Thursday, December 01, 2005

A shoe I was waiting to drop

From an email i have from an Israeli email list ( off of Arutz-7... no linkage that I can produce yet)

There was some talk on how the political movement in Israel was becoming Young Turks Vs. Old Turks. Talk of how Sharon was bolstered by his young turks and Peres kept his down......

well now we see the politics are going to be more generational then peace in their orientation.

1. Peres Quits Labor, Joins Sharon
By Hillel Fendel

Shimon Peres, former five-time Prime Minister, including Acting PM, has retired from the Knesset and the Labor Party - though he refuses to release his hold on the "corners of the altar."
In exchange for Peres' support for Ariel Sharon's Kadima party, Sharon has promised him a senior ministry portfolio, in the event that Sharon forms the next government. Peres will not run for a Knesset seat on behalf of the Kadima party.

We all know The Vulture ( and Israeli nickname for Peres) will take the foriegn ministry post for Sharon if he wins.

Peres lost narrowly to Amir Peretz three weeks ago in the race for Chairman of the Labor Party. Though Peres has lost almost all of the elections in which he has run during his political career, this one appeared to be particularly shocking for him, for two reasons: He had been favored to win by a large margin, and Peretz's approach on many issues is strikingly different than that of Peres.

The Young Turks have pushed out the two lions of the old guard. Instead of accepting defeat gracefully they have decided once more to try to inject their generational politics into political leadership of the nation.

That is the real story, Old age vs youth

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