Tuesday, December 06, 2005

How I blog

How I blog… I got some comments from the peanut gallery about the amount of material I fling out trying to see what sticks to the wall. So really the process has two forms.
Garbage In:
Anything that happens to me in Classes that is horrendously politically correct and ridiculous.
I hit Drudge and Fark first. Drudge and Fark usually have great material to start off a day of blogging.
I move on to Ankle Biting Pundits, Brussels Journal, Andrew Sullivan (who usually has something for me to kick him for), the Medienkritik, Newsmax, and then various Yahoo and Google news topics I get emailed to me.
Then I listen to talk radio on the way home and to school which usually spits something out to me of interest. (Like my post on Christmas.)
Then I pull into love life, and other –self- posts.
And last I dredge up the bottom from OKcupid with tests.
Garbage out:
I post either between classes or when I get home. So my ideas sometimes cluster in the periods between blogging

So…. That’s my process folks. Such as it is.

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