Thursday, August 03, 2006

Pat Hynes still selling out to John McCain

I am a big fan of the work of Crush Kerry/Anklebiting Pundits. But when I found out about the snafu Pat Hynes the major driving force behind the site was working for McCain while softballing him on his site. He now is posting "insider" softballs about McCain from others

But in the article what really amused me was Pat's professional justification for his work with McCain

And the following is from New Media Strategics’ philosophy statement:

We believe in the New Media conversation raging across the country and the world on subjects that define our society, our industry, and our lives—a discussion that dominates digital, video, newsprint, electronic, and countless other forums every second. An open global exchange unencumbered by spin, packaging, and interpretation.

“The New Media is all about ’straight talk,’” Hynes concluded. “It is a natural fit.”

Pat knows he wasn't hired for "Straight Talk"

Pat is a major online cheerleader for the Religous right. So this is all part of McCain's strategy of co-opting and limiting free speech to show why he is just so great.

Pat should own up to what he is really here to do.... lead the flock to the shepard john mccain

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