Friday, June 23, 2006

Magen David Adom Comprimise

While I didn't like this comprimise when put forward it seems that the folks in Israel are willing to go with it (H/T Dean via NYTs)

Magen David Adom will continue to use the Star of David in Israel, but abroad it will carry a red crystal, shaped like a thick square standing on its point, along with a smaller Star of David. The Israeli army will use the crystal on its ambulances and other rescue facilities.

Humanitarian workers say they hope the crystal will prove a model for use in other countries that are split along religious lines. For instance, workers in Eritrea could use a crystal with a cross in Christian areas and a crystal with a crescent in Muslim areas.

I think this is a mischaracterization and doesn't address the strong Anti-Judaism expressed by members of the executive of the International Red Cross.....

But, lets see how this works

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