Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Weird Gender Politics


So here at the Denver Channel 7 website I have seen new forms of stupidity.

Abelson identified himself as "gender queer," a person who is neither male or female. He said he doesn't feel comfortable in the men's bathroom and gets strange looks when he walks in the women's bathroom.

Wah~! do you want a cookie?

I had some weird gender issues in my life and i seriously thought about that life path so let me ask a question.

You are making a life choice to find an inner sense of peace and happiness that -often- results in alienation from your family, your friends, and your entire life. You can deal with that but you don't want to get strange looks in the bathroom.

Grow up. You are going to have to down that road experience many strange looks....it'd be nice if it never happened but it does. So you then open up the possibilities of you getting sexually violated in a unisex bathroom and creating an atomsphere of fear among female students and deresion among male students

Or you can accept the fact that people will look at you strangely until your done transitioning, and sometimes even after

Suck it up... use the Women's bathroom you have the right to use

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