Monday, May 15, 2006


Dear Mr. President;

I heard a speech by Karl Rove presenting a teaser on your big immigration speech talking about it as a “compassionate” program.

Mr. President let me talk to you know about Compassion, because I am not sure you know exactly what that word means.

I pulled the following out of one of the on line dictionaries.

Noun 1.compassion - a deep awareness of and sympathy for another's suffering
2.compassion - the humane quality of understanding the suffering of others and wanting to do something about it

So Mr. President; lets talk about what compassion is. If i was a Filipino man, I could have worked very hard in my own country to earn the skills necessary to build a better life for my nation and my family. I could be placed in this country by the services of my country. But I could come to this great country of the United States and fall in love with it, and embrace it as my own country. I can become a citizen with skills in labor and the ability to make this country even better.

So pop quiz Mr. President; how is it compassionate to deny this Filipino the ability to move his wife and children to this country, when some one with less skills...less work...who has paid less and brought less to the United States because he has the proximity of Mexico as a geographical advantage the ability to with ease bring his wife and children to this country?

Mr. President; illegal aliens from Latin America go into the job market and by and large take away jobs from people who have fallen through the educational cracks. Uneducated people, minorities, people with extreme disabilities who have been unable to get to a better position in the job market are unable to compete with illegal alien labor.

So Mr. President; how is it compassionate to say to those Americans at the lowest end of the social totem pole that their jobs “Mexicans need your job more then you.” and doom those people to a life of servitude and welfare?

Mr. President; I earn a masters or doctorate degree and I have a skill that few Americans have. I have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to have the opportunity to come to this country and earn a profit from my degree. I can be denied citizenship if there are to many immigrants applying

but you give to those who violate the law, who never pay as much money in expense or time a guarantee of citizenship, in what way is this compassionate?

The answer is none of them are. If there is comprehensive immigration policy that only benefits Latin American migrants, who violate the law over all the people who want to immigrate here and provide a great value to this country then this is a give away to the government of Mexico.

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