Monday, March 27, 2006

Dean Esmay is slumming

Dean Esmay has worked his Islamic apologism and has decided to go out and attack some one in the general LGF mold. (Pink Flamingo Bar and Grill)

So let’s first go with what has Dean’s knickers in a mess….

So then I guess Dean Esmay and his apologists would say that Iran is misinterpreting the Koran?

First thing first, if you are arguing misinterpretation of the Koran you are not even in the right ball park. Its more then Just the Koran… There are Hadith’s and writings of other Islamic scholars as well as social/political traditions unique to each area. Dean does tend to go a bit soft on this and give to much benefit of the doubt to people’s faith choices…. But lets go on.

Yet another victim to the benevolence of Islam. Somehow I know that either Dean Esmay will ignore the story as he did for the most part in regards to the Christian in Afghanistan or declare that this is all a big misunderstanding of the Peaceful Religion of Islam. Those of us who are skeptical of the claims regarding the religion of peace will be declared stupid and all the moderates will move on to their next apology of Islam.

Ok here is the thing that gets me… Dean is a B or A rated blogger. This material (no disrespect Pierre) is hardly A game material. Why Dean is giving this guy a slice of his site confuses me greatly…… But lets roll some further bean footage.

The fight we have with Islam is not a fight using weapons other than our mind, yet. We can exist with Islam, but it must be willing to allow others to exist as well. It has shown no history of that yet. But there is always hope. The first item on the agenda is to make clear where the line in the sand is that Islam cannot cross. This won't happen while we are all singing KUMBAYA, shouting that Islam is the religion of peace regardless of the evidence of the last 1,400 years.

This is really as oversimplified as some of the defenses that Dean has put out.

There is a good point, Islamic reformation –is- needed. But this is not a way to remotely present that agenda.

A Daily Briefing on Iran: Another Iranian woman on the brink of execution Haghighat-Pajooh was originally scheduled for execution in 2002 however due to international pressure the execution was stayed. Once again however, the Islamic Republic of Iran's high tribunal has reinstated the ruling and has every intention of seeing the execution through.

Ok now here is what the man quoted. And here is the thing… you THINK this is religious, but it is entirely political. In 00-02 Iran was on a quest to get snuggly and cuddly with the nations of the world, so it tossed this bone to try to get everyone into the Iranian Sexy Party Boat…. Iran wants no part of that now. So this person is going to die…. That’s why it aint religion, it is politics.

Now onto Dean’s article which kicked the whole mess off and the meat of where I think Dean loses things.

Still, there were those who said this entire case is illustrative of how evil Islam is, and how awful the intervention there has been. What utter nonsense. Had this poor bast*rd been caught by the Taliban, he'd have been summarily executed by a kangaroo court. We likely wouldn't even know his name, or we would have had to find it out through Amnesty International rather than the Associated Press.

Ok Dean here is the problem. In Egypt people have been locked up, beaten, and forced to convert with none of this media pressure. Its terror as a tool of state control and nothing more. Religion and the State in the Muslim world, and the Arabic world especially do not naturally divide, taking the example of the Prophet Muhammed. Afghanistan couldn’t try this guy do to the unique politics they were in so he was “insane” and “a lack of evidence” existed. I like the folks we have working to make Afghanistan a civil society, but to try and say it was anything other then that and this was merely some improvement based on a change of heart makes Dean look almost as foolish in doing this hit piece.

Instead, while we may not approve of putting someone on trial for his religious beliefs, at least this guy got judged by a real court, in full public scrutiny, with a defense attorney, AND, the elected government of Afghanistan felt that it should answer to not just its nearby theocratic neighbors, but, also to its fellow democratic nations, including governments from places like France, Germany, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Dean man he would have had a real court (such as they were) In Afghanistan. Because the Islamic system likes to ensure that attempts were made to be just. It has to do with the desert culture and the needs of ensuring positive outcomes there. Throughout the Middle East real trials punish people who convert all the time. So a real court taking a political out because this made news coverage isn’t an improvement…. Its just a nicer paint job.

And now with this I show you the Post of Dean’s which makes me shake my head because not only –is- Dean better… Dean is just plain wrong.

Hatemongering Bigot Exposes His Own Ignorance, Makes Laughingstock Of Himself
Ladies and gentlemen, Pierre Lagrand!
(Pierre is amply answered in this earlier discussion, which he linked but obviously didn't read. Pathetic troll that he is.)
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