Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sexy Okcupid

Pisces Man

Sex doesn't strike him as a fresh or foreign concept, even in tenderest youth and the natural transcendence with which he regards it at once makes him feel estranged, and surperior to, other males in particular. Sex is not a big deal, a Pisces truism that may extend to his absolute understanding and forgiveness should a partner stray and hit the sack with someone else. The Fish is no hypocrite: He allows his partner the same kind of personal freedom he in turn demands from a mate, letting her experiment and make her own mistakes. The Pisces himself doesn't typically �cheat� as a rule because it creates the kind of karmic baggage he simply cannot abide. Marriage, especially, is a womb wherein he can drift and dream and into which he can dissolve. As Pisce's partners will readily agree, sex tends to happen more than not when they are away from home: Having escaped the confines of routine reality, the Fish invariably finds his penis becomes that much perkier. Having to sneak and hide having sex- wheter doing it in public, or on a train or a plane, or even slipping away if just to another room during a visit to a friend � is not just a theoretical turn on � on particular to Pisces man, it is often an essential practical part of sexplay.

Straight turn-ons:

Aggressive, older women, zaftig builds, gothic beauty, corsets, garters, stockings, hardcore porn, prostitutes, role-reversal, submission, slaving, (active/passive) bondage, (active) humiliation, (active) oral, giving pearl necklaces, feet, shoes, voyeurism, straight couples, rubber, latex, (passive) watersports, being cuckolded/cuckolding, infantilism, lipstick, nail polish, tag-teaming, dungeons, alcohol, downers, narcotics, kink, strangers


The gay Pisces is generally a pretty hardy, masculine character, like his straight counterpart, all but fully focused on his career, also a decidedly creative one. Making little of his sexual proclivities. For starters he doesn't much mingle with other men, the bulk of his friendships being with single, somewhat fag-haggish women whom he tends to take under his wing. Like the straight Pisces man, he is rather unlibidinous and cynically prejudiced toward oversexed people. He isnt't much into bars as a means of meeting men, being happy to have a few coctails but bored with the ritual of cruising and chitchat: he'd prefer to get more directly to the point. He never throws himself into the mosh pit of some orgiastic scene; rather, he has typically orally fixated penchants, that which he might seek to perform on men as strike his fancy. The Pisces is extremely picky, drawn to overly masculine men whom he might even assume lead straight lifestyles back on the other side of the veil. This is, in fact is, the Pisces's biggest turn on. Ironically, he is cynically prejudiced toward men who call themselves bisexual- his other notorious allergy is toward gay girls.

Gay turn-ons:

Straight, married men, masters, daddies, bears, body hair, Africans, Scandinavians, suits, dress socks, bikers, skinheads, (passive) lite s+m, (passive) heavy b+d, rubber, latex, (passive) anal penetration, (active) rimming, scat, substances, anesthetics, sailors, onanism, rough trade, (passive) torture, humiliation, backrooms, sex clubs, cross-dressing, pantyhose, nylons, branding, piercing, enemas, foreskin, (passive) discipline, hoods, blindfolds, gags

My test tracked 2 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 0% on Sex
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You scored higher than 88% on Starsign
Link: The Sextrology Test written by KamikazeParrot on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test


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I am going through the typical "on-again/off again" Pisces syndrome & its driving me nuts. This younger Pisces (24) just gate crashed into my life 6 months ago. I am an Aqua guy (33) but look much younger. Even he thought I was 25. I was reluctant initially, but he's a dream boat & knows how to work his charm. We work out at the same gym. There are days, he would chat with me for hours & then next day (if he shows up at all), the conversation wouldn't even go beyond hi!! We have fooled around three times already...but he keeps going back & forth.I am exhausted, HELP!