Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Cool things that happened on March Second

From a Wikipedia email forwarded to me

things that happened on March Second that I feel are cool
1807 - The U.S. Congress passes an act to "prohibit the importation
of slaves into any port or place within the jurisdiction of the
United States ... from any foreign kingdom, place, or country."
1836 - Texas Revolution: Declaration of independence of the Republic
of Texas from Mexico.
1861 - Emancipation reform of 1861 in Russia: Tsar Alexander II
signed the emancipation reform into law, abolishing Russian serfdom.
1888 - The Convention of Constantinople is signed, guaranteeing free
maritime passage through the Suez Canal during war and peace.
1896 - Ethiopia defeats Italy in the Battle of Adwa, marking the
first victory of an African nation over a colonial power.
1917 - The enactment of the Jones-Shafroth Act grants Puerto Ricans
United States citizenship.
1943 - World War II: Battle of the Bismarck Sea - United States and
Australian forces sink Japanese convoy ships.
1956 - Morocco declares its independence from France.
1959 - Miles Davis holds the first recording session for Kind of
Blue at Columbia 30th Street Studio in New York, NY.
1962 - In Hershey, Pennsylvania, Wilt Chamberlain of the
Philadelphia 76ers scores 100 points against the New York Knicks,
breaking several National Basketball Association records.
1985- TV anime series Mobile Suit Z Gundum broadcasts its first
episode in Japan.
1995 - Yahoo! is incorporated, establishing the Internet Portal as a
1996 - John Howard elected as Prime Minister of Australia.
1998 - Data sent from the Galileo spaceprobe indicates that
Jupiter's moon Europa has a liquid ocean under a thick crust of ice.
2002 - U.S. invasion of Afghanistan: Operation Anaconda begins,
ending on March 19) after killing 500 Taliban and al Qaeda fighters,
with 11 allied troop fatalities.
1904 - Dr. Seuss, American author (d. 1991) (birthday)
1931 - Mikhail Gorbachev, President of the Soviet Union, recipient
of the Nobel Peace Prize
1931 - Tom Wolfe, American author
1950 - Karen Carpenter, American singer and drummer (d. 1983)
1962 - Jon Bon Jovi, American singer, songwriter, and actor
1985 - Reggie Bush, American football player

and now for.... the sad things

(death)1982 - Philip K. Dick, American author (b. 1928)
(Birth...god I am as old as this douche) 1977 - Chris Martin, British musician (Coldplay)

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