones, libraries, internet, and the 411
phone menu. You're organised and are not shy
about inflicting that organisation on others.

Which ArchAngel are you most like?
brought to you by Quizilla

Hey I am in agreeance with Geffen

On the Drudge site we have the following

Geffen, who was a generous supporter and pal of Bill Clinton when he was president, trashed Hillary's prospects last night during a Q&A at the 92nd St. Y in New York City.

"She can't win, and she's an incredibly polarizing figure," the billionaire Democrat told his audience. "And ambition is just not a good enough reason."

this is good cause i was working along these same lines

Why She won't win, and how she can

Let us start off with a little history

Last US Senator to win was JFK, before him Warren Harding. Both of them were
in parties that held control of congress.

That last Democrat to win an open primary before Kennedy was Cleveland.

Of the party with the incumbency or the open slot being from its origin the
republicans only lost 92,76, 60, 32 and none earlier. Three of these were
defeating weakened incumbents

The democrats however have 2000,1976,1968,1952 of those only one was
defeating an incumbent who was weakened.

So when the position is open (2000,1988, 1968, 1960, 1952,1928,1920,1908)
the democrats have only won a single race since the start of the 20th
century (1960)

In races with the incumbent (2004,1996,1992,1984,
1980,1976,1972,1964,1956,1948,1944,1940,1936,1932,1924) we see incumbent
defeats in the following

1932: Great Depression
1976:Watergate fatigue
1980: Jimmy "malaise forever" carter
1992: Out of touch George Bush

While the GOP won only one race against an incumbent, the trends against the
first two (Watergate and the Depression) were unique, and the third could
have been beaten.

And of those who won in those situations we had 3 outsiders (Clinton,
Reagan, and Carter) 3 Reformers (FDR, Reagan, Clinton) and 3 with
institutional control of congress (Carter, FDR, and Clinton)

Historical 12-year administrations in the 20th century (a President and a
successor of his party)

FDR-Truman * (this one was more then 12 years)
McKinley-Taft* (this one was also more then 12 years)

Failed attempts at a 12 year administration

Johnson-Humphrey (though it would have been K-J-H)

So what did JFK have that was so great?

He was the very generation that had just fought WWII. He represented all of those who had bled for Ike himself. While Hillary doesn't have that she could run as the Avatar of all Women... she could be the "Woman coming to the white house" to inspire with a mothers toughness and her compassion

but... Women aren't like the "greatest Generation" there is no way to be all of them, and still have the juice to win a primary

Second thing Kennedy did was he outhawked Ike... and left Nixon forced to defend policies he didn't agree with

For Hillary to do this she'd have to target illegal immigrants and mulsim pressure groups which would kill her in a Democratic primary

she aint going to win the primary, and that means no General election dance card for her

Rowan Williams: Still a tool

Anti-Masonic Druid.. And oh yeah head of the Anglican communion Rowan Williams decided to show his mushy "anything goes" leadership style is A-Ok

"Part of the cost involved in the repercussions of recent events is that it has weakened, if not destroyed, the sense that we are actually talking the same language within the Anglican Communion," Williams told the Church of England synod, which was considering an official report on the issue.

"Not having a common language, a common frame of reference, has been one of the casualties of recent events, and there is every indication that that is not going to get better in a hurry," he said

Huh Rowan... gee I wonder if that's anything like discriminating on members of a social organization, while you promote a Christian bible that says you should have sex if you get horny

I wonder if it is a language problem like that

Williams endorsed the Eames report, but told the synod: "There will be no cost-free outcome from this ... to put it as bluntly as I can, there are no clean breaks in the Body of Christ."

and excuse me while a do a nationalist nature worship ceremony

Rowan Williams-Utter tool

Criticism of movies i haven't seen

In the comment section Yer Humble correspondent has been attacked for Bashing something that was bad without seeing it

Sometimes things are so bad that you don't need to see them to say it sucks

Alexander: Ignored any of the important aspects of Alexander the political leader, the military genius, the genocida mainic.. and focused on his love that dare not speak its name. That makes the movie horrid ( not to mention the role of Angilina Jolie) I didn't need to see it to know it was a train wreck

Kinsey: Utter lack of any historical facts on the man. a whitewash to make Kinsey seem like a crusader for truth... he was a sick freak, and his being a total sicko would have made an awesome movie

these flaws in these two movies were reason enough not to pay any hard earned money for them

and reason enough to share it with others

From the Ministry of funny walks

Ok.... George Bush appointed his "National Director of Intelligence" the
"Intelligence Czar"

Ok, An ambassador to baby-sit a bunch of intelligence agency heads... I can
sorta see how that makes sense but here is my real problem about this whole

What is the Job of the NID?
What is the Job of the DCI?
What is the job of the NSA?
What is the job of the N.S.A?

If you come up with the same answer for all 4 you are not alone.

We made a reform for the sake of making a reform.... Just like the ton of
Gun control laws that are never enforced. More bureaucracy and laws don't
make us safe stopping bad guys makes us safe.

More movie thoughts that irritate me

More thoughts, on entertainment

The other flick I was interested in seeing was Constantine

Vertigo, I am a huge fan of the line. I liked the Constantine stories.

Now I had concerns that Metrosexual-pretty boy Keaunu Reeves being cast in
the title role.

