Saturday, March 11, 2006

Slobo is Dead

Thank God he is Dead.

Slobo is dead, and I have to say “God what took you so long.” One of the greatest monsters of the modern age is dead, but his death sadly ends up the better for him then those who sought to bring him to justice.

Slobo was responsible for the mortal wound to the Westphalian system, but at the same time he showed that a pluralistic multilateralist system isn’t going to fill the void of the Westphalian system. Because of its soft power nature their will be no final chapter in Slobo’s history because he took that with him to hell.

A man who was a vet of the communist system knows show trials, he knows the way propaganda molded the Serbian people. He directed that propaganda and he played that wonderful instrument. Putting him in jail was never what was important, putting the system he made in hell…making it unspeakable to any right thinking people was. But the tribunal didn’t focus on that. And to that end he won the ultimate Victory.

With his relatives decrying the tribunal from Russia saying they killed him by not sending him to doctors in Russia has given him the satanic victory. Another generation of Serbs will have in their hearts the warm empty spot that such hatred needs.

The International System shows its weakness here. Sadly no one is going to fix it.

And that is the due of the devil, who called his good and loyal servant home

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