Monday, March 06, 2006

The Gay Jihad over the oscars about two movies I didn't watch.

Dear Homosexuals;

I bet some of you are shocked that "Eating Pudding" didn't win best picture and won significantly less oscars then the Hype. This is my final bit of Schadenfreuda on the issue.

Lets take a look at the protagonists. The audience isn't really given a reason to empathize with them. They were seen as very self focused and they also don't fit the times.

In the 1900 and 30s to the 50s people treated sex very differently. Men would marry women they didn't love all the time, and have another woman (or even another man) on the side and that was a norm of society at the time. So this movie in addition to giving the audience no reason to care about the "heros" it also didn't realistically fit the times.

Crash on the other hand did fit the times. It gave us a reason not only to empathize with the charecters, it also gave us a reason to dislike the charecters. And even more importantly Crash gave us a reason to see ourselves in those charecters, at our most victimized and at our worst we had to face a rather tough mirror.

No matter how you slice it Crash was the superior movie. The media hype and the other awards shows trying to be all "progressive" really did a diservice to those gay folks who made this movie an article of their homosexual faith.

and as I told a gay blogger aquintance its the message the Acadamy wanted to send, that while we may like us some gay cowboy man love we like saying everyone is a bigot more :-p

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