Monday, June 19, 2006

RINO SIGHTINGS: Fathers Day Edition

Today I open up the week with the latest Monday round of RINO Sightings. And I want to open this week's edition up with a dedication to both my father and grand fathers but as a Senior DeMolay to a lot of the “Dad's” who helped form me into the man I am today.

So this is dedicated

Larry Dean Bernard (Father)
Hubert Bernard (Grand Father -Deceased)
James Meeks (Grand Father)
J.G. Kicklighter J.R (Advisor, Chairman of the B.O.A and mentor Deceased)
Earl Collins II (Chapter “Dad” of Sarasota Chapter (Order of DeMolay.)
Donald W. Crowley (Chapter Dad of Jupiter-Tequesta Chapter Order of DeMolay, member of the B.O.A and mentor)
W. Dale Dietzman (man behind J.B.U and much of my masonic and life education)
Al Graulich (Director of knighthood in Florida and a nemesis for many of us, but in a good way.)

Don Surber opens us up with a bit of what pays his bills as a reporter

If the junior senator from Massachusetts truly believes that his judgment was so clouded that he sent thousands of American men and women to their deaths needlessly, then he should do the honorable thing and resign from Congress.

Senators and congressmen who stand by their votes nearly four years later do not have this problem.

But I have a major problem with those who send in 150,000 troops only to abandon the cause in a year (in Murtha's case) or three (in Kerry's case).

Dean Esmay is also on the Victory Boat

Based on statements from Maliki's people, ISF, and U.S. forces, 2007 appears to be the year in which a large proportion of U.S. troops will return home, even if the insurgency continues at present levels. Some U.S. troops will no doubt remain, partly in an advisory/support capacity but also as an implicit guarantee of the sovereignty of Iraq's democratic rulers (no one is going to carry out a coup under the shadow of F-16s carrying laser-guided bombs). Though some will claim we're retreating under fire and point to continuing violence to claim this was no "Mission Accomplished," when the last area of operations is handed over to ISF control, that will in fact constitute U.S. victory.

Richard Bennett digs into Craig's list a intresting part of the internet and some claims that seem at home with the Daily Kos, Democratic underground, or other bastions of nuttiness on the interweb

PS: I did my own inspection of Craig’s List’s TCP packets and found the same thing: their initial ACK advertises a Window Size of 0. By comparison, my blog advertises one of 5792, and so does Technorati.

Craig Newmark’s site is screwed up and he’s blaming Cox for it - and seeking a new law. That’s taking Internet retardation to a whole new level.

I have to say I've liked Craig and found him to be one of the better voices on the internet. But his demagouging issues like this is rather shameful

Orac rolls out a double deuce

the subjects are two of the most bomb throwy conservatives in the buisness.


Hate-filled Attacks on NJ 9-11 Widows Has No Place on NJ Bookshelves

(TRENTON) - Assemblywomen Joan M. Quigley and Linda Stender today castigated political commentator Ann Coulter for vicious remarks made against four New Jersey September 11th widows in her new book "Godless: The Church of Liberalism."... In response to these incendiary, hate-filled attacks on women who suffered a terrible personal tragedy four-and-a-half years ago and have selflessly advocated to improve national security in the intervening years, the Assemblywomen issued the following statement, denouncing Coulter's attacks and asking New Jersey retailers to ban the sale of her book throughout the state:

Thanks to these two state legislators Ann's book probably has sold anothjer 10,000 copies... Ignore the coulter

Mark at Decision 08 talks about the fact Joementum may be changing the dynamic of the Lieberman senate seat

“My opponent says it broke Democratic unity,” Lieberman said. “Well, dammit, I wasn’t thinking about Democratic unity. It was a moment to put the national interest above partisan interest.”

Sources in Connecticut tell me that momentum in the campaign is mostly with Lamont. Lieberman insists he can win the primary. But he has another option. Connecticut law says that he could run as an independent, but he would have to file 7,500 signatures the day after the primary.

I like Mark's idea. I also think the possibility of a three way senate race and how it will change the 06 dynamics.

Der Commisar opens up with something more Father's day oriented...sports (Even if it is Soccer)

Over on Armies of liberation we have a nice report on how the Government of Yemen seems to try to make the situation in Somalia a little bit better

While I higlighted earlier the good news and progress in Iraq over on Enrevanche my buddy Barry has the Democratic Response (a conservative critique of the war from the NRO)

Digger brings the illegal immigration mess back on the table

Humane Borders received $25,000 in taxpayer funds from Pima Arizona to put up and maintain these water stations in September, 2005. Then Humane Borders went further in January 2006 and decided that it would print full blown maps of the border showing the best routes for illegal aliens to take, border patrol stations and routes and locations of their water stations. This group is actively aiding and abetting illegal aliens. These maps were to be distributed throughout Mexico by the Mexican human rights agency. Mexico later backed down on distributing the maps after public outcry here in America.


Mich says vandals have been coming out to the water stations, pulling the caps off the tanks and dumping the water out into the desert.

The volunteers also say vandals are destroying the blue flags that fly atop 30-foot poles in the middle of the desert -- flags the immigrants look for when seeking out a water station on their journeys.

"Flags have been destroyed, and not in this station but in others. They've put bullet holes [the water tanks]," [Paula Mich, a volunteer with Humane Borders] said.

Mich also says each week Humane Borders finds at least one or more of their 70 water tanks vandalized, an act these volunteers say can kill.

This illegal immigration battle is lawlessness on both sides. and that lawlessness can kill

Pigilito goes off on "modern art"

This obscures the point. Namely, that what was meant to act solely as a base and support for an artistic piece was received as art itself. By experts in the field. Neither the artist, nor the writer (in the example) intended their work to be viewed in this way. Usually art requires some degree of training. And it certainly requires the intent to create. In these cases the person who misplaced the sculpture or the printer who lost the final chapter are the "artists." Neither one sought to create anything, they simply made mistakes.

Sadly in Art schools they teach that using skill to make Art isn't art (I saw this based on my Roomate who is an art school grad, his girl friend who has done her time in art school and the numerous beer induced cursing about what the art world has become)

The Unabrewer was ready with the Libertarian charge on Anti-price gouging laws but luckilly Alberto was a Bust

So folks thats the RINO Sightings.... thank your Dad, your Grand Father, and any other Men who may have formed who you are today.