Wednesday, November 29, 2006

And this is the first anime I watch since I learned Japanese

I do hope this hits the states


An editorial which gets to the heart of things in Iraq

The Bush administration disputes the "civil war" moniker. And it's not a semantic argument. Just Tuesday, The New York Times reported that "the Iranian-backed group Hezbollah had been training members of the Mahdi Army, the Iraqi Shiite militias led by Moktada al-Sadr." It's not the only outside influence.

Such a proxy war is not a civil war. Neither is it unreasonable or naive to believe that sans those proxies, Iraq might not be the hellhole it now is. Nonetheless, this remains a matter for the Iraqis to settle.

And yet we want IRAN to help us stop the conflict

and here is another

Such advice is worse than wrong-headed, it is a denial of reality. Iran and Syria have one primary interest — U.S. withdrawal from Iraq and ultimately out of the entire Middle East. So much is clear from the daily pronouncements of the Terhran Mullahs, led by the Iranian strongman Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and the long-standing refusal of the Baathist regime controlling Syria to stop expediting the inflow of foreign fighters to Iraq to kill Americans and foment civil unrest between Iraq’s Sunni minority and the Shiite majority. The only stability Iran seeks in Iraq is the kind made possible by the sort of puppet regime Ahmadinejad wants in Baghdad. This is why Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei told Iraq’s President Jalal Talibani yesterday that Iran will send troops if requested to do so by Iraq.

There is another crucially important denial of reality akin to the “managing defeat” syndrome. Evidence is rapidly accumulating that major Western media organizations are being had on a daily basis by the propaganda efforts of the Jihadist insurgency. A frequently appearing source in Iraq stories from AP, Reuters and other mainline news organizations is “Capt. Jemil Hussein” of the Iraqi police. Hussein was the main source in the Nov. 24 story claiming six Iraqi civilians were burned alive by insurgents outside a mosque. Hussein is one of 14 questionable sources with Middle Eastern names identified by the U.S. military in news stories from Baghdad reporting growing chaos and allegations of U.S. atrocities.

and we expect Iran and Syria to help us.

And some folks expect media accuracy

So will Bush sell out the Iraqi people?

Jim Webb.... Classy Guy

Jim Webb shows that saying every southerner has dropped the N bomb,Make Derogatory comments about Women, maligning rape victimes, advocate being for the Scot-Irish people over non Scot-Irish people, and talking about little kids penis' in the mouths was not the height of his class.

The Hill is there

At a private reception held at the White House with newly elected lawmakers shortly after the election, Bush asked Webb how his son, a Marine lance corporal serving in Iraq, was doing.

Webb responded that he really wanted to see his son brought back home, said a person who heard about the exchange from Webb.

“I didn’t ask you that, I asked how he’s doing,” Bush retorted, according to the source.

Webb confessed that he was so angered by this that he was tempted to slug the commander-in-chief, reported the source, but of course didn’t. It’s safe to say, however, that Bush and Webb won’t be taking any overseas trips together anytime soon.

Forget politics for a moment. Webb is an Ass.

Bush was being polite and showing a legitimate intrest in his son. Webb first used his son as a political prop.... Which to my mind shows a lack of class, but when Bush tries to do the right thing -again- Webb wants to hit him.

And seriously.... Its a question who was the bigger deuchbag Webb or Allen. I think Webb just made that clear to me

Monday, November 27, 2006

More Stupidity from Europe Dept.

BRITISH criminal psychologists are putting together a list of the 100 most dangerous murderers and rapists before they have committed any such crimes, The Times has reported.

Experts from London's Metropolitan Police's Homicide Prevention Unit are creating psychological profiles, compiled through statements from previous partners, information from mental health workers, and details of past complaints.

"My vision is that we know across London who the top 100 people are," Homicide Prevention Unit senior criminal psychologist Laura Richard said.

read the rest

Now I want to ask anyone out there who says that we should be more like Europe to PLEASE STFU~!
Now I want to ask anyone out there who says "O Noes Bush is the debil and stealing my civil rights..." to please STFU~!

Governments all over the world want more power.... its their thing, its why governments exist.

