Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A Witch War

Yes a little something something I gott off of the Al-Drudge which makes me take another moment between scholastic excersises to bring you this gem

Upon investigation, Pagan discovered that her home's white aluminum door had a large gash in it. And just to the right, a large chunk of concrete was sitting in a flowerpot with a note attached to it by rubber bands. She immediately recognized a handwritten note in an ancient language called Theban, which she said is used almost exclusively by witches.

Ok any of my Wiccan peeps out there (you know who you are)or folks who are far more knowledgable about things Wiccan then I.... what the deuce is Theban? Is that something like Alexandrian? is that something from Llwellyn Books I missed out on?

Ok So Nutty lady throws a a flowerpot with a brick of concrete in it at the ladies aluminum door.

This story is news because it has Wiccans in it and that gives the story a sexy angle.

Bob Engborg, a retired Daytona Beach police officer who specializes in strange and unusual crimes that involve occult, or hidden beliefs, said Monday he agrees that the note was written in Theban and the suspect most likely is a fellow pagan -- probably someone who dislikes Jill Pagan.

"This sounds like an internal thing between other people of her faith," Engborg said, later adding, "They don't like her and the work she is doing or the way she is doing the work."

What ever happened to the days when Wiccans would feud with each other in passive agressive ways.... or send spells and bad energy at each other.

Throwing a brick... how passe

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