So.............. Lets rooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
that beautiful bean footage








Major Story arch: John Constantine tricks the demons in hell to into curing
his lung cancer. In the comic book, John lights up his cigarette and goes
on. Unrepentant, degenerate, and the anti-hero he is

In the movie.... he chews gum

A single scene that clearly destroys the entire premise of the charecter

The Medved/Million Dollar Baby controversy

Live from the Sub Basement of the Abiline Kinko's
Normally I am a fan of The Moderate Voice, and I can stand Michael Medved longer then most Talk radio hosts…. But a conflict has come between the two.

#1) Michael, I feel sorry for you having all these people attack you and your filling the better part of an hour on your show with it… really I do
#2) I usually avoid the “made for the Oscars” movies. These films as a rule tend to look down on the people saying “We’d be released earlier if only you were more cultured.” So I had no plans to see Million Dollar Baby whatsoever
#3) I heard about the “euthanasia” plot and figured Clint or Morgan had some incurable disease
#4) as a rule I love Clint’s work

With these caveats out there

Spoiler space alert






Ok… from the trailers we have a conflicted traditionalist catholic on the edge with his daughter and his church

We have a young woman who wants to be a boxing great and won’t take no for an answer

He denies her, but we get the lovable loser/mentor student mojo working and he trains her…

Then she gets severely wounded, but not lethally wounded in the fight

She says she can’t live any more please kill me.

First of all, this is a major conflict not only with her character (she was so damned sure to make it to be a real fighter) and Clint (Killing off his surrogate daughter and humanizing force) so right there this isn’t a subtle message – Medved’s point and based on what I see I agree with him- and a movie shouldn’t be marketed as a feel good boxing movie when it is “surprise” about murdering crippled people

Euthanasia... Doing it to folks who are dying while I ethically can see that as a kinda gray area, saying “your life will not be as good as you want so you should just die” this is not a grey area at all. It’s a psychotic area, it’s a suicidal area. She could have refused care and we could have had that be what killed her (people with those kind of injuries have serious issues) but no, we crossed the line from what can easily happen in the real world with the blessing of the person who has to endure the suffering, and crossing in to what is a second degree murder rap, at best.

I am sure the acting is great. I am sure the direction like all of Clint’s works is fantastic. But the message of the movie is hidden in the promotion, and hidden because it is so odious. Disabled groups have picketed this movie, while the Christian right tells its audience “You wouldn’t like this” a role that critics and religious groups SHOULD play.

So Michael Medved says the message is bad, ham handed, and being dishonestly promoted.

I can agree with him on all three of those points.
If we say her with a terminal illness, fighting for her dream and against the clock and dying after her heroic fight in the ring… accomplishing her dream, I’d have less problem with the Euthanasia angle in the film. But I have problems with the notion that if your life isn’t at a moment as absolutely good as you want it to be, you should just die. Or if you can’t have a full quality of life, you’re better off dead. Killing people because they are inconvenient is not a human attitude, it is inhuman and ghoulish pure and simple.

I can take the theme if you at least artfully play it out. From what I hear Million Dollar Baby doesn’t. Now, while this controversy excited my curiosity to see how the story could contort to make these choices real for the characters…. I still have no desire to see it until it hits HBO.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

A funny thing about gannonquiddic


a man who may or may not have been a male escourt ( but most likely was)

ended up becoming a reporter for a less then legit news service and changed his name to something that sounded better on a byline

and this was on the news why?

lets assume for the moment he was a male escourt... if he isn't now then isn't it good he has found something better to do.. whore soft ball questions to politicians?...

Ann Althouse is wrong here

I like Ann's blog alot..... but here I think she made a mistake in her approach

"I think the things that anyone has to ask. What do I bring to it? Do I bring ideas? Do I bring a world view, or something that maybe would be useful to the country? Is there some perspective that is, that's helpful? I think if it's just this, 'Gee, I'd like to do that,' that's not an adequate beginning for me. There has to be something. Maybe it's a focus on domestic policy, a focus on how we can improve our nation, but there's got to be something deep inside."

We need a serious President capable of handling foreign policy and national security, not some "values" charlatan.

While the Governor's big claim to fame is "covenant" marriages I don't think thats what he was talking about. I think as *I* read the transcript he was saying "I heed a real thing i can bring to the table to deserve to run"

and if i am right i agree 100%

The Internet goes up...the internet goes down

Blogging patterns to be effected

29.553% chance of snow

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Rathergate update

THE NEW YORK OBSERVER will report tomorrow: 'Former 60 Minutes Wednesday executive editor Josh Howard has told colleagues that before he resigns, the 23-year CBS News veteran will demand that the network retract remarks by CBS president Leslie Moonves, correct its official story line and ultimately clear his name'...

In the event of a lawsuit, Mr. Howard has told associates that he would like to see Moonves put under oath to talk about his own roles in the network's stubborn, hapless defense of the flawed segment on President Bush's National Guard service.

Howard has also indicated to colleagues that he would subpoena specific CBS documents, including the e-mails of top executives.



Hat tip Polipundit

and all i have to say is...hehe

Looks like we bloggers may be taking some more folks down in cbs

Wow San Fransicko may have set a new standard for idiocy

from Drudge

San Francisco would become the first city in the nation to charge drivers just for driving in its chronically congested downtown under a sure-to-be controversial proposal being aired today.