People need to stop government from doing stupid stuff like this

end of story


Instead, it was the on-air unveiling of an official Raiders broadcast sponsor, as noted by PBP man Papa: "The two-minute warning is brought to you by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation".

The sponsorship is a win-win for the Raiders. The club collects the advertising revenue and with the two-minute headstart, is able to keep its season ticket base largely intact.


Character matters.... really

The L. A. Slimes actually does a good job talking about why character matters when it comes to Senator John McCain

The first clue to McCain's philosophy lies in two seemingly irrelevant items of gossip: His father was a drunk, and his second wife battled addiction to pain pills. Neither would be worth mentioning except for the fact that McCain's books and speeches are shot through with the language and sentiment of 12-step recovery, especially Steps 1 (admitting the problem) and 2 (investing faith in a "Power greater than ourselves").

Like many alcoholics who haven't quite made it to Step 6 (becoming "entirely ready" to have these defects removed), McCain is disarmingly talented at admitting his narcissistic flaws. In his 2002 book "Worth the Fighting For," the senator is constantly confessing his problems of "selfishness," "immaturity," "ambition" and especially "temper," though he also makes clear that his outbreaks of anger can be justifiable and even laudable when channeled into "a cause greater than self-interest."

"A rebel without a cause is just a punk," he explains. "Whatever you're called — rebel, unorthodox, nonconformist, radical — it's all self-indulgence without a good cause to give your life meaning."

What is this higher power that ennobles McCain's crankiness? Just as it is for many soldiers, it's the belief that Americans "were meant to transform history" and that sublimating the individual in the service of that "common national cause" is the wellspring of honor and purpose. (But unlike most soldiers, McCain has been in a position to prod and even compel civilians to join his cause.)

George Bush's history of substance abuse is extremely formative on his thinking process. It lead him to his christian faith and his views on god-centered and faith-centered life. This leads him to the sense of calling he has had on National Security issues. Bill Clinton's life was formed by an alcoholic father in the analysis of Dick Morris (which I agreed with) his ability to have an almost elastic ability to be all things to all people. These are negatives which these men turned into positives. What did Senator John McCain do with a similar negative to Clintons? He surrendered himself to a higher and transformational power (the government) because of his background as a military man.

You could also say that John McCain's being in the Hanoi Hilton has also put him firmly at the alter of government power. Whereas many organizations (which he was later as a member of congress and the senate antagonistic towards) put pressure on the government to do right by folks like John McCain his mind still in that cell in Hanoi views the government as the source of his salvation.

Looking at Bill Clinton we see a similar negative trait which haunts his political destiny. Bill never served so he didn't have the spine to put boot on the ground in a war he might lose. Somalia early in his presidency assured him that his instincts are correct.

We have a man who formatively is cloaked in the tounge of the addict, and a man who still deep in his mind is formed and tested in a torture cage in vietnam. are these formative experiences a help or a hinderance to his views on the future?

"Our greatness," he wrote in "Worth the Fighting For," "depends upon our patriotism, and our patriotism is hardly encouraged when we cannot take pride in the highest public institutions." So, because steroids might be damaging the faith of young baseball fans, drug testing becomes a "transcendent issue," requiring threats of federal intervention unless pro sports leagues shape up. Hollywood's voluntary movie-rating system? A "smoke screen to provide cover for immoral and unconscionable business practices." Ultimate Fighting on Indian reservations? "Barbaric" and worthy of government pressure on cable TV companies. Negative political ads by citizen groups? They "do little to further beneficial debate and healthy political dialogue" and so must be banned for 60 days before an election if they mention a candidate by name.

and I think I will just end it as the L.A Times did... talking about my favorite Arizona political figure

Goldwater, a man who seemed to emanate from Arizona's dust, was the paragon of limited government, believing to his core that the feds shouldn't tell you how to run a business or whom you can sleep with. McCain, on the other hand, is a third-generation D.C. insider who carpetbagged his way into office, believing to his core that "national pride will not survive the people's contempt for government."

Passing the International Test?

