Friday, January 27, 2006

"That's cute but retarded"

(Headline title from a situation with my roommate and not meant as an insult to anyone except John Kerry)
((Correction made. Al Gore was stupid at sundance. Claim he was stupid at Davos Stricken))

In the world of politics their are stupid ideas. Such as hiring the Buffalo Bills of Presidential campaign managers. If you are a Democrat canidate for president shutting minorities out of high positions in your campaign till the national convention. Reminding people over and over again that you served in Vietnam. Filibustering of the Alito Nomination falls into that category. Wait all those mistakes were done by John Kerry. So yes Virginia some times their are no stupid ideas just stupid people.

Some Republicans poked fun at Kerry; the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee who may make another White House bid; for allowing others to announce the filibuster plan earlier in the day while he was attending an economic conference in Davos, Switzerland.

Yes faster then you can say "Christmas in Cambodia" John Kerry in an almost Zen like fashion makes a political move that tells you everthing you need to know about John Kerry. the same Davos where Eason Jordan basically put the final nail in his career a few years ago John Kerry announces his move to filibuster Sam Alito.

Worse it is a world economic forum. So not only does John Kerry associate himself with some real lunacy, he also runs counter to the very PRINCIPLE of the meeting.

metaphysically that move is almost a metaphor for his entire campaign.

It also shows that, much like his 2004 campaign JOHN KERRY is not a team player.

Party sources said Reid and others worry a filibuster will distract voters from issues that Democratic leaders think are more promising. They include President Bush's controversial domestic-surveillance program and the indictments of a top White House official and congressional leader.

While I don't think those issues are as hot as Harry Reid does he is dead on right. IF this is filibustered and IF cloture isn't possible then it is Nuclear option time. And everything the democrats have been building up to becomes "last weeks" news this week.

Democrats: I am offically putting John Kerry as the "second best" outcome for us in your nominating process. Hillary is first. Either of those two canidates will give us another 4 years with very little work

John Kerry: You need a nanny. You need some one to slap your hand and say "NO!" when you are about to do something really stupid.I am sure from the swelling you are about to get a ginormous mickey mouse hand but it is a small price to pay

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