Supervisor Jake McGoldrick, chair of the San Francisco Transportation Authority, will ask the agency to study a downtown toll zone -- whereby drivers would need to purchase a daily pass to drive in The City's most congested streets -- as a potential solution to the Municipal Transportation Agency's woeful budget problems.

"The key issue here is if we can kill three birds with one stone -- relieve congestion, clean up the air, and give money to Muni -- we would have hit a home run," McGoldrick said.

yes because clearly forcing many many many more people to use public transit will save its budget problem

but now we can't just say they "Left their brain in San Fransicko"


Officials in car-clogged California are so worried they may be considering a replacement for the gas tax altogether, replacing it with something called "tax by the mile."

Seeing tax dollars dwindling, neighboring Oregon has already started road testing the idea.

"Drivers will get charged for how many miles they use the roads, and it's as simple as that," says engineer David Kim.


The new tax would be charged each time you fill up. A computer inside the gas pump would communicate with your car's odometer to calculate how much you owe.

The system could also track how often you drive during rush hour and charge higher fees to discourage peak use. That's an idea that could break the bottleneck on California's freeways.

hopefully if both these idiotic ideas happen we will see an exodus from the left coast

What a Maroon

You see, by doing this thing... you are going to have so many copy cats now trying to throw this in your face... You're just asking for trouble. Me I am doing my part for solidarity with my brother in pajamas

batesline.. i support ya bra

Monday, February 14, 2005

More "studying" of homosexuality by leftyblogs

bill at indcjournal is on the case

Important news from Al-Press

I am just going to cut out the key data so we are all clear of what Al-P is hiding

Lebanon - A massive bomb tore through the motorcade of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, who resigned last fall following a sharp dispute with Syria, killing him and at least nine other people Monday.

Hariri, 60, left office in October but had the wealth and the prominence to maintain some independence without defying Lebanon's main power broker, Syria, which keeps about 15,000 troops in the country and influences virtually all key political decisions.

Syria dominates Lebanon politically and militarily, and Hariri was careful to avoid openly defying Damascus, although his stature could have been a formidable opponent. New elections are expected in April and May, but no date has been set.

In Paris, Lebanon's most prominent exile, former army commander Gen. Michel Aoun, blamed Syria for the bombing and what he called the "feeble regime imposed by Syria" for the assassination.

thats the tall and short right there

Gannonquiddick Update

Warning the above link carries barely censored pictures from various gay websites

Ok... After googling several websites We see a bunch of Photo's that sorta look like Jeff Gannon

oooooh Big story

and Jeff Gannon, nor the special prosecutors office have linked him to the utterly bogus plame case.

So Some one who looks vaugely like Jeff gannon ( a few pictures are so poor in quality it looks nothing like him) and has the same last name did some gay escourt sites

Now... We can only confirm a few of those sites go back to Jeff because only a few have pictures

sooooooooooooo what exactly? a whore (maybe) asked the president soft ball questions

thats kinda cheesy but not news

Talon news ( at best) runs gop press releases as news stories... so we have no proof gannon did any reporting to speak of

good job lefties.. keep googling all that gay porn to umm "find" his secret

El Update

Another lefty

Questioned why Scott Ritter was treated to a different standard then Gannon ( a worse Standard)

Sex With a Minor: always wrong
Prostitution: not as wrong

any questions?

Yes because Giving north korea free stuff worked so well

Whit and wisdom of joe biden

plagerised from John Failure Kerry


You scored as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Congratulations! You are obsessive-compulsive! You know nothing curbs images of mutilating your mother like a good counting/checking/washing ritual... wait, DID you forget to turn off the stove???

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder


Borderline Personality Disorder


Unipolar Depression


Eating Disorders


Antisocial Personality Disorder




Which mental disorder do you have?
created with

More blogging that is totally gay

Could marriage, qua legal status, accommodate polygamous relationships? No! How would divorce be handled in polygamy? Could two "spouses" oust a third? What about property ownership -- could three out of seven spouses own property jointly apart from the others? Can a spouse in one polygamous marriage enter into another polygamous marriage without the consent of all the spouses of the original and the new marriages? What about inheritance? Tax returns? Child support? Powers of attorney? Right-to-die decisions?

Hey here is something funky.. did you know people asked several ( if not all) of those questions about gay marriage .. ;-) yeah they did funny that

The legal implications of the status of marriage require, metaphysically, that it be between two and only two people. But those same legal implications do not require, metaphysically, that it be between a man and a woman.

So arguing metaphysics to deprive a polygamist of his natural rights, and rejecting metaphysics when it impacts your natural rights.. intresting tactic

there is a fundamental right to marry under the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, the state would have to show a "compelling interest" in restricting a particular form of marriage. Clearly the sheer impossibility (not difficulty, but impossibility) of implementing legal polygamy qualifies.

yes, because clearly we don't have any unresolved legal issues from gay marriage

like a formerly hetrosexual dies and leaves his child to his SO... the wife, who is a biological parent objects due to her moral values, and right as a parent

no cause i mean courts, and legislatures don't go around ironing out flaws in the legal system... that never happens.

and, lets not forget in the past we have had men with multiple commonlaw spouses.. so there is a precident for sorting this matters out. Also how legal rights work for wives of illegal polygamists

fun from a a stich in haste he has a good blog but the fact real world polygamists are advancing as slowly as the first cases for gay marriage proves him wrong on this point

Hehe.. A new blog to me with a funny message

Gay Orbit helped pus all put the Howard Dean election In the proper context


I am on the OmbudsGod's blogwole and Ankle Biting Pundits


it came from Vodkapundit

Columbia Journalism Review's Steve Lovelady made another choice comment and reading the work on Vodkapundit's page I was reminded of something

2 --In the 2003 New York Times op-ed piece written by Jordan in 2003, he did not " admit that CNN had decided not to broadcast stories unflattering to the Iraqi government during the time Iraq was ruled by Saddam Hussein."

