Monday, January 30, 2006

Enviromentalism is just for dirty hippies

I jaunted over to Dean’s world this on my sick day and saw a cross over to “The Radical Centrist” and saw two people missing the point entirely.

The assumption is Conservation and Environmentalism are entirely the same thing. And well they simply aren’t. Some times the philosophies of environmentalism and conservation are opposed to each other entirely.

From what the Radical Centrist quoted

For another, it's about creating a good business climate--companies don't want to move to a region that's got bad air and the health problems that go with it

This is entirely different then the philosophy of environmentalism –today- which isn’t people centered but is instead environment centered. This is why clean air and clean water laws have such wide spread support today. This is entirely different then the Kyoto protocol to limit carbon because of the impact it has (say the environmentalists) to global warming. One thing is questionable, the other thing is quantifiable. I can come up with clear scientific results to show that the dirty air and dirty water in a given area is a health risk. Not only can’t I show you that the Kyoto protocols will reduce global warming, even its supporters say it won’t. These two things may seem to be the same, but are not.

Hunting groups in this country work harder at establishing nature preserves and funding private clean ups then –most- environmental groups…why, because without those preserves and clean areas the value of hunting is gone (on a level of a person) but environmentalism doesn’t embrace hunters because they view killing an animal as wrong (non-human centered)

Dean focuses more on the politics so I am going to focus on one of these things is not like the other

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