Wednesday, March 08, 2006


This story warms the heart. Man gets busted in what he thinks is a speed-trap (those of you who may be driving in places like Waldo, and Starke know what this is like). Man decides to protest in a way that is so simple and elegant. This is where the story gets fun.

The motorist, T. Allen Morgan of Nashville, attempted to pay a traffic fine with a check. On the check, he wrote "for speed trap" in bold letters, with stars drawn out around the words.
Crosby refused the check, insisting that Morgan appear to face the charges in traffic court, or write another check without the words "speed trap" on it.

Crosby has been at the center of a controversy over speed limits and traffic enforcement in his town, which gets almost a third of its budget from traffic fines.

The State is investigating the man. And while I'm not a lawyer isn't refusing to accept perfectly legitimate payment a way out of this for the driver?

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