Saturday, June 24, 2006

A bit of a wandering ramble about my day today

I ended up going to a funeral today and I made a bit of a struggle in my internal angels of my better nature about going to it.

The funeral was for the Wife of a DeMolay advisor who.... as best I can say it advisably was a nemesis. One of two people I almost struggled reflexively with as a young man.

Years down the road as a young man I watched this woman come into his life and watched the change in his character and personality. I watched much of what I struggled with mellow in him as a person.

In the end it came down that a brother was in need, and I felt I should go to comfort him and honor the better angels in my nature and in his own.

One thing about being a younger Mason and looking at some of my more “Seasoned” brothers I tend to see far to many funerals of brothers in my future then I see weddings and positive things... not good for the craft.

I also got a bit of a vicarious thrill to. My religious beliefs cast me as a outsider. I do not find a comfort of a hearth on my road to the eternal, but it is places and moments like this I find myself enjoying community of faith.... something I am normally without.

Worse my friend Mark whose car I went in was forced to use “Florida Air Conditioning” for the trip. Knowing what I know I wish I had driven my own car.

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