Monday, March 27, 2006

Empathy, Youth, And Crutches

I had a fun start to the day, making in what would be called barely on time when I could walk left me getting to my first class today heavy duty late and on a test day ( and I thought I put all the tests in that class on my calander.... such is life)

But today and yesterday I've been out drivin/walking/Maneuverin and I've come to see something rather intresting.

When I went down to yee old 11-7 People saw me and asked "are you ok"..."Do you need help with that"..."let me get that door for you."

Today at school the only people who seemed to show concern on their faces are the teachers and the staffers (and two of my fellow students, one whom i waved a crutch at and one who saw me sneak in the class door.)

I am at a school a bastion of "progressive" thought and I am struck by the fact most of the folks I've walked around don't show empathy to my condition... they don't even show inquisitive nature.

It really gives much validation to my opinions about their neo-marxist belief structure and its superficial nature

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