We here a lot of folks saying we need more International support for our actions in Iraq. Well Al-Reuters shows us why that might not be such a good idea

Nov 26 (Reuters) - NATO commanders in Afghanistan say the battle against Taliban insurgents is being held back by restrictions placed by alliance nations on what their troops can do on the ground........

GEOGRAPHICAL CAVEATS - Germany, Italy, Spain and others declined calls in September by NATO to move troops based in calm areas to the violent south to help with fighting. Berlin has insisted the parliamentary mandate covering its 2,900 troops stipulates they remain in the north, apart from one-off forays.

Another example concerns troops based in districts around the capital Kabul. Alliance sources complain that some refuse to go outside their assigned patches, reducing ISAF's ability to respond to incidents on the ground.

CONSULTATIONS - Most national forces can only do certain tasks after consultation with their capitals -- a process that slows down reaction times. At least one government insists on being consulted before its troops are despatched to within one km (half a mile) of the restive border with Pakistan.

OPERATIONAL RESTRICTIONS - National contingents may refuse to carry out operations above a specified altitude because they are not properly equipped: some helicopters, for example, cannot be used above a certain height; another's troops have limits on what tasks they can perform at night; one NATO source said some south European nations unused to tough Afghan winter conditions have a caveat against fighting in snow, while others ban theirs from riot control operations.

FLIGHT RESTRICTIONS - Nations have deployed aircraft to help NATO operations but in reality keep a tight grip on how such valuable assets are used, allied sources complain. An ally may pledge to allot a given number of hours per month to ISAF operations "subject to availability"; when alliance commanders seek to draw on that resource, they are all too frequently told the aircraft are not available, runs the complaint. At least one nation will not let troops from other nations travel in its aircraft, according to another alliance source.

Now next time you hear that we are on the cusp of losing afghanistan... here is part of the problem. And when you skim through old Iraq stories I want you to ask yourself this question: How, if NATO a unified organization can't operate security in Afghanistan could a lack of organization, a coalition of the willing, do it in Iraq without common organizational backbone.

I might go dig some of the posts and news articles I saw pointing to the problems of our allies. But I think in this age our country may stand alone at the gate.... though truthfully I am not certain we won't run either

Thursday, November 23, 2006

I am Thankful

Yes another irregular blog posting out of me.

I figured giving the holiday I'd put out what I am thankful about.

I am thankful for my Mother;

She and I have had difficult times in our relationship, I am thankful that since I have started going to USF and really struggling she has been there for me to the best of her ability (some times more then I thought she should have)

I am thankful for my Father;

After his marriage to his new wife a lot of things went sour between my Dad and I. But again now that I am living on my own and talking to him things have just seemed to have moved forward in my relationship with him.

I am thankful for my roomate Kevin;

If kevin hadn't moved down here going to USF would have been tougher for me and I'd probably been laboring and driving back and forth from Sarasota. It wouldn't have been good on my little car or on my pocket book.

I am thankful for Bonnie (Kevin's girlfriend);

Really while I have many loose friends up here I am thankful she is some one who has been in the closer orbit of friendship.

I am thankful for the Job I had(and will have again) at 7-11;

My first year up here my savings and student loan money got blown through real quick. The 7-11 provided me some money that slowed down that process this time. It made this year in some respects financially easier (though educationally a bit rougher)

I am thankful for Myspace (yes I said it);

I have found a whole lot of friends from my high school time on Myspace.... I am very thankful to have found and caught up with these people.

I am thankful for being in School;

I really am. As much as I just want this to be over, I am thankful that I am moving forward with my life

Monday, November 13, 2006

This is a cool Story for the Hebrews out there

The following morning I entered his chambers. He was a gentleman who greeted everyone who came to see him. He bowed to me and offered me a seat. My words poured forth, as I told him that I saw truth and meaning in his religion and that I decided to adopt it if he would accept me.

"Where are you from," he asked me.


He looked at me. "Are you Jewish?"

"Yes," I replied.

His reaction surprised me. His expression turned from friendly to puzzled -- with even a tinge of anger. He told me that he did not understand my decision, and that he would not permit me to carry it out.

I was stunned. What did he mean?

