Monday, June 26, 2006

Congressman Bernard speaks out

Many Democrats are today trying to play “gotcha” saying “we were right” on the news that out generals are working on the prospects of a partial pull out this year, growing down the line.

Our generals have been talking about this seriously for some time, the conditions on the ground tactically in Iraq have been getting better and better each day. While the almost daily update on the daily news of the grim body count seems to dwarf the debate the truth in Iraq has been leaking out slowly but surely.

The Iraqi government is stepping up right now, and they have a real shot at bringing the nation together and marginalizing the terrorists and normalizing those people who felt they were doing the right thing for their nation.

That is why I have opposed dictating the management of this war from my congressional desk. I had some faith that our boys on the ground would make it work. If things continue as they are today by the 2008 Presidential elections we could reasonably see most of the American forces come home. Thats not playing politics, thats the reality dictated on the ground.

So who played politics with the management of the war, and who was willing to finish the job and do what was right.

That is who we should trust to move this country forward.

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