Saturday, June 10, 2006

I've stayed out of most of the Katrina mess

But this little bit from "Brownie" shows me that the Bush administration really didn't get it.

The September 2005 e-mail reads: "I did hear of one reference to you, at the Cabinet meeting yesterday. I wasn't there, but I heard someone commented that the press was sure beating up on Mike Brown, to which the president replied, 'I'd rather they beat up on him than me or Chertoff.' "

The sender adds, "Congratulations on doing a great job of diverting hostile fire away from the leader."

CNN has been unable to verify the authenticity of the e-mail, but the White House designation "" is part of the sender's e-mail address, indicating it came from the Executive Office of the President.

Instead of worrying about the fact it was being politicized they were happy FEMA got burned

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