Sunday, March 05, 2006

This gives me pride

Yer Hmble Correspondant is a C.C Grad. this little nugget about Cuban Exiles in Community College taking the world of College chess by storm gives me a smile on my face.

Even so, Miami Dade has placed third at the Final Four for the last three years running. In 2004, Miami Dade was named Chess College of the Year by the U.S. Chess Federation.

Mr. Hernández's marathon match in December against Mr. Yeh, the Harvard student half his age, helped lead Miami Dade to a third-place finish in that tournament, and paved the way for it to qualify for this year's Final Four.

"It was very tense. I thought I would win," says Mr. Yeh, who had a pawn advantage over Mr. Hernández as they neared the end of the game. Because other Harvard players had already lost, Mr. Yeh had to win to salvage a draw with Miami Dade and to keep alive Harvard's hopes of finishing among the top contenders. "I kept playing hard, thinking I could convert my advantage to a win. But he was determined to hold me off. We were down to the last 20 minutes of a six-hour match, and I couldn't find a way to position a win. I had to accept the draw."

Part time college students pwnzoring Ivy Leaugers in the Chess finals

warms the old heart

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