Tuesday, January 31, 2006

my attempt at a mock SOTU addy

I didn’t plan to listen to the SOTU speech but on my way in however the opposite happened but let me get inside George W. Bush’s head and start off with my mock state of the Union address.

And as I heard the address my ability to produce anything more then a new Middle East foreign policy address and opening was sapped from my head.

President Bush your speech writers make baby jesus cry……..

On with the show…..

“Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Members of Congress, to our service men and women across the world, and my fellow Americans. The State of our Union is strong as we stand today at the cross roads of American History. At this fork in the road we must choose to continue what has been the sense of duty and destiny which has guided our country for almost 100 years, or do we reject what we must do to keep that greatness. Do we reject the greatness of this nation, or do we embrace it and grow stronger into this greatness.”

“Our parent’s generation stood at a similar crossroads, when they slew the evils of Fascism they had to choose to either fight the evils of communism, or allow it to grow. They had to choose investing in the nations of the world and expanding hope, freedom, and democracy or withdrawing within as we had done for many years.”

“They made the hard choices and transformed this nation and the world. As this administration is declining and entering its sunset I like others before me stand to lead the way to transform this nation and the world with this our generational conflict. As the generation of our parents often stumbled in fighting the great evil of their day, I to expect we may stumble, and falter, but we will not fail to make this nation and world a better place.”

“While we will make these changes in obvious ways through our defense and foreign policies abroad, we must transform this nation at home to give it the strength, agility, and flexibility to take the manifest greatness of our nation, and its strong destiny into a new decade, century, and beyond.”

“Our national defense both at home and abroad is the foundation of this change. As threats become more nebulous, and borders become more porous as they concern threats to this nation no transformation, indeed no national destiny could possibly occur. I hope and pray that the day will come that our swords can be bent into plowshares but this is not that day.”

“As threats from Non-State actors grow and dominate the fears of the American people we must strike at them. We must strike them in their home countries, in those nations that harbor them, or if those two efforts fail we must strike at them here in this country before their murderous designs take shape.”

“We must work to attack both overt and covert finances of these evil and rapacious men. We must do this with nations who like us see their evil and desire to stamp it out. We must hunt down shell corporations and foundations which hide the fuel of death which has created an ideology that dominates and destroys much of the world.”

“We must fight their dark ideology both at home and abroad. We must reach out to those mosques where hateful ideology is preached be they in Maryland, France, or Iran and challenge them. Challenge them on the validity of that hate from within the Muslim faith, and challenge them on the validity of that hate from our shared humanity.”

“We must present to them the case for freedom, not only the freedom to do things permitted by their faith but the freedom to do things forbidden by their faith. We must show why these things, even those things they and I may agree are perverse are the strengths which make this nation great.”

“We must encourage, cajole, and nourish the growth of the infrastructure and institutions of democracy and freedom in the Middle East. While this democracy must be peculiar to our sensibilities but it must be a democratic and free system build from within their culture and values.”

“But the threats in the Middle East do not just come from Non-State actors. And they may require greater sacrifice and struggle from this nation and the world. We wish to lead the nations of this world to do what must be done to give birth to freedom, liberty, and peace in the Middle East. But if forced we will act alone.”

“The government of Syria has many serious questions to answer about the events in Lebanon. While I am President of the United States they will be held accountable if they do not answer these vital questions. If they resist the legitimate inquiry into their destabilization of Lebanon the international community must be willing to do whatever it takes to bring this inquiry to a final resolution.”

“Real and serious questions have been raised by former officials of the Hussein regime in Iraq about the disposition of the Iraqi regime’s wealth and weapons into Syria. The Syrian government has worked with us to some degree but more can and should be done.”

“Syria has acted as an assistant and a proxy for the Iranian regime in supporting the culture of death and terror in Israel. For this they must be held accountable for by the community of nations.”

“The government of Iran with an ancient culture of tolerance, and great wealth has become enslaved by people who challenge the ancient and proud values and mores of the Iranian people. People who seek to use the strength of their nation to perpetuate violence and death on the region. This evil regimes actions alone should disgust all the free and decent people of the world, but they seek to go even further and gain the deterrent of atomic weapons.”

“We will not allow Iran to gain nuclear weapons. And we will take every reasonable action to stop it. We will work for peace, but prepare to strike if left with no other option.”

“The Iranian people deserve better. They deserve to stand tall with the very values they birthed into this world which we in this country take for granted every day. And they will some day soon.”

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