Monday, April 10, 2006

Dear Morons in Montgomery county

I want to start of with the idiotic position of the member of the school board before I go off on the full scale Rant

The last time I checked, the First Amendment is not a right to question what the speech is," he said. "I'm sure if students were participating in a tax cap rally, these same people would not be objecting to that."

Pardon me but B.S... This is why I was always against manditory community service because well I was a kid in high school and before I became a libertarian I was a member (but never attended) the high school YD organization... but that didn't stop me one day from jumping ship along with many students at the HS from joining the YR organization

why, because the YR were getting to leave after lunch at school. We would go to a Rally for then Canidate Jeb Bush stay for a fraction of the time we were supposed to and then ditch for the mall and what not.

I know as a high school kid I would do anything within the bounds of the rules to ditch school. Joining a protest rally to get community service credits without working on them is the same sense of grifting that the public schools bred into me.

Maryland students are required to put in 60 hours of community service to graduate from high school. They can undertake a number of activities -- including working for political campaigns -- as long as the work is done for a secular, nonprofit community organization that is tax-exempt and that school officials have approved.

Working on a political campaign is not serving your community.

You give the kids a reason to work that much less to graduate and they'll take it.

if they didn't get the free credit hours half those kids (possibly more) wouldn't show up

How dare you Montgomery County Maryland

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