Thursday, May 18, 2006

Red Ken Strikes again

This time in the likes of John McCain and Trent Lott he strikes out at bloggers. Alek from Publis Pundit puts the focus where it belongs

Mayor Livingstone went further yesterday and read to London’s assemblymen from some articles written and posted by me in this website, where I argued that once all democratic tools had been sequestered by a criminal State the only recourse left to regain the lost liberties was violence.

It was I, who conspired for many years with fellow military men to overthrow democratically elected governments.

It was I, who led a coup d’etat in 1992 against a democratically elected president, causing numerous deaths.

It was I, who, whilst safely sheltered from bullets in the Military Museum, ordered the assassination of the democratically elected president of Venezuela and that of his family.

It was I, who promised to the people of Venezuela that I would fry the heads of political opponents upon reaching power.

It was I, who assured to the people of Venezuela that under my government corruption, crime, unemployment and poverty would be made history and the thousands of street children would be saved from such horrendous life conditions or else I would change my name.

It was I, who in 1999 violated all constitutional precepts to summon a National Constituent Assembly.

It was I, who using the supra-constitutional mechanism mentioned gave the first democratic coup of the Americas, dissolving, illegally and unconstitutionally, all elected powers and institutions of Venezuela.

It was I, who ordered my lackeys to write a constitution that allows to disown regimes that encroach upon human rights.

It was I, who exacerbated the hatred amongst Venezuelans.

It was I, who aligned one of the most stable democracies in South America with the continent’s oldest dictatorship.

It was I, who sistematically destroyed the only source of income of Venezuela by provoking, with televised dismissals, an oil strike.

It was I, who prevented my countrymen to improve their lot by plundering and giving away Venezuelan resources.

It was I, who expelled counter narcotics agencies from Venezuela.

It was I, who ignored factual reports of Colombian narco-guerrilla camps and operations in Venezuela.

It was I, who granted protection to internationally wanted criminals, such as Vladimiro Montesinos.

It was I, who permitted the presence in Venezuela of terrorist FARC leaders, such as Rodrigo Granda.

It was my Minister of Interior, who opened the door to the families of wanted terrorists.

It was my identification office, that confered Venezuelan citizenship to terrorists.

It were my presidential guard, that failed to capture sharp shooters who assassinated 23 people and wounded hundreds on April 2002.

It were my Bolivarian supporters, who opened fire to unarmed civilians on April 2002.

It was I, who ordered the implementation of a military contingency plan to dissolve with tanks and weapons of war a rally of unarmed civilians.

It was I, who rigged an election on August 2004.

It was I, who ordered the construction of a database of the entire Venezuelan electoral roll for political prosecution purposes.

It was I, who allowed thousands of anti-democratic Cuban operatives into Venezuela to repress and spy upon my countrymen.

It was I, who jailed in trumped up charges union leaders and political foes.

It was I, who allowed Venezuela to be turned into a narco terrorist State.

It was I, who gave explicit orders to Venezuela’s diplomatic corps to side with the fundamentalist regime of Iran, voting in lockstep in favour of its nuclear programme.

It was I, who embraced Saddam Hussein, Muammar Khadafi, Fidel Castro, Daniel Ortega, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Robert Mugabe.

It was I, who sent the military to expropriate private property.

It was I, who shredded contracts with Venezuela’s commercial partners.

It was I, who masterminded the international isolation of a once respected, democratic, well meaning and sovereign nation.

It was I, who embarked Venezuela, a country that has not seen armed conflict in more than a century, in an arms race.

It was I, who militarised Venezuela’s public administration.

It was under my tenure, that Venezuela broke all records of deaths for violent causes.

It was under my tenure, that Venezuela joined the club of nations where human rights are sistematically abused as part of the State’s policy.

It was I, who turned Venezuela’s oil income into the source of South America’s destabilization.

And lastly, -I could go on for days, it was my comrade the Mayor of London, who, in keeping with his democratic foreign policy agenda, invited an Islamic fundamentalist who openly called for the execution of gay men and implementation of barbaric practices upon women in London’s City Hall.

Certainly I did not expect this, but as someone aptly put it the other day, one should never underestimate the militancy of the radical left. Bloggers are indeed a menace, whether in Iran, China, Venezuela, Cuba or London. What’s next; a lawsuit? Deportation to Venezuela? Stay tuned.

Putting Chavez and his good buddy Red Ken into perspective

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