Tuesday, December 06, 2005

More democracy in europe

But this is about democratization of capital.

Sites have a choice to opt out of google news. Now, whose fault is it if their content isn't used they way they like? Why from the same Europe that values a "No" vote that says -make them vote till they get it right- you got that right its the consumers fault (Al-Press)

Balsemao said consumers were drawn online by free content but this needed to change, he said.

"The value of content must be understood by consumers so that new business models can evolve. Industry must have legal certainty and the confidence that their intellectual property will be protected.

Balsemao said that good quality content produced by professionals would be the "gold content" for new media.

Why silly people..... its your fault.

And we wonder why the European economy is stalling... because instead of innovation they spend more time trying to make non-european companies conform to the european market.

And people talked about the EU as a new world power....

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