Monday, January 30, 2006

It came from the Email box (communist front group edition)

Protesters Plan to 'Drown Out' Bush's Speech

(CNSNews.Com) - Anti-Bush protesters plan to hold a noisy demonstration outside the U.S. Capitol Tuesday night, when President Bush delivers his State of the Union speech to Congress. During a protest demanding that "Bush step down," liberal activists, headlined by anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, will try to drown out Bush's address with drums, violins, pot-and-pan banging, car horns, church bells, and raised voices, according to a press release. "People will use flashlights to shine the light on Bush's lies," protest organizers said. The demonstration, which supposedly will attract thousands of people, is being organized by The World Can't Wait, a national organization launched in November to spread the word that "Bush lied, Bush spied, Bush must step down." Representatives from Veterans for Peace, the Hip-Hop Caucus, Interfaith Alliance, Progressive Democrats of America also will take part. Protesters who gather near the Capitol on Tuesday night say that, "after years of an unjust war raging in Iraq, widespread use of torture, massive spying and total neglect of the people of New Orleans, it is time to force President Bush to step down.""

"The World Can't Wait" is a front for the Revolutionary Communist Party of America.

We should know people by who they associate with and Progressive Democrats and Veterans for Peace -try- to be more main stream there.... but well they come out with a communist (supporters of North Korea and Slobo last time i checked) party and a protest lead by a woman who makes virulent anti-jewish sentiment and gets snuggly with evil leaders around the world that hate America

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