He did admit that he had withheld individual stories on specific atrocities precisely for fear that airing them would be the equivalent of a death sentence for his people in Saddam's Iraq. And he expressed relief that finally these stories could and would come out.

Ok... He was saying he was afraid Hussein would target his workers, two things that i found problematic with these coments

#1) As many Journalists At the time rightly attacked Jordan for, He didn't have to be In Iraq. CNN had a near exclusive deal with the Thugacrocy of Saddam. CNN on his watch made the choice to be there, that other news organizations were not doing


#2) He also fails to mention that Saddam Brutally tortured CNN employees anyway. This was something Eason Jordan had to know as well. To me the fact my soft shoe for Saddam was failing would have had me yank my organization outside the area. He didn't

you should read the rest of this post and watch lovelady get owned

Sunday, February 13, 2005

I’m From the UN and I’m here to Help

(Note my use of a Star Wars fan film in the link is not an endorsement whatsoever)

“The UN: We also Rape Children.” That’s the reality and it is getting more and more obvious every day. The UN aides and abets in the theft of money meant to feed starving Iraqi’s. Sexual Harassment of employees and the list goes on and on.

I’ve heard from former UN employees tales of the peacekeepers selling themselves to rival factions as mercenaries... this issues of corruption are nothing new, what is new is the United States and many other nations are tiring of it.

We’ve heard tales of piecemeal reforms coming from the desk of Kofi Annan, but I think piecemeal isn’t going to cut it. It’s not going to make these wounds heal.

I think we need a New UN. We need a UN with some degree of balance. We need to have both equal representation for Nations, but some thing to weigh the realities to the power bases of the Nations in the world. We need to see to it that Nations who commit on a regular basis crimes against humanity are not put in charge of setting the standards.

We need to put in rules and safeguards which prevent Nations like Israel from being singled out, while neighbors get away with the same and worse.

The religon paper that has been consuming me since tuesday

If you are intrested

More proof of why we need McCain Feingold

Last year, Democrats spent $61 million on TV ads in Ohio.

Republicans, on the other hand, spent $39 million, on such ads, or 36 percent less than their Democratic opposition.
Yeah man.... And John Kerry won by 36% of the vote right? Oh.. Oh He didn't

All i have to say is wow

"I tried to explain that Iran was not like the Soviet Union, that the mullahs were deeply unpopular but unlike their predecessors over the last 150 years they were not in the hands of the British or the Russians or the Americans," said Fran├žois Heisbourg, director of the Foundation for Strategic Research in Paris. "She gave no proof that Iran was totalitarian, because she didn't have any. It was scary. Unless there is some give on the American side we are heading for a real crisis."

So.. its not enough that a group of unelected people can have you arrested, tortured, and killed

What kind of proof do the frogs want?

No Pasaran for the hat tip

A scandal for Howard the Dean?

Newsmax seems to think so

to me its proof socialist care only has a greater cost explosion to show for their work

It came from the email box

Sad conclusion in the Eason Jordan affair (see below the New
York Times article), sad day for the freedom of expression in
America and sad day again for the future of blogging

When did some one say we needed to have freedom from responsibility to have freedom of speech?

Eason Jordan spoke freely, and will I am sure continue to do so again.

I am sure Eason Jordan will even write a book about how he was mistreated ( and a lot of folks will be buying this book)

he defense
of the US army honor seemed more important to some bloggers
than the defense of reporters' work (and sometimes life)!

A man who ordered covering up for a dictator to get CNN access to his atrocious regime. I think if anything this is showing the world the work of Eason Jordan outside the bounds of the media fraternity

Nevertheless, there is one advantage in this story: masks are
fallen! Within the honest community of bloggers, some of them
claimed to be the "sons of the First Amendment", they just were
the sons of Senator McCarthy. And this is very worrying to see
this new wedding between self-proclaimed citizen's media and
mainstream journalists scalps' hunters.

You see we've been lied to

we've been lied to for a long time by folks like Eason Jordan. They have controlled, spun, and manipulated everything we know.

that's why the Scalp hunter mentality is out there amongst bloggers, along with the "we actually pushed him to resign" euphoria which will in time go away

folks like Eason Jordan have been smug and arrogant in how they treat the masses, but now the masses can respond to their treatment by their overlords... A new status quo will have to emerge

but Calling us McCarthites is not the way to get there ( and further perpetuates historical inaccuracies about McCarthy)

Fifty years ago, it was
enough to be communist to be fired, today, it is enough to raise
questions about the Bush administration policy in Iraq to be
denounced as "anti-American".

Mr. Eason didn't question Bush administration policy. he spun an innuendo ( at best) or a lie ( at worst) about Us Soldiers. And then he backed down when he was caught in the act. This reminds me of why i liked Congressman Frank back in my early days of watching C-Span he is a man of political integrity and honesty.