"All religions are an imitation of Judaism," he stated. "I am sure that when you lived in Israel, your eyes were closed. Please take the first plane back to Israel and open your eyes. Why settle for an imitation when you can have the real thing?"

His words spun around in my head the whole day. I thought to myself: I am a Jew and an Israeli, but I know nothing about my own religion. Did I have to search and wander the whole world only to be told that I was blind and that the answers I was seeking were to be found on my own doorstep?

But this story has a double down even odder element to it

"You are quite right, but in this case I am not the matchmaker," she replied simply.

"What do you mean?"

"I'll tell you. Anat came to me and showed me a piece of paper with a name in it. She asked me to introduce her to the person whose name was written there. She knew nothing at all about that person, but said that she had been given his name by someone she trusts completely... It was your name."

After the engagement party, Anat and I went for a walk.

"Tell me," I said, "how did this shidduch come about? I want to know who gave you my name, so that I can pay him."

Anat smiled. "You will have to travel to India to pay him."
Before I had a chance to react, she continued, "I haven't told you yet that at the end of my wandering, I went to the Dalai Lama. I was very impressed by him and all he embodied and I decided to join his religion. When I told him he said, 'Anat, since you are Jewish you should not settle for silver if you can have gold.' He told me to return to my roots and then in a whisper, he asked one of his assistants to bring him a piece of paper. The Dalai Lama then copied the name that was there onto another piece of paper, and handed it to me. 'This is your soul mate,' he told me.

"When I returned to Israel, I joined a religious seminary. And you know the rest. You know, at first it was because of the Dalai Lama, and only later the much stronger light of Judaism that attracted me. And only after a year had gone by did I begin to search for you. I approached many shadchanim, matchmakers, but no one was able to discover you in the various yeshivas for ba'alei teshuvah. Finally someone contacted your yeshiva, and -- I found you!

"From the very first date I knew that the Dalai Lama was right."

Read the whole story here

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A note

I am told some of my rants are.... Well less then well edited.

I plan to fix these posts since I trusted my Spell Check when I shouldn't have.

This is really the rant spirit I am working on here

Post Election Post 2: Thanks Liddy

My theme for these series of posts is going to be a simple one. And it may seem a bit hard but my perspective is very different. Their are two kinds of folks in this party those who view the party as their province and are part of its aristocracy and those of us who found ourselves at home in the GOP. The former is like some vestigial reptilian appendage to the days when a rich and privileged few ran this party and ran it without an ideological focus or purpose.

And the next person I want to thank for screwing this up for us is part of that establishment, part of that privileged elite of the party. Liddy Dole was part of the K-Street mob and worked her way up using her husband. She led one of the most moral branches of the most immoral organizations (The Red Cross). Liddy was not a person I liked, but Liddy is part of why we are where we are today. And like the President conventional wisdom will spare her.

With a party war chest all about the small to medium donors do we get an intellectual white knight? Do we get a passionate true believer? We get the wife of the boring, dogged... and pretty tied former leader of the Senate. We get a man who lost when he was on the national ticket twice, and lost a third time. Is this how you reach out to those folks who give you 20, 30, 50, or 100 dollars? Is this how you get to the people who can give just the legal limit and afford no more? Of course its not but the fire of the party had been overthrown in the senate so the leadership of Ice needed to try to bear its abominable fruit.

I will get to Bill Frist a bit later... but this is where I rake Liddy dole over the coals.

The truth came down to it that walking into the Pre-Election cycle at the end of 04 the Party had plenty of opportunities. I will focus on the one that I feel was most squandered as a very emblematic problem of where opportunities were blown and that's here in Florida.

Katherine Harris has quite simply a horrendous track record here in Florida. Long histories of Political corruption, long ties to dirty money... But Harris had a pass called the election of 2000..... And *Allegedly* a pass called her staying out of the Senate race for hand picked "Friend of George" Mel Martinez. Harris would have lost to Mel in 2004 and lost handily and if she did we would not be where we are today. But the President I don't know out of a sense of "owing" here or out of a sense of wanting a quiet anointing of Mel gave her a "06 is your year promise." Under the regime of Brother Lott I doubt that would have happened... but this was with the Eunuch guarding the harem of Bill Frist and his little pillow warmer liddy dole.

