Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Red Ken rides again

While awaiting appeal on his suspension due to his racist comments to a Jewish reporter Red Ken decided “Hey I can embarrass myself and my office again

Mayor Ken Livingstone has been quarrelling with the U.S. embassy since last year, when it announced it would not pay the "congestion charge" fee imposed on cars entering the city center.
The embassy says the charge is a tax and that diplomats are immune under treaty. Livingstone says the charge, one of his flagship policies, is a road toll which diplomats have to pay.
"It would actually be quite nice if the American ambassador in Britain could pay the charge like everybody else and not skive out of it like some chiseling little crook," the mayor told a television reporter.

Ken booby I am sorry you are mayor of a National Capital. That means diplomats are going to skid out of paying bills. Deal with it.

But I missed some other of Red Ken’s greatest hits

Since then, he has already angered Jewish groups again by saying two Indian-born Jewish billionaire property developers should "go back to Iran and try their luck with the Ayatollahs."

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