Maybe the only difference is that
you are not fired, but that you must dismiss! What's my
conclusion? Real promoters of citizen media would have to take
some distance with those who have fueled and organised the
Eason Jordan hatred. If not, the "new era of journalism" opened
by the blogosphere will appear as the old clothes of American

So you hold that no one should be responsible for their words? I'd love to see you apply that same rule to a politician

According to the New York Times, "Eason Jordan, a senior
executive at CNN who was responsible for coordinating the cable
network's Iraq coverage, resigned abruptly Friday 11 February,
citing a journalistic tempest he touched off during a panel
discussion at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland,
late last month in which he appeared to suggest that United States
troops had deliberately aimed at journalists, killing some.
Though no transcript of Mr. Jordan's remarks at Davos on Jan. 27
has been released, the panel's moderator, David Gergen, editor at
large of U.S. News & World Report, said in an interview last
night that Mr. Jordan had initially spoken of soldiers, "on both
sides," who he believed had been "targeting" some of the more
than four dozen journalists killed in Iraq. Almost immediately
after making that assertion, Mr. Jordan, whose title at CNN had
been executive vice president and chief news executive, "quickly
walked that back to make it clear that there was no policy on the
part of the U.S. government to target or injure journalists," Mr.
Gergen said."

He walked it back after being CONFRONTED

thats a huge difference. What if Congressman Frank wasn't there? would anyone with that position of authority who was there forced Eason Jordan to walk it back?

the coverage also fails to note how Arab Journalists praised him for "speaking the truth" the same journalists who make inuendo and lies about the US government on a regular basis

In a memorandum released to his colleagues last night, Mr.
Jordan, 44, who had worked at the network for more than two
decades, said he had "decided to resign in an effort to prevent
CNN from being unfairly tarnished by the controversy over
conflicting accounts of my recent remarks regarding the alarming
number of journalists killed in Iraq."
Bret Stephens, a member of the Wall Street Journal editorial
board who attended the session in Davos, wrote in Thursday's
Journal that Mr. Jordan had "made a defamatory innuendo" but
added: "Mr. Jordan deserves some credit for retracting the
substance of his remark, and some forgiveness for trying to weasel
his way out of a bad situation of his own making."
Source: New York Times. See also the first posting on 28 January
2005 about the Eason Jordan affair: it was posted by Rony
Abrovitz on, the official weblog of the World
Economic Forum.

something my mother taught me that Eason Jordan should have remembered

Its not the crime that always gets you, but lying about it most certainly will

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Media Bias, Advertisers, and the Free Press

Media Bias, Advertisers, and the Free Press

I’d like to start this off by saying I am not a member of the Press… I am just some guy in pajamas (currently scrubs) and I got my words to say here.

Look at what’s happened at CNN (tailwind, two scandals from Eason Jordan), CBS (the TANG memos, phony Vietnam vets claiming atrocities), the NYTs (Jayson Blair), USA Today ( umm with whomever the guy there was) and probably the next case of bias from another media outlet. This was not about republicans out to get democrats or big money against the little guy…. This is about an industry that long ago realized that to make money they have to generate viewers. And they have chosen a way to make money. Fox has chosen bias in another way ( as had rush, hannity, etc)

These biases are about selling a product to people. Why does fox work? Because a lot of folks out there in TV land knew just by a careful eye and ear was spun and twisted. Thus the Product of Fox News sold well to those people. That is one of two ways that the media companies serve their advertisers (targeting). Talk Radio and Fox use this method very well.

The Traditional media party is still working the Muckraker card. “Everything is horrible; the world is going to end unless you do exactly what we tell you to.” They are targeting the fact people do see *gasps* problems in the real world. So the bigger the problems that the media shows to the general public, the bigger their draw of viewers and readers. That’s part of the “Liberal Media Bias”. And with this part, you can say all manner of things that P*** off your advertising base, but the numbers of viewers will still come in and you still sell. This is how shows like Married with Children last out moral controversies. This method can be risky but it has a big pay day.

And the advertisers? Sure they can get mad but if their ad reaches the most profitable and maximum cross section of the audience the greedy little piggies will keep eating it up. Controversy ( such as boycott campaigns) can work if something is marginal. But if it has roots (Married with Children, the WWE) it won’t work. Advertisers go for the demographics that ensure their success. So the corporate defense just doesn’t work. If the New York Times, USA Today, or CNN keep pumping out the people, they will keep getting in the Ad revenue.

Now they aren’t. Because they long ago stopped caring about the product they put out. Was the Scott Peterson trial more important then the brutalizing of poor people in the Congo by UN personnel? Not by any rational definition of the word Important. Should wall to wall coverage be given to any high profile trial, while the vast majority of people in North Korea are living on a starvation diet do to the criminal behavior of the government? Again no. they don’t want to do the stories that are meaningful from a muck raking standpoint, they simply want to do the ones that get them their bang for the buck

Do we see Journalists going after the incestuous relations between the scientific research community and many of the very industries who would make their ideas real products? Where are the Journalists questioning foreign governments who opposed the Iraq war, and were the bulk of pre and post sanction Iraqi trade? The journalists don’t see those things as problem because of the second byproduct of bias

Journalists, all of the national elite live in a small pond. Most of them go to the same parties, the same restaurants, the same social functions. Many of them live in close proximity or vacation in close proximity to each other. For the Media to stand as the 4th estate over the rest of the world they would have to go there.

