Thursday, December 01, 2005

Buisness model's in Pajamas

Dean Esmay defends Pajama's Media/OSM/Pajamas Media and their buisness model.

Here is the problem with what Dean is trying to sell us on.

Buisness model of trying to put Blogs into print media isn't a good fit because at the moment Blogs are about analysis. Very few Blogs do good honest reporting (LGF and INDC Journal are two which got me into reading and then later blogging for example). But even when Blogs report what we report is driven by the larger media "What the media fails to report" or "The Media said X but it is really Y"

None of these things make for good print Media. Commentary pages are few and far between in this great big world of ours.And not many folks get to be on those pages.

Furthermore Print media is reducing in size... growing smaller. Now if blogging were made part of a true open source reporting ( Imagine a news site that was like Wikipedia...though that would be insanely a pain in the buttocks to deal with) platform then we might have something for an online media venture.

We however don't.

A alliance seems actually better with Talk Radio, a marriage not only made in heaven but one where people can use some pointers to story...some commentary... and potentially ( yes thats right) better coverage from the blogger. Making a database of Bloggers to provide for a given topic to help people who write these shows on radio ( and maybe even comedy shows on Tv) would be a product that makes sense

the leverage into print media or online-print media makes no sense


I am not saying in here that PJM is bad. I am saying I don't see the logic behind their product. And I've yet to see some one who can sell the product in a way that makes sense.

Thats why I think PJM won't work.

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