Monday, May 22, 2006

Johnny Mac employs Morons.

I am loathe to post things as a rule from The Huffington Post because frankly they are usually massive trainwreck bad, and not in the good way. However John McCain's chief of staff drags me back in.

it very unlikely any of you will ever posses the one small fraction of the character of John McCain.

And in these comments we see from his Chief of Staff a small fraction of his charecter. He appoints as a key aid some one who thinks REPLYING ON THE HUFFINGTON POST IS A GOOD IDEA.

But here i think is the key to this huberous.

The Senator's intention was to discuss with Americans, not any particular subset of Americans, but his fellow countrymen, the things that he feels are important to remember in our political debates: that we owe each other our respect just as we owe each other our best advocacy for the things we believe are important for our country.

BS. As some one who has done my share of Public speaking it was abudently clear that this speech was made to help sell John McCain as a religous conservative. Focusing on his "Youthful indescression" of lacking humility. Now some of you may have decided to enshrine some of the senator's hatred of free speech into this so it could truely go on the road to institutions like The New School which are an abomination to those who believe in free speech but don't try to sell us on the fact he was trying to present this to All Americans.

But not only that he is truely ignorant who John McCain IS

He has managed to endure much worse. McCain was once offered release from imprisonment and torture because of his father's position as a senior military officer.

First of all the use of his being tortured as an appeal to authority is disgusting, but whats worse is their isn't a fundemental truth to this appeal to authority because the North Vietnamese TORTURED PEOPLE.... it was what they did. Now then, you want to say Johnny Mac was tortured worse because of who his father was.... -I- can give you that. But to say had he been some Joe Schmoe aviator that he would have went untortured is part of why most vietnam vets in this country hate the senator, because he is disconnected even from them.

He has, over and over again, risked personal ambitions for what he believes, rightly or wrongly, are in the best interests of the country.

Is that why the Senator says he would eliminate the first amendment.... THE FIRST of our constitutional guaretees to save this country from corruption he can never define

The huberis of Johnny Mac's chief of staff shows his utter lack of charecter as a leader, and the fact he would use the Senator's time in the Hanoi Hilton as an appeal to authority shows that the senator lacks the charecter to appoint key people around him with the ability to do what is best for the country

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