This is not a problem that is republican or democrat in origin. As Rush Limbaugh is likely in orbit of the same clutches of geography as Hillary Clinton. The people with power are largely centralized in the same community, and as such they have the same environmental concerns dictating how they see the world.

Now at many of the local newspapers this was not the case till they were consolidated and corporate group think enforced upon them. Bias is about environment. They don’t see what they are doing is wrong. And bias is about roping in us plebes into buying their product and the other people who totemize their product. Except when I was a kid I can’t think of a time advertising on TV, newspapers, or radio influenced me to get a product. It’s because it’s just a box or a paper... its no more important then that.

And my mother always taught me not to believe everything you hear or read. So media has failed to snare me, and they will continue the road to bias.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

New levels of lawyering

Testifying from france, to a court in england, against a US plaintif


Charles' younger brother, Prince Edward, announced in 2003 that his newborn daughter would not receive the HRH, nor would any more children he and his wife, Sophie, might have.

which is all well and good if he had the power to do that

HRH Queen Elizabeth II does and oh yeah she hasn't

i mean it is sure great he can say that.. but i can say i am the king of siam but it isn't true

good gravy

the guy claiming to be behind the hoax of John "Cody" Adams may have himself been a hoax


(praise to the confederate yankee)

Abu Mazen Actually living up to his word

Now if this isn't a new card in the Cairo Plan color me impressed

Oh like i didn't know this

In the "Duh" moment of the news day North Korea announced it had nukes

I have on word from two former Department of Navy personel whom I know would have been in a position to know factually the Status of North Korea's Nuclear program

according to both of these individuals they have had Nuclear weapons since AT LEAST 1996

so the North Koreans are fibbing

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

NASA: Not good at Math

To determine if the Earth is warming or cooling, scientists look at average temperatures. To get an "average" temperature, scientists take the warmest and the coolest temperatures in a day, and calculate the temperature that is exactly in the middle of those high and low values. This provides an average temperature for a day. These average temperatures are then calculated for spots all over the Earth, over an entire year.

I thought that was the Median temperature.. i thought the average was the total temperatures in a given sampling divided by the total numbers of samples taken

if the bulk of the day was at 70* F but part of the day for 2 seconds was at 0* F and 100* F that doesn't mean the average temperature was 50

go back to Math class nasa

Question of the day

If homophobia is a form of latent homosexuality, and the left wing bloggers are trying to project homophobia on conservatives does that mean they are latent homosexuals who want to have sex with us?

DeAR gOD Part II

Now, with a greater state of not being tired, but still being exhausted i can go into more details on why this paper is "Much Pain"

  1. The last time i was vaugely under the christian label it was under this guy's church. I am afraid some what of a negative bias in that regard
  2. When i was a smaller shaver, I was good friends with his grandson
  3. He was always a smug and arrogant jerk... and I am arrogant, can be a jerk and from time to time even smug so i know it when i see it

But, when he spoke... so much fallacious logic, so much circular theology... my worry of any bias was burned away in a almost primal invocation of the animal trapped in a box pondering if i should gnaw away my own limb.... if only i didn't pay attention to the teachings of Dune i'd have done so.

  • He said that Muslims at a neuro-psychological level were incapable of American democracy, a foolist quest of George Bush who got much of his Ire alternating with fundementalists
  • He said that all religions are emotionally driven, then refused to allow a direct challenge pointing out he was wrong
  • He claimed all religions of antiquity, though he also blended in today, speak of a divine individual spark which is pattently false
  • He claimed that the doctrine of the Immaculate conception of Mary had a 19th century origin, which is true only in the same sense that saying George Bush lives in texas is true. The doctrine was offical church doctrine as far back as the late 15th century, and was a popular unoffical doctrine going back to the dawn of the church

I can't right now blog about the errors he made, but i have a real problem with just how unkind i will have to be to him

Dear god

I have a paper.... that is evil.... it seeks to destroy me

I will blog more on this sob as time permits

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

now we know why the guy from the beeb defended Jordan

Without going that far, Richard Sambrook, a BBC star raised the stakes. Another journalist in the room also recalled the Palestine hotel incident which supported the statements made in Davos, and recognizes the scale of the phenomenon, well-known within the journalistic community, but not beyond.

from Easongate

Fisk the street baby

would ask such activists, while they go after the journalists, why they fail to call upon our government to be accountable for the many known lies that they have told us. Freedom to do so is a traditional and important American value. Read a bit of Thomas Jefferson’s writings and you will not be able to disagree.

When I compare:

1. Eason Jordan’s comments that journalists have been targeted by military

that he redacts, and says he doesn't know anything about but HEARD is true when confronted by anyone asking him for facts

from a man who covered up for a brutal thug dictator in the first place, ignored his genocide so he could get access to the evil bastard in the first place

2. Myriad public comments by the Bush administration which caused the military to go to war on the wings of lies in the first place..

so your saying bush KNOWINGLY decived

can you prove he knew that the "Slam dunk" from the CIA was bogus? Can you prove he some how knew something no one but Saddam himself knew?

cause if you do i sure as heck would like to hear it.

and oh yeah the whole WMD dealie... that wasn't the main reason bush wanted to go to war. He did that reason to try to win over folks like you

I’ll bet the egotistical media will spend more time navel-gazing than reporting the truth about matters material to the most meaningful national interests. When you hear people say that the mainstream media seems as if they are in league with the American right-wing on the issues they choose to report, this is how it happens.

