Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Thanks Cindy for Senate Blog

I first of all thank you for the fine fine company you put me in

Right-wing Ridicule A couple of rightwing blogs have shown nothing but contempt and ridicule for our efforts here. Especially, Gatewaypundit and The Junkyard Blog, Michelle Malkin, The Rubber Stamp, Cam Edwards, Satellite Heart, Queer Conservative , The Annoyed Army, Laughing at Lefty, BLUE GOLDFISH, Psycmeistr's Ice Palace, Inside Larry's Head, Environmental Republican, In America, Ernie, Leather Penguin, Elephants in Academia, Sweetness and Light and a rather unenthusiastic endorsement from the Instapundit. We must be doing something right!.

but let me go to your bogus point.

I do not agree with Cindy Sheehan or anything she believes in at all. I think the woman is a nut and a crank. I support her running for the Senate in California or New York for the following reasons

*) I like watching famous people go nuts and melt down on live tv....what can i say ;-) I just do.
*)I support diversity on the ballot. I believe access to the ballot should be as open as is economically feasible. I think if you can pay to print your name on every ballot in your race then that should be the benchmark. In this regard I think Cindy should run because it would encourage people to run for office
*) and finally i support diversity of ideas on the ballot. I may not support what Cindy has to say, I may think she is an utter nut.... but I think we as a country are better off if some one like cindy runs.

so I hope you read this post and correct your statement about me....

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