Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Screw Europe and the foriegners to

Thanks to Dean for Giving me This beautiful window to Rant in.

My Major is International Studies, and in addition to dealing with –some- people who are UBERSNOBS about Europe and how ignorant the US is (I feel what Emily has to say) I also have to deal with ignorant foreign farkers in my classes some times to. (And some times ones be they teachers or students who find some oppressed usually East Asian foreigner spiritually superior)

The worst one I encountered was a Canadian. I was speaking about how Iran was claiming Canada was the world’s worst human rights abuser as part of their dispute over the disappearance and (I believe) death of a Iranian-Canadian journalist. I stated that in how I brought forward this slice of “current events” to the class and he had to go out and tell me how that wasn’t true.

I was in a good mood and decided not to tell him how much of a retard he was.

When you look at US cultural imports they consume it tends to be rather shallow (which is why Sheila got this started with such Google search terms as; Golden Globes Drew Barrymore's boobs, Drew Barrymore Boobs Golden Globes, Drew Barrymore's tits)

((Yes I had to Google whore….))

But I am going to leave It with Emily’s wonderful final dose of STFU for our euro-friends

Finally, here in Los Angeles - and I'm sure this is the same in other metropolitan areas - there are a number of ethnic enclaves where people that immigrate to the United States retreat immediately and spend the rest of their lives there. Many of them move to the United States with the intention of staying permanently and don't even bother to learn how to speak English. The lack of interest in travel and foreign culture is fucking universal and hardly unique to Americans. If you are unaware of this, YOU are the ignorant shitball, not US.

Everyone is an ignorant lout sometimes…. But to blame the other for being the Ignorant lout

That’s hardly multi-cultural now is it?

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