because clearly an organization which promotes a massive ratio of negative to positive stories, with a major executive who covered for saddam and has said outright falsehoods about american soldiers.. surely that isn't relevent

I mean, the 4th estate doesn't need the public to have faith in their ability to be honest brokers... no not at all

oh and best of all you quoted Joe Wilson

Based on my experience with the administration in the months leading up to the war, I have little choice but to conclude that some of the intelligence related to Iraq’s nuclear weapons program was twisted to exaggerate the Iraqi threat Joseph C. Wilson IV, Ambassador
New York Times Editorial

who was found not only to have lied in public, but was honest under oath... he made all these comments while being a PAID advisor of the Kerry campaign

honesty... nawww

Monday, February 07, 2005

More european enlightenment

In the Netherlands a school is banning the dutch flag

they are banning a flag that they have used since they fought for their own independence from spain

Muslims executing dutch citzens at a whim... acting violently in classes to force respect

banning the dutch national identity

soon it may be RIP for The Netherlands

credit:David Kopel on The Volokh Conspiracy

oh that explains everything

WASHINGTON - Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid on Monday urged President Bush (news - web sites) to stop the Republican National Committee (news - web sites) from calling him an obstructionist and criticizing his Senate record, a tactic the GOP used to help defeat Reid's predecessor.

AP Photo

Bush repeatedly has said he wants work with Democrats, most recently during his State of the Union speech last week, Reid noted in a speech on the Senate floor.

"Why didn't he stand and tell the American people last Wednesday that one of the first items of business we were going to do in Washington is send out a hit piece on the Democratic leader?" Reid said.


so your saying Bush's agenda won't go through ( a obstructionist agenda, especially without a set of real alternatives) is ok but their pointing out that you are an obstructionist isn't

ok glad to clear that up

Meet the new General Secretary of the Party

Wow... Howard Dean

well lets see he'd get your grassroots energized and........... oh wait that didn't work for him

way to think their dnc

MSM coverage of Eason's fables


One single news story on google news

on yahoo news we have it here

one single story

both commentaries, and both about the Bloggers attempt to man the barricades against the MSM

shame on the MSM

Easongate: My take

Its best outlined here

We have some one from The Beeb defending Jordan

Update III: More from panelist and BBC director Richard Sambrook. I asked him via e-mail if he had any response to this comment from Jim Geraghty:

[BBC director Richard] Sambrook states, "[Jordan] clarified his comment a number of times to ensure people did not misunderstand him."

But then why would Arab members of the audience come up and congratulate him for having the courage to speak the truth? Why were, according to these accounts, Franks, Dodd and Gergen so disturbed? Or are these details from other accounts inaccurate? Are Abovitz, MacKinnon, and Frank remembering things that didn't happen? How about the secondhand sources of Jay Nordlinger?

Sambrook responded:

I can't answer for how other people took his comments. His initial comment may have been ambiguous (although even then I didn't think he meant that US troops had intended to kill journalists) but his clarifications as the session progressed should have left no-one in doubt about his meaning. Could it be that some people would prefer to think ill of him?

There are people in the media community who would criticise the US military on this issue. I'm not one of them and to my knowledge Eason has in the past dismissed suggestions of ill-intent on the part of the US military.

when we look at David Gergan, Chris Dodd, and Barney Frank all verifying the Eason Jordan was a grade A moonbat

now this isn't just a matter that we bloggers are taking out of context

from Captain's Quarters we have this nugget ( also from the very yummy Michelle Malkin)

But the blockbuster news from David Gergen isn't so much the corroboration he gave Michelle about Jordan's remarks. He told Michelle that he had been interviewed by the Washington Post about Jordan's comments last week, who then apparently spiked the story.

Now it isn't even like this is the first time Jordan has bashed our government or helped out the forces of evil.....

the Media is as some might say a fraternity and they are circling the wagons around one of their own

when are they going to learn?

PM of Ukraine, dangerous hottie

She can Orange my revolution anytime

thanks to Ace

black eye # 54498921 for the MSM

go here now

That's cute.... but it's wrong

Conservative thought has long rated the notion of "root causes" — explaining antisocial behavior as a consequence of social conditions — as a major heresy. Neoconservatives have especially enjoyed burning witches over this doctrinal deviation. This makes it especially remarkable that a president thought to be in the thrall of neocons should sink so eloquently into doctrinal error.

maybe the President was trying to point out that only in tyranny do people view terrorism as acceptable... that is a much different statement then terror is caused by tyranny

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Un... Swift action....hehe

Annan vows action
By Betsy Pisik

NEW YORK -- In a bid to regain public confidence, officials of
the United Nations promised swift action after the release
Thursday of a highly critical evaluation of the U.N. oil-for-food
U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan yesterday pledged to take
unspecified disciplinary action against two senior U.N. officials,
with his aides adding that he would strip away diplomatic
immunity of the pair, if necessary.

Swift, but unspecified

Ahhh the UN

I second these thoughts

from the Volokh conspiracy

People my age are as likely to believe in Social Security as they are in Santa Claus. And, if you ask me, it would be equally naive for a twenty-something to believe in either one.

