Thursday, May 04, 2006

Howard Dean is a tool

Whenever I hear republican folk worry about 2006, I smile that Howard Dean and the Democrats take those worries away.

Howard Dean Fires a gay man for something his partner said.

Democratic Party Chair Howard Dean on May 2 fired the party's gay outreach advisor Donald Hitchcock less than a week after Hitchcock's domestic partner, Paul Yandura, a longtime party activist, accused Dean of failing to take stronger action to defend gays.Dean immediately hired gay former Democratic Party operative Brian Bond to replace Hitchcock, according to DNC spokesperson Karen Finney, who called Bond a "proven leader."

First of all I can't fathom a man being fired for what his wife said or vice versa. The ridicule would be everywhere. However Howie now has it coming at him from all sides in the world of gay activists which when your the party most Gay folks vote isn't a good place to be

even better in picking the replacement he screwed over the offical gay Democrat club

Dean's decision to hire Bond startled some board members of the National Stonewall Democrats, which represents gay Democrats and gay Democratic clubs throughout the country.

According to two sources familiar with NSD, the group's board had offered Bond the position of NSD executive director, and Bond was expected to accept the offer. The sources spoke on condition that their names be withheld because they want to remain on friendly terms with Dean and the DNC.

"In effect, he snatched Bond away from the NSD," said one of the sources.

good job Howie

leftie gay voices and righty gay voices are both on the same page howie.

But lets review when you are in the hole raising money is it a good idea to p---- off one of your major donor groups

I'll give you a hint the answer has two letters

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