Thursday, December 01, 2005

Good Job Sully

Sully addresses an opinion finally that a lot of us here in the land of blog have about him. But instead of debating the substance of the allegation Sully re-directs the allegation in such a way as to attack the credibility of thoses who attack him.

Sully wasn't happy with the Bush spending like a drunken sailor reality that has continued to this day. No conservative in the world of blog was.... so does Sully want a cookie for that? He thought the President and his team haven't run Iraq correctly... do you want a second cookie?

Up until BUSH backed the FMA Andrew like most of us grumbled but didn't make it wall-to-wall Anti-Bush.

But Andrew has to make it about torture because to him that is the best way to vilify the President (and discredit anyone who challenges him)

But the notion that I would be finding excuses for torture if Bush had refused to back the FMA is so vile an attack on my integrity it deserves a response.

But you didn't respond to a real attack on your Integrity Andrew, you created an attack to try to make yourself seem the white knight.

You know a lot of other folks in the Conservative World of Blog aren't to keen on the coercive techniques that the CIA is allegedly using (The evidence that Abu Ghraib was part of a grand conspiracy is truely pathetic, and much of the allegations about Gitmo that have made the news also fail to meet the torture metric). But at the moment we have to wait until we get a shot at seeing if the story has some more legs.

Many of your "inside tips" don't meet a smell test to me and if I had your access I'd probably not run with them. But you do because -YOU- have an axe to grind with the President. That is the real allegation Andrew. That you will promote any story that makes the president look bad outside of reality or perspective. To say those who don't agree with you "Support" torture is dishonest.... Some folks are carrying water on "coercive interogation" but most people who call you on being hurt by the President *I* have seen don't carry that water. We tend to talk about how very sad you've become. How your writing has become largely incoherent whenever you start to chew on the President.

And the reason this charge has legs has less even to do with the president and more to do with the utter greed in which you have begged for money, and then got more money then you ever needed and sat on it.

Your "donations" make everyone view you as a selfish person Andrew, so it then becomes very easy after what you have done to believe that you could quite selfishly put an ego hurt into your politics and find a passion to "speak the truth to power" that you simply didn't have before.

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