Sunday, December 04, 2005

I went over to Drink in some Vodka Pundit

And I came across this gem of a post. And I have a roomate who is far more the video gamer then I am.

I've stuck my foot in trying to play the X-box and I have to admit the complexity of the controler gets to me. This could just be like me and fishing and I'd get more into it if I found a game with less complexity.

But I have 6 buttons with Blitz the Leauge (4 keypad buttons and two trigers) a direction pad and two optional direction pads.

I have to find a way to integrate all those into my brain.

Old 8 and 16 bit game platforms... not so much. the controls were easier to plug into my brain.

But watching Kevin play Blitz the Leauge is often more intresting ( especially on Monday Night Football nights) then the game itself.

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