Thursday, January 26, 2006

This is intresting....

A new study from the folks at RAND

The study, by RAND's National Defense Research Institute, found that 72 percent of the troops surveyed made more while on war duty in 2002 or 2003 than they did in their civilian jobs in 2001. More than half made at least $10,000 more.

On average, the reservists made $850 more per month while on duty than in their civilian jobs, the report found.

It went on to say, however, that there is still a sizable number - 28 percent - of the reservists who lost money, including some who saw their earnings drop by more than 10 percent.

and lets show off some of the nuts and bolts of this study (based largely off of social security data)

-The average civilian pay was $39,300, compared with $56,400 while on combat duty.

-83 percent made more on duty than at their civilian jobs.

-66 percent saw their pay increase more than $10,000 while on duty.

-7 percent lost more than $10,000 while on duty.

This is one of those cases which proves antecdote and less effective studies aren't always reliable.

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