Her views are consistent with comments that I hear from my own students, most of whom are in their mid-twenties, and none of whom are counting on a dime from Social Security when they retire.

i agree with it 100%

And in related news

It's a Scream

NY Post.. Nuff Said

from the NYPOST

says it all

(Haptanghaiti: Song 5.2 = Yasna 39.2)

Also we venerate the souls of
the helpful law-abiding.
And we venerate the souls of the righteous,
born in whatever land,
both men and women,
whose good consciences
are growing, have grown or shall grow.
(Haptanghaiti: Song 5.2 = Yasna 39.2)

Andrew Sullivan is the GhEy

A big time blog celebrity is teh GhEy. I am redefining GhEy to take the old
negative connotation of "Gay" as used in south park can be applied to
Andrew. Lets forget Andrew using his fundraising drives to help fund his jet
setting to Europe and elsewhere (or prostitutes or whatever) that has under
the old negative connotation of "Gay" is already transcendental in its
nature. But I am going to take a larger stroke of the "queer" behavior in
how Andrew has conducted himself as a new media personality.

It is not just his whorishness about his fundraising that makes him exceed the old negative nomenclature of gay he has become almost motorcycles.. A strange alien and meaningless word.

What makes Andrew so sad now is his Happy Wand.

Note the following will probably offend gay people, religious conservatives, and god knows who else.

Ok here is the deal, Andrew is all happy and having his own sexuality and social mores but if we look at his blogging and his issue advocacy its the same way. He, like the canidate he supported, voted for the war before he voted against it.

Andrew was harsh on the president's spending but big deal... even rush ( a man who is probably the biggest GWB shill on the planet)

and Andrew seemed to flip when The President went more into the religious conservative camp ( to see to it those folks all showed up to vote for him.)

and then all of a sudden Andrew flip-flopped

thus it comes down to Little Andrew, not about some great moral viewpoint. Andrew Sullivan a man who is ultimately brilliant has had his politics be defined by his penis

nothing could be more clear then this little gem from Andrew's page

WHY NOT AN ANTI-ABORTION AMENDMENT? Here's an interesting question, posed by my friend Jon Rauch. The Senate Republicans have vowed to push their anti-gay marriage amendment, even though it won't stand a chance of getting the necessary 67 votes. The point is political and rhetorical. They are trying to build momentum, raise money, and keep the cause of banning same-sex unions alive. So why not push an anti-abortion amendment instead? They have one such amendment on hand. Both proposed amendments are allegedly against judicial meddling. Both will fail. But one deals with a much graver issue, by the religious right's reckoning - an immense loss of human life, rather than the grave evil of two human beings committing to one another for life. So why this priority? Surely, abortion is a more important matter than same-sex marriage - even for the religious right. Or is it?

The reason is money, but you knew that Andrew. The last time Anti-Abortion Amendment calls made the political machine that supports the GOP any money was when everyone got offended by the Partial Birth Abortion procedure, and President Clinton didn't let the republicans ban it.

Gay marriage is now a hot topic, its a way for the political parties ( left and right) to sheer people like Andrew Sullivan to put out their hard earned money into supporting them.

to quote Chris Rock "The Money is in the medicine."

and lets not get into a natural rights argument about gay marriage as the concept of homosexuality is.... Drum roll please..... A Modern concept

sorry to burst your bubble Andrew but there haven't always been gay people. When Marriage +Sex+ love= family in the modern world's lexicon then and only then did homosexuality come into being.

Now we've had men having sex with women for ages, but those men understood that sexual pleasure was one thing, social compacts ( such as marriage) were another.

just as your shilling for a book written by an author who committed an abortion on the ethical standards of history, so he could some how make himself feel better about being gay "If Abraham Lincoln is gay they have to accept me."

putting your sexuality as the defining concept of your life is a weak and mentally flacid position. You like to have sex with men, other then you who really gives a rats ass?

other then men you will want to ( or who will want to have sex with you) who cares?

you turned on your political beliefs based on your happy little friend Andrew, you retire as a lure to get people to fund your little spats of blogging

go sell out Andrew, become a pundit on MSNBC ( they need the help) and become one of them, because you a long time ago stopped being one of us.

this is kind of humerous

Not wanting to be a ghoul, but this little tidbit i found on Ann Althouse is well Out there

you can educate a prisoner till he is smart enough to kill

so we'll have to find out a way to know some one's IQ at the time they committed the crime


I just got a postcard from the AC Nielson company


i get to now inflict my television habits on the rest of you all now bwahaha

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


It is a strange world

on the way to school i was listening to a guy on the Michael Medved show talking about his book to explain pot to kids ( yes parents having to explain their illegal activity to their child)

That was almost as amusing as the whole saga of Brave soldier John "Cody" Adams and watching on CNN with my work breakfast that it "appears" to be a toy and not a real hostage

yes because clearly

  1. Having the same Gear as Cody, Gear that is not US Military issue
  2. Having the same head shape, facial features and head proportions
  3. and the general action figury apperance wasn't enough

It is moments like this that remind me there is a god, and he has a really twisted sense of humor.

I am due to my math class going to miss out on the president's state of the union speech ( i'll actually do better decoding the transcript myself afterwards anyway) and the ludicrous democratic rebutal

as it says on my G-mail signature "Truth is stranger then fiction, because fiction has to make sense"

Oh No, I't's to much for elmo

In addition to these brutal act of terrorism, there is something else about the cody picture which kinda troubles me

if you look at the bottom there.. it looks almost like that is a concrete cinderblock on top of a piece of concrete

(praised be to the drudge and powerline )