So because the Brahmin's had to have one of their own Harris came into the fray. It was clear some one needed to recruit some one to beat her. But Liddy did not have the ties to the money men that George Allen had or heck even George Allen’s street cred with the average republican. She wasn't one of us so what she got was well.... a bit sub par.

You look at the elections and we darn near had another Democrat shut out (the CFO race is a unique matter which didn't prove the rule) Harris had lots of negative baggage and that was before she said word one. If a competent republican was standing up for the Senate Seat the Democrats would have had to dump money into the Nelson campaign.... lots of money. That would be lots of money that couldn't crack the Nut in Virginia. Lots of money that couldn't kill some of the gains that were starting in Maryland. and that’s without a pickup.

The entire Dynamic of the race would have changed if Chuck Schummer had to fight it out on the airwaves of Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville. The lack of a credible Primary opponent for Harris meant that money could be used in better places. And we see with West Virginia and Nebraska a similar failure to get people on the board who can win.

They weren't playing to win... they were playing to keep the other guy from winning and that’s why they failed.

But if that was her only fatal flaw I could almost forgive her but things got worse. We have the fact she did (for good reasons) the detriment of our party in the Rhode Island Primary. I am not going to fight the case that Laffey could have won. But what I am going to roll out is this... when the Senate Campaign needed all its people ready to fight early and fight often Liddy Dole ordered these people to get a black eye. And we look at the Missing Link and we see the deepest Irony of all. A man whose wife bought in hook line and sinker to the Presidents foreign policy agenda says we have to remove one of the people who stood up to it to punish him. Link ran away from Bush and it was going to damn him. But by trying to save him from his damnation the party lost its money and lost some of the fire it needed in its belly.

The Senate ran to the left end of its own and some other issues I will lay out a bit later on. But when we needed a good Offensive Co-Ordinator we instead got a green rookie with no fire and no skills to fall back on

Thanks Liddy.... at least this means I won't see you waste your time running for President ever in my lifetime

The Post-Election Post #1 Thanks George

Well folks I have been fighting my blogging doldrums but the election came up and so as some one who has talked a lot in the past (a lot) about the political system I need to say some stuff.

I really wanted to do more on this election but it felt like... it really felt like this election was a whole lot of nothing. Their were things that mattered to me at stake in this election but it really didn't seem to me like it mattered to the people who were running this election. My buddy Ken Kerns, as well as my Buddy Mark Griffis and I joke about how the people in charge don't know what their doing and really this election makes it feels almost like solid fact.

In the end it came down to this it’s very clear that to the American voter the Republicans didn't deserve to win.... and that's why the Democrats took control. In the weeks and months ahead that's not going to be how the tea leaves are read... indeed just today we see the white house failed to leave the mark of blood so it had to sacrifice one of its own.

This sacrifice makes me truly worry about my country. Don Rumsfeld was not a man who was brought on to lead a War on Terror. He was brought on to remodel the Military and he has had 6 years of progress on it.... which stop now I fear, and that's to our detriment down the road. We need to have a military that is ready for the wars we fight another 10 or 20 years from now... not have a military ready only for the conflicts that lay in our field of vision. He was sacrificed for political convenience and I fear for this country we will have other sacrifices to come.

The only salvation I think is the Democrats are going to want to keep the war festering for as long as they can to keep the door open on the anti-war vote for 2008 .... But, I truly fear even that notion because then they will know as our enemies did when we pull out of Saigon. And if we do to the Iraqi people what we did to the People of South Vietnam in the end our military might well be confirmed as a paper tiger. We ran from Somalia, We Ran far away from even trying in Rwanda, We ran from Lebanon, We ran from Indochina, and now perhaps running from Iraq. If this happens I fear for the world because the last time the strength of the United States withdrew like this we saw the rise of Hitler... and even that analogy has its flaws.

Rome began its fall when Rome built the gates to keep the barbarians out and focused on itself. As it did that soon it needed the Barbarians to man the gates against other Barbarians. We look to Europe and we see the Barbarians are at the gate there... are we going to repeat that folly and build our own gates now?

