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Firefly Season II eeeeerrrr wait a minute

Decided to go plug over to Whedonesque a Josh Whedon fan site and found some important info.

Firefly Season 2???? I have received an e-mail via my own website from a Mr. Ace Underhill of Cine Support Intl ( directing me to the linked site. (NOTE: Please treat claims made by the people behind the linked url with a great deal of caution. Nothing is official, by any means, and there is much of this that doesn't add up.)

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He claims that his production company are going through 'official channels' to obtain licencing from Fox to produce and sell a second series of Firefly to cable channels. He wants as many people as possible to register so they can take figures to advertising and cable companies. Thought I'd see what y'all thought about this.

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and some one on the site lays out the skinny of his inquiry with the person behind the Firefly season II site.

Yes, I have contacted Joss' management. I have not received a reply from Joss personally yet, but now is not the time for him to be bothered with this. The obstacle lies with Fox, not with Joss. Once the rights are cleared, everything will fall into place. If Joss declines to be involved once the rights are secured, I will abandon the project.

I remain unconvinced that without even a nod or wink from Joss that this could go ahead.

Fox exec: So you want the rights to Firefly then, what does Joss Whedon think of this?
Seeker of Firefly rights: Now is not the time for him to be bothered with this.
Fox exec: Uhuh.

Note that that was my attempt at satire.

And for all I know, this could be the umpteenth production company that has tried to get the property rights for Firefly. I really can not see this happening in any shape or fashion.

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and here is a blurb about it from Slashdot

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Sci-Fi Television
ovanklot writes "It seems that Brilliant Screen Entertainment is looking to see if there is an audience for a second season of the science fiction show FireFly. From the article: 'It's possible that subscribers may choose one of three playback options; monthly DVD deliveries, TV On-Demand using your cable or satellite provider, or computer viewing via Streaming Download.'" They are asking folks to fill out a short survey to gather demographics for support in their efforts to get Fox to release the show to them. The site also stresses that they want neither money nor confidential personal information.

Probably should have looked at the details a bit more before I posted....My bad. What this is then from what i've looked at is a Fan trying to liberate the rights fox is sitting on for more "Firefly" TV content. Some of the folks don't trust the guy because of his previous buisness ventures...i don't see that as inordienently relevant.

Not sure if he can pull this off but I still support it.... until I find out he is less legit

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