Friday, December 02, 2005

I saw this on Sully

And I mulled over posting about this story. That was of course till I took a second look at the "we all have aids" website.

The WE ALL HAVE AIDS Campaign is an on-going commitment by fashion designer Kenneth Cole and like-minded leaders to ensure HIV/AIDS, and the destructive STIGMA associated with it, remain at the forefront of global consciousness

And how are they going to fight that stigma... why Tee Shirts

Limited edition WE ALL HAVE AIDS T-shirts will be sold at ALL Barney’s, Theory, Scoop, Louis of Boston and Kenneth Cole New York stores in the U.S., Holt Renfrew in Canada and Selfridges in London.

Yes I am sure people in Ritzy botiques and High end coffee shops will help eliminate the stigma of aids

but wait ( sadly) there is more stupid

The launch effort includes a 51 foot tree decorated with 800 symbolic WE ALL HAVE AIDS ornaments,
on display in New York City’s Bryant Park throughout the holidays. Bryant Park will also host an arresting art installation featuring a life size print of the image and the actual cement footprints of the coalition of leaders, as well as those of other leaders not photographed.

Way to raise awareness dumbass

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