You look at it the election was not an endorsement on ending the policy in Iraq... yet that's what The President has now anointed it so.

Here are some more words on the oil our president is anointing his wounds with

On at least one Persian Gulf issue, Gates has been associated with a different approach than the one now being pursued. In the summer of 2004, Gates and former national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski co-chaired a task force sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations that argued for opening a dialogue with Iran. The task forces report contended that the lack of American engagement with Iran had harmed American interests, and advocated direct talks with the Iranians. “Just as the United States has a constructive relationship with China (and earlier did so with the Soviet Union) while strongly opposing certain aspects of its internal and international policies, Washington should approach Iran with a readiness to explore areas of common interests while continuing to contest objectionable policy,” said the report, entitled “Iran: Time for a New Approach.”

China and the Soviets did not break international law in the way the Iranians are doing, yet the man who will be running our defense department now doesn't see it that way. A man who crafted this new approach with the architect of the Carter foreign policy..... Is this what we want? Do we want to bring Carterism into our government?

When the people of Iran cry out for new leadership, when they cry out for freedom and a western way of life we should not be breaking bread with the men who execute them. We should not be enabling the people who are destroying the economy. Because if engagement was truly the key the powers of Europe should have had the matter all settled.... engagement isn't a panacea.

And yet you look at the Ballot measures. Eminent Domain reform (which Pelosi does not favor) Passed, Bans on Gay marriage passed in almost all the states they came up on. Restrictions on Illegal aliens at a state level -even in states the democrats did well in- passed. Why did we lose? We lost because George W. Bush is not, and never was the heir to Ronald Reagan. He was not one of us and never was, but he mesmerized congress into following him.... and in the process lead them to their doom.

He sold us on prescription drug plans... plans we didn't like. In the election the plan that was better funded then the Democrat alternative was sold as a great evil to seniors who we were told only a few years earlier had to choose between eating and buying their medication. So clearly this plan did not bring us a more "compassionate" face to the public because the democrats would still find a way to crucify us for it. But the congress sold its soul and they sold it in the Bipartisan marketplace.

he told us we needed to interfere more into our school systems, but again instead of making an issue a plus like he said... instead of "softening" the image of the bad old evil conservatives we ended up being worse then before. Test scores were good in some areas but raw data isn't a comforting retort to the emotion of waging war on poor schools. He tried to take their issue and make it his through their methods and that simply isn't how you advance the issues.

Two issues used to attack his leadership, and to attack the competency of the congress he advanced because we needed to "unite" and be "bipartisan".... and a third McCain-Feingold laid out the tools we saw the Democrats use to gain parity with the GOP.... he also twisted the party into Supporting.

He tried to dip into that well a fourth time and give a bitter pill of an immigration bill, partnering again with Ted Kennedy.... but this time the Republicans in the house saw through it. They tried to reclaim its soul but it simply was too late.

George, we lost in large part due to the fact that you lead the Republican Party too far to the left. You were good at winning elections, and in 2000...2002...and 2004 you earned a lot of capital. But you do have to pay it all back and you failed at that George.

You failed to hold strong with intellectual firepower on the courts because the truth is that’s not what you believe in. You believe in micro-politics that has gotten you as far as you did.

George Winners want the ball. You can manage the clock but in the end if you can put it in for 6 you darn well do it.

George you flat out didn't want to win because winning involves working hard and potentially losing.

You picked Collin Powell to be Secretary of State during a war in which he was simply eaten alive by those who opposed our policy. When you could have brought an A game talent back into the picture or used Dr. Rice to seduce those who wished to derail what was right you stuck with what managed the clock... what you thought would earn you a couple of percentages in a couple of precincts.

You never fought this the right way, you never fought to win.

You kept Rumi in DoD when as soon as the war turned up you needed a War time conselegri.

You could have even saved Powell and slid him in

in the end George you didn't fight to win you fought to keep the other guy losing

and you saw how well just two years ago that worked for John Kerry

Thanks George.... thanks for showing what an Ivy League education produces