Saturday, March 25, 2006

"Guest Worker" My Aunt Petunia

In my state of injury I've not been much for blogging (except when I had the lesiure of easy access to a lap top) but thankfully Drudge has his big focus right now on something that motivates me to work through the pain.

We hear these folks just want to be part of the country.....well if thats the case explain these chants from a protest.

The atmosphere was festive as 500 Huntington Park High School students waved Mexican flags, held balloons colored green, white and red, and periodically broke into cheers of "Mexico! Mexico!"

Why Cricky they seem to be out there expressing some Mexican Nationalism... and this is from US HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS......

Had this been a mob of illegal aliens, then ya know what... I might let that go.

A Montebello High School student, Jeannette Garcia, 15, said she participated to "make sure the Mexicans get their freedom, their rights."

Again. Not "give the Mexicans an oppertunity to become part of America."

This protest seems to make it pretty clear, give Mexicans rights but don't expect them to become part of the US. This story sums up some of the very clear language used by the protestors.

About 200 people converged on the steps of the Georgia Capitol, some wrapped in Mexican flags and holding signs reading: "Don't panic, we're Hispanic" and "We have a dream, too."

again in direct contrast to McCain-Kennedy (or why John McCain will lose in 08) these people are showing quite clearly they don't want to be part of the US they just want our jobs.

They want Jobs, and they want a Visa system that gives them all the advantages and none of the costs of participating in this country.

This is the kind of reaction which at an instinctive level puts me much more into the tancredo camp then not.

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