Saturday, June 24, 2006

Congressman Bernard Comments on the Miami 7

[ For those of you in the RINO sightings family of Bloggers who might not know I took a bit of a pause from the fernetic pace of my blogging is because of political burn out. “The congressman” is a device I am experimenting with to try and post my thoughts without losing my mind. So with this clarrification ahead... lets go.]

A speech back in his Home District Congressman Bernard comments on the arrest of 7 men in an alleged terror plot in Miami.

It is regrettable that we hear the words “Wannabe” used when speaking of the Miami 7. These words fail us because they fail to address the nature of the threat they present.

If the FBI has indeed gotten the right men here the Miami 7 along with the D.C Sniper presents us with some troubling questions we must ask as a nation and find the answers to.

If the reports are accurate all 8 of these men embraced “Black Islam” of a variety or another. The groups of Black Muslims such as the Nation of Islam and others teach their followers of a world where people face an oppression that is born out of an almost supernatural evil born in the majority population of this nation. Is it any wonder that these 7 men in Miami and John Allen Muhammed saw acts of violence and murder against their fellow man as the only right course of action? Men who have had their hearts filled with hatred and a sense of a conspiracy against them violence will be born in those dark dread spaces.

But are the words so different from the polity we see today? When members of the leadership of the NAACP say republicans are out to put black people back on the plantation do we not provide a environment where such hateful and awful ideas can be born?

And while such hateful finger pointing is born, where are these noble men when the schools in the urban core which educate much of the youth, the youths they claim to support fail? They are here with blame, blame of others without the drive to work.

Where are they when many of the families they claim to advocate for collapse and fail? They are again silent and no where to be found.

When we blame others, before we seek to find solutions we breed an environment where hatred can be born. We breed an environment where men cannot disagree in good will, which breeds hatred and factionalism.

As people breed this balkanization in a world where Sana is as close as Alabama we will find people who feel that they cannot be part of this society willing to tear it a part.

Being part of that society means we should say “It is good” while not denying that it like all things made by men in this creation is not perfect. We must have a society where ever man woman and child no matter what his race or faith feels at home in the larger community of this country.

We should speak out when those in our communities who speak words that are poisonous come forth. We must speak out because allowing people to nurse a hatred for their nation will build within us a nation of wolves who will feed until they eat their fill.

We must champion what is good in our nation and in ourselves, and we must fight the worse elements of our nature. We must labor and struggle to make this country the place we want it to be, for if we fail it will become the nation we fear it can become.

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