Saturday, May 06, 2006

Goss is Out....

And If this Washington Post article is accurate I think we are all worse off for it. Goss was in the agency to cut heads and get rid of some of the bad people poisoning the agency... so lets look at what I see as the key to the WashPost article

Another candidate mentioned along with Hayden is Mary Margaret Graham, who was transferred from CIA headquarters after clashing with Goss's staff. She now coordinates intelligence collection for Negroponte.....Over Goss's 18 months, more than a dozen senior officials -- several of whom were promoted under Goss -- resigned, retired early or requested reassignment.

In short the internal Buercrats were fighting a man brought in to clean house. So why did Bush side with the people who didn't know the Soviet Union was going to fall among other glaring errors?

Because he didn't get to know Goss

"Once Negroponte came in and Porter was no longer doing the president's daily briefings, he lost the opportunity to build the kind of relationship with the president that other directors had," said Mark Lowenthal, who was a senior adviser to Tenet and briefly to Goss before leaving the agency in March 2005.

And I think things will get worse

I only hope Porter got rid of enough bad eggs for our safety

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